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1,2, and Multifamily Dwelling Residential Electrical Fee Worksheet  F500-133-000 (English)
2017 Workplace Safety and Health Calendar: Safety and Health Management Never Goes Out of Style  F417-262-000 (English)
2018 Workplace Safety and Health Calendar: Working Together to Keep Washington Safe and Working  F417-270-000 (English)
3 Things to Know about L&I's Medical Provider Network  F242-406-000 (English)
 F242-406-999 (Spanish)
A Guide to Workers' Compensation Benefits For Employees of Self-Insured Businesses  F207-085-000 (English)
 F207-085-999 (Spanish)
A Guide to Workplace Safety and Health in Washington State  F416-132-000 (English)
 F416-132-999 (Spanish)
A Safe and Healthy Workplace Begins with You  F417-210-000 (English)
Access Authorization for External Access to Apprenticeship Registration and Tracking System (ARTS)  F100-535-000 (English)
Account Deposit for Contractor's or Miscellaneous Account Holder's  F500-080-000 (English)
Account Deposit for Factory Assembled Structures Account Holders  F622-081-000 (English)
Accountability Agreement  F280-016-000 (English)
Acknowledgement of Security Interest  F207-143-000 (English)
Actions at Law for Injury or Death - RCW 51.24  F249-031-000 (English)
 F249-031-999 (Spanish)
Activity Coaching Flyer for Providers  F280-062-000 (English)
Add Group Packet - Network Provider Account and Credentialing  F245-449-000 (English)
Administrator / Electrician / Master Electrician Certificate Renewal  F500-045-000 (English)
Affidavit for Time Loss Compensation Benefits  F242-395-000 (English)
 F242-395-999 (Spanish)
Affidavit of Continuity Medical Gas Installation  F627-043-000 (English)
Affidavit of Experience - Plumbers  F627-004-000 (English)
Affidavit of Experience for 100% Supervision Specialties  F500-137-000 (English)
Affidavit of Experience for 75% Supervision Specialties  F500-043-000 (English)
Affidavit of Wages Paid - Public Works Contract and Instructions  F700-007-000 (English)
Affidavit of Wages Paid Addendum A Additional List of Crafts  F700-161-000 (English)
Affidavit of Wages Paid Addendum B List of Next Tier Subcontractors - Public Works Contract  F700-143-000 (English)
Affidavit of Wages Paid Addendum C Additional Information  F700-162-000 (English)
Affidavit to Release Public Records  F625-066-000 (English)
Agency Requested FAS Inspection Application  F622-090-000 (English)
Agreement - Farm Labor Contractors and Workers  F700-046-000 (English)
 F700-046-999 (Spanish)
Agreement of Assumption and Guarantee of Workers' Compensation Liabilities (Certified Self-Insurer)  F207-040-001 (English)
Agreement of Assumption and Guarantee of Workers' Compensation Liabilities - Application of Certification  F207-040-000 (English)
Agriculture Safety and Health Pocket Guide  F417-255-000 (English)
 F417-255-999 (Spanish)
Air Conditioner/Heat Pump Pre-Inspection Checklist and Start Up Affidavit  F622-014-000 (English)
Alleged Safety Or Health Hazards (DOSH Complaint Form)  F418-052-000 (English)
 F418-052-999 (Spanish)
Alteration Fire Safety Pre-Inspection Checklist  F622-011-000 (English)
 F622-011-999 (Spanish)
Alteration Polybutylene Re-Pipe Pre-Inspection Checklist  F622-053-000 (English)
Alteration Re-Roofing for Low Slope Roofing  F622-039-000 (English)
Always Wear Eye Protection  FSP0-941-000 (English)
 FSP0-940-000 (English)
 FSP0-940-999 (Spanish)
 FSP0-941-999 (Spanish)
Amendment of Irrevocable Standby Letter of Credit  F207-112-111 (English)
An Annual Electrical Permits Saves Time and Money. Would it Work for You?  F500-123-000 (English)
An Employer's Intro to L&I  F101-101-000 (English)
Annual Authorization for Public Works Project - 4/10 Work Agreement  F700-176-000 (English)
Annual Supplemental Surety Information  F207-125-000 (English)
Application / Renewal for an Electrical Training Certificate  F626-048-000 (English)
Application for a 0% Supervision Modified Electrical Training Certificate & Specialty Examination  F500-097-000 (English)
Application for Accreditation Cranes/Derricks and other Material Handling Devices  F416-063-000 (English)
Application for Accreditation of Engineer to Approve Industrial Utilization Equipment  F500-101-000 (English)
Application for Agent On-Line Insurance Entry Account  F625-110-000 (English)
Application for Amusement Ride Inspector Certification  F500-065-000 (English)
Application for Amusement Ride or Air Supported Structure Operating Permit  F500-010-000 (English)
