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Activity Coaching

A treatment program that can help your patients recover by increasing their activity.

What is Activity Coaching?

How activity coaching can help your patients

  • Reducing psychosocial barriers to rehabilitation progress
  • Promoting re-integration into life-role activities
  • Increasing quality of life
  • Facilitating return to work
  • Preventing long-term disability

Treatment process

  • The client and activity coach meet weekly for approximately 1 hour for a maximum of 10 weeks.
  • Meetings may be over the phone.
  • Initial stages focus on structured activity to help the client resume activities.
  • Final stages focus on activities that facilitate re-integration into the workplace.

When do I refer an injured worker to the Activity Coaching program?

  • If an injured worker has not returned to work around 4 weeks after the date of injury AND the worker has not improved with early interventions such as active physical therapy.
  • Activity coaching is available for workers who do not speak English.

How do I refer a worker to the program?

Use the referral form below. Tell the injured worker that you are referring them to L&I's Activity Coaching program and let them know you think it's a good idea for them.

Contact PGAP Program at 360-902-6261 or ActivityCoaching@Lni.wa.gov.


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