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Rule Title/Topic Chapter Section Scope of Rule
Acupuncture Pilot 296-20 Rules related to the acupuncture pilot.
Ambulatory surgery center payment 296-23B Billing, procedures covered, and payment regulations for abulatory surgery centers.
Asbestos Benefits 296-14 600 Rule on the payment of benefits on asbestos-related disease claims.
Attendant services 296-33 Regulations for attendant services, including insurance coverage and who may receive attendant services.
Calculating a Worker's Wage 296-14 520 through 530
Chiropractic consultations 296-23 195 Various regulations for chiropractic consultations
Claim Resolution Structured Settlement Agreements 296-14A
Rule Title/Topic Chapter Section Scope of Rule
Classifications for Washington Workers' Compensation Insurance 296-17A Rules describing risk classifications for workers compensation insurance
Crime victims compensation mental health treatment rules and fees 296-31 Various regulations for Crime victims compensation mental health treatment rules and fees
Dental - General information and Instructions 296-23 160 Various requirements for dental information and instructions.
Firefighter Benefits 296-14 310 through 330 Various rules about industrial insurance benefits for firefighters.
General reporting rules, classifications, audit and recordkeeping, rates and rating system for Washington workers' compensation insurance 296-17 Provides rules applicable to workers' compensation insurance coverage (industrial insurance) that employers in the state of Washington must provide for their workers.
General Rules for Independent Medical Examinations and Approved Examiners for Independent Medical Examinations 296-23 302 through 392
Hospitals 296-23A Various regulations for hospitals in dealing with L&I
Industrial insurance 296-14 Various rules for industrial insurance.
Rule Title/Topic Chapter Section Scope of Rule
Industrial insurance discrimination 296-15A Rules for filing a complaint of discrimination.
Licensed nursing billing instructions 296-23 245 Licensed nursing billing instructions.
Massage Therapy 296-23 250
Medical Aid Rules 296-20 Various rules for medial aid and procedures.
Mental Conditions and Disabilities Benefits 296-14 300 Various rules about mental conditions and mental disabilities.
Miscellaneous Services and Appliances 296-23 165 through 180 Various requirements for services and appliances
Naturopathic Physicians 296-23 205 through 215 Various regulations for naturopathic physicians
Nursing 296-23 241 Various regulations for nursing
Rule Title/Topic Chapter Section Scope of Rule
Occupational Therapy 296-23 230 through 235 Various regulations for occupational therapy
Pathology - General Information and Instructions 296-23 155 Various requirements for pathology information and instructions
Physical Therapy 296-23 220 Various regulations for physical therapy
Physician Assistants and Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Massage Therapy 296-23
Preferred Worker Program 296-16 100 through 170 Various rules on employment of preferred workers.
Radiology 296-23 135 through 145 Various requirements for radiology
Reimbursement policies: Psychiatric services, biofeedback, physical medicine 296-21 Various rules for specific therapeutic procedures
Retrospective Rating for Workers' Compensation Insurance 296-17B
Rule Title/Topic Chapter Section Scope of Rule
Rules for the administration of the crime victims compensation program 296-30 Various rules for the administration of the crime victims compensation program.
Special Assistant Attorneys General 296-14 900 through 940 Various rules on Special Assistant Attorneys General.
Vocational rehabilitation 296-19A Various rules for vocational rehabilitation.
Waiver of Worker Overpayments 296-14 200 Waiver of recovery for worker compensation benefits overpayments.
Washington Stay-at-Work Program 296-16A
Worker Benefit Definitions 296-14 100 through 150 The definitions of worker benefits terminology used in this rule.
Worker Benefit Eligibility 296-14 400 through 420 Various rules on the eligibility benefit for workers.
Worker's Claim File Confidentiality 296-14 970 Rules on the confidentiality of a worker's claim file.
Rule Title/Topic Chapter Section Scope of Rule
Workers' compensation self-insurance rules and regulations 296-15 Various workers' compensation self-insurance rules and regulations.

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