Application for an Explosives License (Company)  F447-030-000 (English)
Application for an Explosives License - Individual  F447-015-000 (English)
Application for Apprenticeship  F100-033-000 (English)
Application for Backflow Specialty Exam  F627-035-000 (English)
Application for Backflow Trainee Certificate  F627-033-000 (English)
Application for Benefits - Homicide Claims  F800-120-000 (English)
 F800-120-999 (Spanish)
Application for Certificate of Competency as an Inspector of Pressure Retaining Items  F620-040-000 (English)
Application for Charter Boat Operators License  F416-034-000 (English)
Application for Construction Contractor Registration  F625-001-000 (English)
Application for Copies of Citation and Notice  F418-023-000 (English)
Application for Elective Coverage - Sole Proprietor, Partners, For-Profit Corporate Officers, or Member/Managers of Limited Liability Company (LLC)  F213-042-000 (English)
Application for Elective Coverage of Excluded Employments  F213-112-000 (English)
Application for Electrical Contractors License  F500-018-000 (English)
Application for Electrician Examination  F626-001-000 (English)
Application for Exclusion/Inclusion - Mandatory Coverage (Family Farm)  F213-113-000 (English)
Application for Farm Internship  F700-158-000 (English)
Application for Farm Labor Contractor License  F700-014-000 (English)
Application for Group Membership & Authorization for Release of Insurance Data  F250-016-000 (English)
Application for Group Retrospective Rating  F250-004-000 (English)
Application for House to House Sales Sales Employer Registration Certificiate  F700-121-000 (English)
Application for Inclusion on List of Eligible Attorneys  F249-017-000 (English)
Application for Insignia Conversion Vendor/Medical Units  F623-021-000 (English)
Application for Insignia for Commercial Coaches  F623-019-000 (English)
Application for Insignia for Factory Assembled Structures  F623-014-000 (English)
Application for Licensure as an Elevator Mechanic  F621-067-000 (English)
Application for Limited Elective Coverage for Licensed Pony Riders  F250-026-000 (English)
Application for Loss of Earning Power (LEP) - Compensation Medical  F242-208-000 (English)
Application for Loss of Earning Power Compensation Medical  F242-208-909 (English/Spanish)
 F242-208-999 (Spanish)
Application for Loss of Earning Power Vocational  F242-209-909 (English/Spanish)
 F242-209-999 (Spanish)
Application for Manufactured Home Installer Certification Renewal  F622-085-000 (English)
Application for Manufactured Home Installer Training and Certification  F622-086-000 (English)
Application for Master Electrician Certification Examination  F500-088-000 (English)
Application for out of State Supplemental Reporting  F212-234-000 (English)
Application for Permit to Operate Radio System in Designated Area  F416-087-000 (English)
Application for Plumber Examination, Reciprocal, Medical Gas Endorsement, or Temporary Permit  F627-008-000 (English)
Application for Plumber Trainee Certificate  F627-003-000 (English)
Application for Pump Installer Combination General Contractor Registration and Electrical Contractor License  F500-104-000 (English)
Application for Replacement of Lost or Stolen Asbestos Certification Card  F413-068-000 (English)
Application for Self-Insurance Certification  F207-001-000 (English)
Application for Special Certificate to Employ A Vocationally Handicapped Worker at at Subprevailing Wage Rate  F700-122-000 (English)
Application for Specialty Electrician Certificate  F500-098-000 (English)
Application for State Plan Insignia for Recreational Vehicles and Recreational Park Trailers  F622-021-000 (English)
Application for Structured Settlement  F240-002-000 (English)
 F240-002-999 (Spanish)
Application for Telecommunications Contractor's License  F503-008-000 (English)
Application to Access L&I's Electrical Permit and Inspection System (EPIS) from SecureAccess Washington and Utilize Contractor Deposit Account via the Internet  F500-055-000 (English)
Application to Employ Student/Learner/Apprentice at a Subminimum Wage  F700-183-000 (English)
Application to Employ Workers with a Disability at a Subminimum Wage  F700-182-000 (English)
Application to Establish an Account and Access to L&I's Electrical Permit & Inspection System (EPIS) with L&I's Miscellaneous Accounts  F500-054-000 (English)
