Prevent Injuries & Save Money

You can reduce insurance costs by preventing injuries.

  1. Follow safety and health workplace rules.
  2. Request a free safety and health consultation.
  3. Communicate to employees your commitment to safety.
    Some ideas:
    • Have a Safety Plan to Prevent Injuries.
    • Encourage employees to come forward with safety concerns. The best source for ideas to reduce workplace hazards is your employees.
    • Hand out Employee Wallet Cards to help your employees know how to report all work-related injuries.
    • Discuss safety in your orientation for new employees.
    • Provide the training employees need to do new jobs or tasks safely.
  4. Learn the Steps to a Safe Workplace.
  5. If an injury happens, learn What to do if Your Employee is Injured.

Reduce injuries to save costs

Read Rates Watch to learn how injury prevention lowers industrial insurance rates.

Did you know?

Monitoring claims cost is important because L&I uses these costs in computing your premium rates.

For more detail see How Injuries Affect Rates and the
Employers' Guide to Workers' Compensation Insurance in Washington State (F101‑002‑000).

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