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Do you wish to file a complaint with L&I about a provider you believe is taking advantage of the workers' compensation system? Let us know by completing this form. We take action against fraud because it increases costs for everyone. Provide as much information as you can. We will need it to pursue your complaint.

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Double Billing Billing for services not provided
Upcoding Unrelated conditions treated
Unlicensed provider Unbundled services
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L&I may need to contact you to pursue this fraud complaint. If you can, complete the contact information below. Note: We are occasionally required by law to disclose contact information. If you include your personal contact information in this fraud report and wish to remain anonymous, read and answer the following statement: I am requesting the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries withhold disclosure of my identity regarding this fraud report because I fear disclosure would endanger life, physical safety, or property, pursuant to RCW 42.56.240(2).

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L&I may receive a request for public records under Washingtons Public Records Act for records relating to your complaint. If you include your name and contact information in your complaint, we will need to disclose it to the person requesting the complaint records. If you prefer not to share your contact information but would like to share additional information with the department about this complaint, please note the referral number and call 1-888-811-5974 (Select Option "4").

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