Application to Establish an Factory Assembled Structure Deposit Account with the Dept. of Labor and Industries  F120-116-000 (English)
Application to Reopen Claim Due to Worsening Condition  F242-079-000 (English)
Application to Reopen Claim due to Worsening Condition  F242-079-909 (English/Spanish)
 F242-079-999 (Spanish)
Application to Reopen Crime Victim Claim Due to Worsening of Condition  F800-031-000 (English)
 F800-031-999 (Spanish)
Application to Utilize Contractor Deposit (CD) Account  F621-094-000 (English)
Application for Loss of Earning Power (LEP) - Vocational  F242-209-000 (English)
Apply To Be an Electrical Inspector  F500-141-000 (English)
Apply to be an Elevator Inspector  F621-114-000 (English)
Applying for Your Washington Business License: A Step-by-Step Guide  F101-079-000 (English)
 F101-079-999 (Spanish)
Apprenticeship Applicant Register  F100-045-000 (English)
Apprenticeship Committee Representative Qualification Information Experience & Education History  F100-528-000 (English)
Apprenticeship Complaint (Not for Apprenticeship Appeals)  F100-505-000 (English)
Apprenticeship Related Supplemental Instruction (RSI) Plan Revew Review Criteria  F100-521-000 (English)
Apprenticeship Related Supplemental Instruction (RSI) Plan Review  F100-520-000 (English)
Apprenticeship Related Supplemental Instruction (RSI) Plan Review Glossary of Terms  F100-519-000 (English)
Apprenticeships For Tribal Members  F100-532-000 (English)
Approved Independent Medical Examiner (IME) Update  F245-051-000 (English)
Are You an Employer Who Can Provide On-the-Job Training?  F280-033-000 (English)
Asbestos Contractor - New Application for Certification  F413-007-000 (English)
Asbestos Contractor Application for Certification - Renewal  F413-079-000 (English)
Assessing Your Ability to Work: Your Rights and Responsibilities  F280-017-000 (English)
 F280-017-999 (Spanish)
Assessment Eligible Quality Assurance Review Form  F280-008-000 (English)
Assignment of Account or Time Deposit for Insurance - Bodily Injury - WA State Banks Only  F625-082-000 (English)
Assignment of Account or Time Deposit for Insurance - Property Damage - WA State Banks Only  F625-083-000 (English)
Attending Provider's Referral Form  F252-098-000 (English)
Authorization for a Specific Public Works Project ? 4/10 Work Agreement  F700-177-000 (English)
Authorization to Access on Behalf of Employer  F242-431-000 (English)
Authorization to Release Claim Information  F101-010-000 (English)
Authorization to Release Information  F262-005-999 ()
 F262-005-000 (English)
Authorization to Release Records  F101-173-000 (English)
Avoid Liability for Your Farm Labor Contractor's Unpaid Debits  F700-154-909 (English/Spanish)
Avoid Liability for Your Subcontractor's Unpaid Workers' Comp Premiums  F262-262-000 (English)
 F262-262-999 (Spanish)
Before Electrical Sign Work Begins: What Electrical Sign Contractors and Electricians Should Know  F500-111-000 (English)
Beneficiary Application for Claim Benefits  F242-056-000 (English)
 F242-056-999 (Spanish)
Bicycle Safety: Delivery, couriers, and messengers  F417-250-000 (English)
Billing Guidelines for Sexual Assault Examinations: Crime Victims Compensation Program  F800-100-000 (English)
Board of Boiler Rules Extension of Inspection Frequency Request Form  F620-055-000 (English)
Board of Boiler Rules Interpretation and Revision Request Form  F620-017-000 (English)
Board of Boiler Rules Washington State Specials Request Form  F620-057-000 (English)
Boiler / Pressure Vessel Water Heater Installation or Reinstallation Permit  F620-032-000 (English)
Boiler/Pressure Vessel Clearance Variance Request  F620-041-000 (English)
Boiler/Pressure Vessel/Water Heater Form Instructions  F620-032-000_Inst (English)
Borrower Agreement Form Safety and Health Video Library  F417-205-000 (English)
Bulk Cargo Spouts, Suckers, and Similar Equipment for Maritime Operations  F416-052-000 (English)
Buprenorphine Transdermal Patch Authorization Request Form  F252-110-000 (English)
Các Quy?n H?n C?a Nhân Viên Th?m M? (Salon)  F700-179-319 ()
Cancellation of Elective Coverage - Sole Proprietors/Partner, Member of Limited Liability Company (LLC), Member of Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) or For-Profit Corporate Officers  F213-004-000 (English)
Cancellation of Elective Coverage for Excluded Employments  F213-005-000 (English)
Carrying Out Your Vocational Plan: Your Rights and Responsibilities During Plan Implementation  F280-019-000 (English)
