Setting up and Managing a COHE

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This site is for organizations currently sponsoring, or interested in sponsoring a Center of Occupational Health and Education (COHE).

Here you will find answers to your questions about the COHE contract deliverables, as well as templates and examples of documentation.

Examples are informational only, and the data in them is not real. We are currently looking for real examples from current COHEs – if you can share yours, please send them to your L&I contract manager.

For a full description of requirements, refer to your COHE contract . This site is not to be considered a substitute for any COHE contract or as a substitute for assistance from your L&I contract manager.


The staffing requirements of a COHE, and how HIPAA applies to COHEs.

Plans, Reports, and Meetings

The plans and reports you should submit to us, and meetings you should attend.

Provider Enrollment

How to enroll a provider, and how to conduct provider orientation.

Provider Education and Training

Requirements for training providers, and how to document the training.

COHE Advisors

How to manage a COHE Advisor Program, and enroll advisors.

Health Services Coordinators

The role of a Health Services Coordinator, required training, and how to apply.

Communication and Community Outreach

How to engage the community, business and labor.

Quality Improvement

How to launch a Quality Improvement Project.

Best Practices

The COHE Program focuses on 4 key occupational best practices.


How L&I reviews and monitors the performance of a COHE.

Occupational Health Management System (OHMS)

OHMS is a web-based computer system that provides front-end case-management tools to help coordinate services for injured workers.

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