Employee Wallet Cards

Help your employees report all work-related injuries to you

About the cards

If one of your employees has an accident at work, do they tell you right away? Unfortunately, many Washington employees are unaware that under state law (RCW 51.28.010 (www.leg.wa.gov)) they have a duty to immediately report work-related accidents to their employer. State law (RCW 51.28.025 (www.leg.wa.gov)) requires employers to immediately report those injuries and occupational diseases to L&I if the employee received medical treatment, was disabled from work, or died.

L&I developed the Employee Wallet Card (F200‑010‑000) to help employers talk to their employees about what to do if they have an accident at work.

The Employee Wallet Card (F200‑010‑000) makes it easy for you to provide your employees with the information they need in a compact and convenient card. They'll know right away who to contact if they have an on-the-job injury or disease. Remember that employees have the right to choice of physician or medical provider qualified to treat the industrially-related condition.

Please use this opportunity to also discuss the importance of working safely in order to prevent accidents.

Get the cards


These fillable forms have four cards per sheet. Instructions are at the top of the form. Print the number of sheets you need for your employees.


Order bulk sheets of cards from L&I. You must manually complete the contact information on each of the printed cards.

To order printed Employee Wallet Cards:

  1. Fax the L&I warehouse at 360-902-4525 or e-mail whsemail@Lni.wa.gov.
  2. Include the form number:
    • English: F200‑010‑000.
    • Spanish: F200‑010‑999.
  3. Number of sheets of cards (eight cards per sheet).
  4. Your name, address and telephone number.

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