 F280-019-999 (Spanish)
Certificate of Coverage - SAMPLE ONLY  F211-141-000 (English)
 F211-141-999 (Spanish)
Certified Project Payroll  F700-065-000 (English)
Challenges and Change: Managing and Innovating through The Great Recession - L&I from 2005-2012  F101-102-000 (English)
Chapter 19.28 RCW for Electrician and Electrical Installations  F500-143-000 (English)
Chapter 296-131 WAC Agriculture Employment Standard  F700-085-000 (English)
 F700-085-999 (Spanish)
Chapter 51.24 RCW Actions at Law for Injury or Death - Spanish Capítulo 51.24 Acciones Legales por Lesiones o Fallecimiento  F242-138-999 (Spanish)
Charter Vessel Inspection  F416-058-000 (English)
Checklist for IME Facilities  F245-421-000 (English)
Chemical Exposure Questionnaire Packet  F242-409-000 (English)
 F242-409-999 (Spanish)
Chief Inspector Clarification and Interpretation Request Form  F620-056-000 (English)
Cholinesterase Blood Testing Choice  F413-064-000 (English)
 F413-064-999 (Spanish)
Cholinesterase Monitoring Health Care Provider Recommendations  F413-070-000 (English)
 F413-070-999 (Spanish)
Cholinesterase Monitoring Reimbursement Request  F413-062-000 (English)
Claim for Pension By Dependents  F242-062-000 (English)
 F242-062-999 (Spanish)
Claim Suppression Complaint  F262-024-000 (English)
 F262-024-999 (Spanish)
Class B Labels: What You Should Know  F500-112-000 (English)
CMS 1500 Billing Manual  F245-423-000 (English)
Commercial Diving Operations, Chapter 296-37 WAC  F414-039-000 (English)
Commerical/Industrial Electrical Fee Worksheet  F500-130-000 (English)
Competent Person Evaluation - Excavation & Trenching  F417-104-000 (English)
Competent Person Evaluation - Fall Restraint & Fall Arrest  F417-102-000 (English)
Complete Stay at Work Guide for Employers, The  F243-005-000 (English)
Computer Workstation Checklist  F417-274-000 (English)
Congratulations! You've been approved to hire minors  F700-136-000 (English)
Construction Checklist - Safety  F418-055-000 (English)
Construction Contractor's Application for Workers' Compensation Account with No Workers or Hours  F625-077-000 (English)
Construction Elevator Installation Application and Inspection Data Report  F621-001-000 (English)
Construction Industry Classification Guide  F213-008-000 (English)
 F213-008-999 (Spanish)
Construction Lien Notice  F625-054-000 (English)
Construction Lien Summary  F625-055-000 (English)
Consultation Services (No-fee assistance)  F417-209-000 (English)
Contract: Report By Landowner - Forest, Range & Timber Industry  F213-010-000 (English)
Contractor Complaint Form  F625-033-000 (English)
Contractor Electrical Work Permit Application  F500-093-000 (English)
Contractor Financial Information  F625-061-000 (English)
Contractor Registration Request for Duplicate License or Address Change    F625-108-000 (English)
Conveyance Installation Approval by Building Official  F621-056-000 (English)
Copper Tubing Gas Line Pre-Inspection Checklist  F622-046-000 (English)
Court Form Granting Permission for Employment of Minors  F700-119-000 (English)
Cranes, Derricks and Material Handling Devices Worksheet for Maritime Industry  F416-051-000 (English)
Crime Victim Compensation Program Sexual Assault Exam Report  F800-098-000 (English)
Crime Victims Compensation Physical Abuse/Neglect Exam Report  F800-121-000 (English)
Crime Victims Compensation Program Initial Response and Assessment: Form I  F800-080-000 (English)
Crime Victims Compensation Program Initial Response and Assessment: Form II  F800-081-000 (English)
Crime Victims Direct Entry Billing Manual  F800-118-000 (English)
Crime Victims' Application for Benefits - Injury Claims  F800-042-000 (English)
 F800-042-999 (Spanish)
Dairy Farm Safety: Key Hazards and Solutions  F417-261-000 (English)
 F417-261-999 (Spanish)
Danger! Minimum Clearance for Counter Balance - Construction  FSP0-974-000 (English)
Danger, Construction Area Authorized Personnel Only  FSP1-013-000 (English)
 FSP1-013-999 (Spanish)
Decertification of Manufactured and Mobile Homes  F622-063-000 (English)
Declaration of Entitlement - Disabled Child or Guardian Benefits  F242-421-000 (English)
 F242-421-999 (Spanish)
Declaration of Entitlement - Surviving Spouse/Registered Domestic Partner  F242-420-000 (English)
 F242-420-999 (Spanish)
Declaration of Entitlement for Dependent of Deceased Worker Benefits Under Industrial Insurance  F242-422-000 (English)
