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Claim-Free Discount

How to earn a Claim-Free Discount

Businesses can qualify for a Claim-Free Discount two ways:

  • If your business has no claims, or claims where only medical expenses are paid in the experience period. To learn more about what types of claims apply, see How claims affect the Claim-Free Discount.
  • In some cases, by purchasing an existing business that already has a Claim-Free Discount.

Earning the discount by avoiding costly accidents and claims

Take these steps to focus on safety and return-to-work planning, and your business could earn a Claim-Free Discount.

Safety planning

Consultations are considered informational and educational. No fines or penalties will result from issues uncovered during a consultation. However, we will ask you to correct any serious issues and offer help in correcting them.

Return-to-Work planning
  • Use the Stay at Work Program as a starting point for your return-to-work planning.
  • Consider keeping an injured worker on salary during recovery. It may make financial sense for your business.
  • Work collaboratively and touch base routinely with both the injured worker and medical provider.
  • File the Report of Accident online at as soon as possible to minimize administrative and medical delays.
  • Read your mail, or sign up for L&I’s Secure Message Center as you have 60 days to protest a claim assignment.

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