Independent Medical Exams (IME) and Impairment Rating Information

Independent medical exams (IMEs) evaluate and document a worker's condition. The exams may also include impairment ratings.  A wide variety of doctors are approved to perform IMEs.

New scheduling system for State Fund IMEs
Get registration steps, login instructions, and contact information for help with the new system.

Find a Medical Examiner
Use this online interactive list to search for an approved medical examiner.

About Independent Medical Exams
Explains what IMEs are, who can order them and who can perform them.

Becoming an IME provider
Instructions and forms to apply for the first time as an independent medical examiner.

IME Provider Number Renewal
All active IME providers as of February 25, 2013, must reapply for approval and retake the MEH test within 1 year and then reapply every third year.

General Information for Approved IME providers
Explains the assignment letter, how to reschedule appointments and how to write reports and submit them.

Medical Examiners' Handbook and Impairment Rating Information
Contains guidelines, sample reports and detailed billing procedures for preparing and conducting IMEs and impairment ratings in Washington's workers' compensation system.

Accessing Medical Records
Instructions on how to access claim medical files from L&I, also for self-insured claims and Crime Victim’s Compensation claims.

Surveying Patients About IME Quality
Contains survey information including report findings.

Billing Codes and Fees
Explains how to find codes and fees in the Professional Services fee schedule, also how to get help for billing prior to July 1, 2013.

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