 F242-422-999 (Spanish)
Declaration of Entitlement for Totally Disabled Worker Benefits Under Industrial Insurance  F242-423-000 (English)
 F242-423-999 (Spanish)
Demounting and Mounting Procedures for Tubeless Truck and Bus Tires  F417-237-000-A (English)
Department of Employment Security Tax Compliance Certification  F700-099-000 (English)
Department of Labor & Industries Organizational Chart  F101-170-000 (English)
Department of Labor and Industries Home Modification Acknowledgement of Responsibilities  F247-003-999 ()
 F247-003-000 (English)
Department of Revenue Tax Compliance Certification  F700-100-000 (English)
Development of the plan: What are my rights and responsibilities? Vocational Rehabilitation Services  F280-018-999 (Spanish)
Direct Entry Billing Manual  F245-437-000 (English)
Direct-Acting Antiviral for Hepatitis C Prior Authorization Form  F252-112-000 (English)
Dispute Resolution Options Fact Sheet  F625-116-000 (English)
Disruptive Behavior in Health Care (SHARP)  F310-002-000 (English)
Doctor's Worksheet for Rating Cervical and Cervico-Dorsal Impairment  F252-056-000 (English)
Doctor's Worksheet for Rating Dorso-Lumbar & Lumbo-Sacral Impairment  F252-006-000 (English)
Drywall Contractors  F214-024-000 (English)
Drywall Industry - Owner/Sub-Contractor Report  F212-050-000 (English)
Electric / Gas Conversion Pre-Inspection Checklist  F622-013-000 (English)
Electric Elevator Layout Requirements  F621-108-000 (English)
Electrical / Telecommunication Contractor's License Renewal Notice  F500-077-000 (English)
Electrical Education Course Application  F500-068-000 (English)
Electrical Education Instructor Application  F500-090-000 (English)
Electrical Inspection Witness Statement  F500-087-000 (English)
Electrical Installation Variance Application  F500-063-000 (English)
Electrical Power Generation, Transmission, and Distribution Chapter 296-45 WAC Pocket Version  F414-158-000 (English)
Electrical Program Contacts  F500-114-000 (English)
Electrical Safety Standards, Administration and Installation WAC 296-46B  F500-142-000 (English)
Electrical Safety Tips for Your Home: Protect Your Family and Your Property  F500-115-000 (English)
Electrical Telecommunication Principal Member Owner Update Request  F500-124-000 (English)
Electrical Work on Commercial Property: What You Should Know Before Work Begins  F500-109-000 (English)
Electrical Work on Residential Property: What You Should Know Before Work Begins  F500-078-000 (English)
Electrical/Telecommunications Contractor Assignment of Savings Account  F500-020-000 (English)
Electrical/Telecommunications Contractor's Bond to the State of WA  F500-019-000 (English)
Electronic Billing Authorization  F248-031-000 (English)
Elevator Continuing Education Course Application  F621-077-000 (English)
Elevator Continuing Education Provider / Instructor Application  F621-078-000 (English)
Elevator Five-Year Safety Test Report  F621-051-000 (English)
Elevator Information Update  F621-050-000 (English)
Elevator Installation Variance Application  F621-048-000 (English)
Elevator Mechanic and Elevator Temporary Mechanic Address/Mailing Information Update  F621-100-000 (English)
Elevator Permit Application  F621-005-000 (English)
Elevator Rule Development Form  F621-113-000 (English)
Employee Misconduct: Information for Employers  F417-254-000 (English)
Employee Safety Orientation Checklist  F417-276-000 (English)
Employer Petition to The Court for Minor Work Permit Under Age 14  F700-118-000 (English)
Employer Rights - Wages Paid  F700-058-000 (English)
Employer's Guide to the Hazard Communication Rule  F413-012-000 (English)
 F413-012-999 (Spanish)
Employer's Job Description  F252-040-000 (English)
Employer's Return-to-Work Guide  F200-003-000 (English)
Employers' Guide to Self-Insurance in Washington State  F207-079-000 (English)
Employers' Guide to Workers' Compensation Insurance in Washington State  F101-002-000 (English)
 F101-002-999 (Spanish)
Employing Children Under Age 14 in Non-Agricultural Jobs  F700-117-000 (English)
Employing teens under 18 in food service? - L&I's fact sheet of permitted and prohibited work activities for youth ages 14 to 17 in food service  F700-167-000 (English)
Employment History Form  F242-109-000 (English)
 F242-109-999 (Spanish)
Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Resource & Referral Update Form  F100-513-000 (English)
Ergonomics Consultation: Free, Confidential, Powerful Impact on Your Bottom Line  F417-233-000 (English)
