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WAC 296-19A-110 (
What are vocational rehabilitation plan implementation and monitoring services?

WAC 296-19A-120 (
What reports are required when vocational rehabilitation plan implementation and monitoring services are completed?

About plan monitoring and implementation

Plan monitoring and implementation services assist the injured worker in completing a vocational rehabilitation plan.

The vocational provider monitors a worker's progress to identify and resolve problems without delay.

What if a worker doesn't complete the plan?

  • A worker's ability to work will need to be reassessed if, due to his or her own inactions, the worker doesn't complete the written plan.
  • A recommendation of "able to work" should be evaluated first based on the skills acquired during the time the worker was in the plan.
  • The worker's ability to work should be re-evaluated in the closing report.

What if the plan needs to be modified?

  • The unit vocational consultants request that any changes to the plan goal or curriculum be staffed as soon as changes become known.
  • When submitting plan modifications on the Training Plan Cost Encumbrance (F245‑374‑000) form, the total in the right-hand column should include the sum of the previously requested amount plus or minus the new data; it shouldn't reflect only the requested changes.
  • When providing services for 2 concurrent referrals on the same worker, the billings should be split equally.

What if a worker selects Option 2?

  • L&I closes the plan implementation referral and issues an order granting Option 2.
  • A closing report from the VRC isn't required.

What if a worker is injured when participating in an approved rehabilitation plan?

  • When there are no wages, such as with formal training, the new injury is covered under the original claim.
  • If there is an employer, such as with an on-the-job training program, a new claim would be filed under the trainer's workers compensation coverage.
  • For a paid OJT the trainer would not be responsible for the new injury if an Intent-to-Hire form is approved by the Preferred Worker Program.

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