Order L&I Report of Accident (ROA) forms

Ordering paper forms versus online filing through FileFast

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Watch this short video on paper vs. online filing (www.youtube.com).

Filing by paper can cause delays to services and benefits to your patients.

Filing your ROA online with FileFast gets you faster treatment authorization, plus other benefits:

  • Get instant confirmation of receipt, saving your office time.
  • Avoid delays in claims decisions by capturing critical information upfront.
  • Speed the delivery of care and benefits to workers.
  • Reduce delays in payment to medical providers.
  • Get a $10 payment incentive for filing online — billing code 1040M.

Go to www.Lni.wa.gov/FileFast to see how easy it is to file online.

To attend one of our free FileFast webinars for medical provider offices, sign up at www.Lni.wa.gov/Workshops.

What do I do when the paper ROA form is updated?

If you are a health care provider or injured worker completing this form when filing a workers' compensation claim, do the following:

How do I order the paper ROA form?

Note: Please limit your order of the paper ROA form to a 3-month supply. Our warehouse reserves the right to mail a smaller order.

Submit your online order.


Use this form to FAX your order (71.8 KB PDF).

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