Evaluating Retro Groups  F225-019-000 (English)
Excluded and Exempt Employments  F214-013-000 (English)
Facts About Construction Liens  F625-017-000 (English)
Facts about Medical Gas Piping Installer Endorsement  F627-026-000 (English)
Facts about State Certification for Plumbers  F627-022-000 (English)
Fall Hazards: Standing Walls - Highlights of Fall Protection Requirements  F417-252-000 (English)
Fall Protection Basics for Construction Activities  F414-154-000 (English)
 F414-154-999 (Spanish)
Fall Protection Work Plan  F417-272-000 (English)
Fall Protection: Responding to Emergencies  F417-208-000 (English)
Farm Internship Flyer  F700-188-000 (English)
Farm Internship Project Complaint Form  F700-172-000 (English)
Farm Labor Contractor Application/Renewal Packet  F700-170-000 (English)
Farm Labor Contractor Assignment of Account or Time Deposit  F700-060-000 (English)
Farm Labor Contractor Certified Payroll  F700-147-000 (English)
Farm Labor Contractor Checklist  F700-112-000 (English)
 F700-112-999 (Spanish)
Farm Labor Contractor Complaint Form  F700-109-000 (English)
 F700-109-999 (Spanish)
Farm Labor Contractor Registration  F700-088-000 (English)
 F700-088-999 (Spanish)
Farm Labor Contractors Bond  F700-066-000 (English)
Faulty Water Heaters and Kids Don't Mix  F620-059-000 (English)
FileFast postcard handout for workers  F242-398-000 (English)
FileFast poster for workers  F242-399-000 (English)
FileFast wallet card for workers  F242-400-000 (English)
Filing Suit Against an Electrical Contractor  F625-053-000 (English)
Financial Statement - Sole Proprietor and Individuals  F215-042-000 (English)
Financial Statement Businesses  F215-040-000 (English)
Financial Statement Sole Proprietors and Individuals  F215-039-000 (English)
Firm Vocational Provider Account Change  F252-022-000 (English)
Flood Damaged Manufactured Home Checklist  F622-040-000 (English)
Food Truck / Trailers / Temporary Structures  F623-037-000 (English)
Forklift Safety Guide  F417-031-000 (English)
Forklift Safety: Training requirements and helpful tips  F417-202-000 (English)
Four Steps to Proper Lifting  FSP0-918-000 (English)
Frequently Asked Questions about Job Modifications  F245-057-000 (English)
Functional Capacity Summary  F245-434-000 (English)
Functional Recovery Interventions (RFI) Tracking Sheet  F245-420-000 (English)
Gas Room Heaters Pre-Inspection Checklist  F622-045-000 (English)
General Provider Billing Manual  F248-100-000 (English)
Getting up-to-speed on regulations for Washington businesses?  F101-174-000 (English)
Green Power Generation System Installation: What You Should Know Before Doing Any Electrical Work  F500-116-000 (English)
Grinding Wheel - Prevent Accidents  FSP1-000-000 (English)
 FSP1-000-999 (Spanish)
Group vs. Individual Retrospective Rating Participation  F225-016-000 (English)
Guidelines for Selecting Reserve Trees  F417-092-000 (English)
Health and Safety awareness for Working Teens wallet card  F700-187-909 (English/Spanish)
Hearing Aid Repair/Durable Medical Equipment Provider Hotline Service Authorization Request  F245-418-000 (English)
Hearing Aid Replacement Form  F242-414-000 (English)
Hearing Impairment Calculation Worksheet  F252-007-000 (English)
Heat-related Illness Education Card  F417-218-909 (English/Spanish)
Help for Crime Victims (large poster)  F800-041-000 (English)
 F800-041-999 (Spanish)
Help for Crime Victims (small poster)  F800-104-000 (English)
 F800-104-999 (Spanish)
Help for Injured Workers of Self-Insured Employers  F207-213-000 (English)
 F207-213-999 (Spanish)
Help for Victims of Crime  F800-006-909 (English/Spanish)
Helpful Tips for Medical Services Providers  F248-040-000 (English)
Helping Providers Understand the Crime Victims Compensation Program  F800-102-000 (English)
Hiring a Plumber? Hire Smart!  F627-044-000 (English)
Historical Boilers Inspection Guideline  F620-043-000 (English)
Home Health Services Billing Manual  F245-424-000 (English)
Homeowners Manufactured / Mobile Home Variance Request  F622-054-000 (English)
Hospital Services Billing Manual  F245-425-000 (English)
How Social Security Benefits May Reduce Your Workers' Compensation Payments  F242-427-000 (English)
 F242-427-999 (Spanish)
How to Become a Certified Electrician: What You Need to Know about Certification in Washington State  F500-117-000 (English)
How to Bill for an Occupational Disease History Report (Code 1055M)  F242-432-000 (English)
