Chiropractic Services

Doctors of chiropractic (DC) may serve as attending providers in the care of injured workers in Washington State. Chiropractors manage about one-third of the state’s occupational low-back injuries.

A chiropractic physician may be an attending provider for workers with accepted extremity conditions as well as spinal conditions. Like care rendered by other health-care providers, chiropractic care for injured workers must be curative and rehabilitative.

Reimbursement for Chiropractic Services

Chiropractic services in Washington workers’ compensation are covered under L&I payment policy which differs from other payers and workers’ compensation in other states.

Chiropractic Consultations

Attending providers can request a second opinion about diagnosis or treatment from approved consultants.

Industrial Insurance Chiropractic Advisory Committee

The Industrial Insurance Chiropractic Advisory Committee (IICAC) was formed by the Washington State Legislature in 2007. (Chapter 51.36 RCW)  The IICAC currently:

  • Develops trainings and printed or web-based resources for chiropractors to assist them in providing high quality care for injured workers, and
  • May be involved in providing input and review on department policies and guidelines that may impact chiropractic care.

Training and Resources for Chiropractors

L&I offers a variety of useful seminars, publications and online resources that can assist in the care of injured workers.

Laws (RCWs) and administrative rules (WACs) affecting chiropractic

  • RCW 51.36.015 Chiropractic care and evaluation.
  • RCW 51.36.060 Duties of attending physician or licensed advanced registered nurse practitioner — Medical information.
  • RCW 51.36.150 Industrial insurance chiropractic advisory committee -- Duties -- Membership.
  • WAC  296-20 Medical aid rules.
    • WAC 296-21 Reimbursement policies: Psychiatric services, biofeedback, physical medicine.
  • WAC 296-23 Radiology, radiation therapy, nuclear medicine, pathology, hospital, chiropractic, physical therapy, drugless therapeutics and nursing -- Drugless therapeutics, etc.
  • WAC 296-27 Recordkeeping and reporting.

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