Earn a Claim-Free Discount

About the Claim-Free Discount

Learn what the Claim-Free Discount is and how it can affect you.

Acquiring a Business with Claim-Free Status

Another way of getting the Claim-Free Discount.

Losing Your Claim-Free Discount

Two ways an employer can lose a Claim-Free Discount.

Learn How a Claim Can Affect Your Rates

Disability benefits have a much greater effect on your rates than medical bills alone. A chart is provided with two samples plus detailed examples.

Why Washington Offers a Claim-Free Discount

The Claim-Free Discount reflects the higher credibility and lower future claim costs of firms with no compensable claims.

Other States don't Offer Claim-Free Discounts for Small Employers

The expenses and insurance markets in other states can limit discounts for small employers.

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