How to Protest a Department of Labor and Industries Decision  F242-363-909 (English/Spanish)
How to Ride Safely on Elevators, Escalators and Moving Walks  F621-084-000 (English)
Hydraulic Overpressure Test  F621-052-000 (English)
Hydraulic/ Roped Hydraulic Elevator Layout Requirements  F621-109-000 (English)
If Family Members Work for You, Know Your Obligations  F101-077-909 (English/Spanish)
IME Provider Renewal Application  F245-435-000 (English)
Incident Report Boiler or Pressure Vessel  F620-044-000 (English)
Independent Medical Exam Comments  F245-053-000 (English)
 F245-053-999 (Spanish)
Independent Medical Exam Doctor's Estimate of Physical Capacities  F242-387-000 (English)
Independent Medical Exam Template  F245-058-000 (English)
Independent Medical Examination (IME) Provider Exam Sites  F245-047-000 (English)
Independent Medical Examination Fax Cover Sheet  F245-383-000 (English)
Individual Retrospective Rating Plan Agreement  F250-003-000 (English)
Individual Vocational Provider Account Change Form  F252-021-000 (English)
Industrial Insurance Discrimination Complaint  F262-009-000 (English)
 F262-009-999 (Spanish)
Injured Workers: Leaving Washington, But Still Need Treatment  F242-412-909 (English/Spanish)
Inservice Inspection checklist  F620-060-000 (English)
Insignia Continuation Sheet Recreational Vehicles and Park Trailers  F622-021-111 (English)
Instructions for completing the Workers' Compensation Employer's Quarterly Report  F212-239-000 (English)
Interested Party Checklist for the Filing of Prevailing Wage Complaints  F700-129-000 (English)
Internal Revenue Service Tax Compliance Certification  F700-098-000 (English)
International Travel for Work  F242-419-000 (English)
Irrevocable Standby Letter of Credit  F207-112-000 (English)
Is it a Manufactured / Mobile Home?  F622-043-000 (English)
Job Analysis  F252-072-000 (English)
Job Analysis Summary  F252-101-000 (English)
Job Modification Assistance Application  F245-346-000 (English)
 F245-346-999 (Spanish)
Job Safety and Health Law  F416-081-909 (English/Spanish)
Jorge's New Job: Cholinesterase Testing in Washington State  F417-213-909 (English)
Journey Level Wage Rate from which apprentices' wages rates are computed.  F100-050-000 (English)
Know What to Expect: How Recoveries and Settlements May Impact Your Crime Victim Claim  F800-074-000 (English)
Know Your Lockout Tagout Safety Procedures  FSP1-063-000 (English)
L&I Workers' Compensation: We're Here for You  F242-429-000 (English)
L&I Benefits for Workers Who Are Terminally Ill  F252-094-000 (English)
L&I Chiropractic Consultant Application  F245-393-000 (English)
L&I Medical Provider Network Credentialing Checklist  F245-445-000 (English)
L&I Workers' Compensation: We're Here for You  F242-429-999 (Spanish)
Labor and Industries Facility Use Application and Agreement for Government Agencies  F120-097-000 (English)
Labor and Industries Prosthetic Device Request Form  F245-340-000 (English)
Ladder Safety  FSP0-951-000 (English)
Ladder Safety Checklist  F417-266-000 (English)
Ladder Safety Guide  F417-268-000 (English)
Legal Representation Notification  F242-425-000 (English)
 F242-425-999 (Spanish)
Legal Representative Payment Method Authorization Form  F120-212-000 (English)
Letter of Intent for School Enrollment  F242-382-000 (English)
 F242-382-999 (Spanish)
License Requirements for Elevator Mechanics and Contractors  F621-070-000 (English)
Licensed Elevator Contractor (LC) Operation  F621-069-000 (English)
Limited Liability Companies (LLC)  F214-021-000 (English)
Log of Good Faith Effort Documentation  F100-515-000 (English)
Logger Safety Initiative Jobsite Notification  F417-249-000 (English)
Logging Emergency Medical Plan  F417-014-000 (English)
Low Voltage Fire / Intrusion Alarm Checklist  F622-038-000 (English)
Manufactured Home Installation Certification  F622-084-000 (English)
Manufactured Home Installation Permit  F622-083-000 (English)
Manufactured Home Installer Certification Tag Order form  F622-077-000 (English)
Manufactured Home Installer Certification Tag Transfer Request form  F622-079-000 (English)
Manufactured Home Installer Continuing Education Registration Form  F622-087-000 ()
Manufactured Home Installer's Monthly Certification Tag Report  F622-078-000 (English)
Manufactured/Mobile Home Permit Application  F622-036-000 (English)
Master Business Application  BLSF-700-028 (English)
