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The Early Return to Work (ERTW) Program

Together we can help injured workers avoid disability and economic hardship.

L&I's Early Return-to-Work team collaborates with the employer, health care provider, and worker to explore possibilities for returning to work as early as it is medically appropriate.

Contact the supervisor at the closest L&I office to learn more about L&I's return-to-work services.

Field Return to Work Staff Key
Abbreviation Means
ONC Occupational Nurse Consultant
OT Occupational Therapist
TC Therapy Consultant
VSS Vocational Services Specialist

Region 1 Field Return to Work Staff
Name Units Phone Fax
Janis Flaherty, Regional Supervisor Everett 425-290-1363 425-290-1435
Marilyn McMahon, ONC Everett 425-290-1331 425-290-1435
Donna Gillon, VSS Everett 425-290-1382 425-290-1435
Anume Orukari, VSS Everett 425-290-1284 425-290-1435
Michelle Lapointe, VSS WorkSource Skagit/Whatcom 360-416-3591 360-428-3742
Summer Wyze, VSS Mt. Vernon 360-416-3028 360-416-3032
Wesley Feilding, VSS Bellingham 360-647-7337 360-647-7340

Region 2 Field Return to Work Staff
Name Units Phone Fax
Peggy Halstead, Regional Supervisor Seattle 206-515‑2818 206-515-2830
Chuck Shifren, ONC Seattle 206-515-2812 206-515-2830
Deirdre Staudt, ONC Bellevue 425-990-1471 425-990-1445
Kim Mayhew, ONC Seattle 206-515-2782 206-515-2830
Cathy Spak, VSS Seattle 206-515-2833 206-515-2830
Brad Noyes, VSS Seattle 206-515-2834 206-515-2830
Kelline Hermanson, VSS Seattle 425-990-1452 425-990-1445
Charlotte Hier, VSS Seattle 206-515-2829 206-515-2830
Erin McPhee, VSS WorkSource Auburn 206-305-0168 253-333-4901

Region 3 Field Return to Work Staff
Name Units Phone Fax
Karen Vencill, Regional Supervisor Tacoma 253-596-3926 253-596-3881
Astrid McDermott, VSS Tacoma 253-596-3904 253-596-3881
Carolyn Hoppe-Denend, VSS Tacoma 253-596-3943 253-596-3881
Vacant, ONC Tacoma
John Janson, VSS Silverdale 360-415-4005 360-308-2848
Josh Rodero, VSS Tacoma 253-596-3880 253-596-3881
Gillian Fox, VSS WorkSource Pierce 253-593-7384 253-596-3881

Region 4 Field Return to Work Staff
Name Units Phone Fax
Jeri Parrish, Regional Supervisor Tumwater 360-902-4837 360-902-5467
Maureen Vargas, VSS Vancouver 360-896-2331 360-896-2345
Vacant, ONC Tumwater
Mark Marinig, VSS Tumwater 360-902-5810 360-902-5810
Tara Withrow, VSS Tumwater 360-902-4208 360-902-5810
Jean Edwards, VSS Tumwater WorkSource 360-902-4976 360-902-5810
Donald Burton, VSS Tumwater 360-902-5284 360-902-5810

Region 5 Field Return to Work Staff
Name Units Phone Fax
Mindy Jepson, Regional Supervisor Kennewick 509-735-0154 509-735-0918
Cindy Lane, ONC Yakima 509-454-3783 509-454-3737
Norma A. Martinez, VSS Yakima 509-454-3780 509-454-3737
Michelle Bishop, VSS WorkSource Kennewick 509-734-5297 509-734-5957
Megan Fadness, VSS Yakima 509-454-3728 509-454-3737
Vacant, VSS Kennewick

Region 6 Field Return to Work Staff
Name Units Phone Fax
Candace Shroll, Regional Supervisor Spokane 509-324-2593 509-324-2657
Elizabeth Ottmar, ONC Spokane 590-324-2559 509-324-2657
Susan Morris, OT Spokane 509-324-2628 509-324-2657
Ellen Nagourney, VSS WorkSource Spokane 509-532-3077 509-532-3070
Tamara Degitz, VSS Spokane 509-324-2581 509-324-2657

Health care providers: Get paid for your phone calls and secure messages

L&I pays about $130 per hour for your communication with employers, claim managers, and other providers (including vocational rehabilitation consultants).

Details are available in L&I Billing and Payment Policies under Telephone Calls and Online Communications and Consultations (in Chapter 10: Evaluation and Management Services).

Call our Provider Hotline at 1-800-848-0811 if you have questions about billing L&I.

Additional L&I contact information for health care providers.

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