Master Level Counselor Provider Account Application for Crime Victims  F800-053-000 (English)
Mechanized Logging Supplemental Quarterly Report  F212-223-000 (English)
Medical Device Review Request  F252-013-000 (English)
Medical Examiners' Handbook  F252-001-000 (English)
Medical Payment Guidance  F248-366-000 (English)
Memorandum of Understanding Irrevocable Standby Letter of Credit  F207-113-000 (English)
Mental Health Fee Schedule and Billing Guidelines  F800-105-000 (English)
Mental Health Services Fee Schedule  F245-422-000 (English)
Minimum Header Structural Requirements for Manufactured Home Alterations  F622-080-000 (English)
Minimum Header Structural Requirements for Manufactured Home Alternations  F622-080-999 (Spanish)
Minimum Wage Law Exemptions  F700-051-000 (English)
Miscellaneous Services Billing Manual  F245-431-000 (English)
Mobile Cranes/Derricks Worksheet for Construction Industry  F416-043-000 (English)
Model Disclosure Statement Notice to Customer  F625-030-000 (English)
 F625-030-999 (Spanish)
Monthly Supplemental Report for Manual Logging  F212-246-000 (English)
Multi-piece Rim Matching Chart  F417-237-000-C (English)
Nail Gun Safety: A Guide for Construction Contractors  F417-232-000 (English)
Network Provider Application Packet  F245-447-000 (English)
New Elevator Installation Checklist  F621-057-000 (English)
New/Update Elevator Company Primary Point of Contact  F621-086-000 (English)
Non-Accredited or Unlicensed Training Provider Application Supplemental Requirements  F280-045-000 (English)
Non-Compliance Report - Boiler & Pressure Vessel Inspection  F620-012-000 (English)
Nonagricultural Employment of Minors Chapter 296-125 WAC  F700-084-000 (English)
Notice of Completion of Public Works Contract  F215-038-000 (English)
Notice of Independent Medical Exam No-Show or Late Cancellation  F245-382-000 (English)
Notice of Occupational Disease or Infection  F242-243-000 (English)
Notice to Employees - If a Job Injury Occurs  F207-037-909 (English/Spanish)
Notice to Employees -- If a Job Injury Occurs  F242-191-909 (English/Spanish)
Notification to Local Enforcement Agency  F623-013-000 (English)
Nurse Case Management Initial Care Management Plan  F245-442-000 (English)
Nurse Case Management Qualis Progress Report  F245-441-000 (English)
Occupational Disease & Employment History  F242-071-000 (English)
 F242-071-911 (Spanish)
 F242-071-999 (Spanish)
Occupational Disease Employment History Hearing Loss  F262-013-000 (English)
 F262-013-999 (Spanish)
Occupational Disease Work History - Continuation  F242-071-111 (English)
Occupational Hearing Loss Questionnaire  F262-016-000 (English)
 F262-016-999 (Spanish)
Occupational Lead Exposure: An Alert for Employers  F310-004-000 (English)
Occupational Lead Exposure: An Alert for Health Care Providers  F310-005-000 (English)
Occupational Lead Exposure: An Alert for Workers  F310-003-000 (English)
 F310-003-999 (Spanish)
Office Ergonomics: Computer Workstation and Mobile Computing  F417-275-000 (English)
Office Locations Map  F101-100-000 (English)
On-The-Job Training (OJT) Agreement for Vocational Providers  F280-039-000 (English)
Online Electrical Services: Tools for Property Owners, Contractors and Electricians  F500-113-000 (English)
Operating Boilers Safely  F620-025-000 (English)
Operating Power Lawn and Yard-care Equipment: Safety for Teen Workers  F700-010-000 (English)
Option 1 Plan Modification Accountability Agreement  F280-056-000 (English)
Option 2 Vocational Benefits Training Enrollment Application  F280-024-909 (English/Spanish)
Option 2 Vocational Benefits Training Enrollment Application and Verification  F280-024-000 (English)
Option 2: What You Need to Know, Vocational Rehabilitation Services  F280-036-000 (English)
 F280-036-999 (Spanish)
Out of Country Provider Application  F248-361-000 (English)
 F248-361-999 (Spanish)
Overhead Crane Bridge, Monorail, Gantry Worksheet for Construction  F416-141-000 (English)
Panel Load Calculations  F623-017-000 (English)
Parent / School Authorization for Employment of a Minor and Special Variance  F700-002-000 (English)
Performance Based Physical Capacities Evaluation  F245-023-000 (English)
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Guide  F417-207-000 (English)
Pharmacy Billing Manual  F245-433-000 (English)
Physical Exam - Charter Boat Operators License  F416-056-000 (English)
Physical Therapy / Occupational Therapy Progress Report to Claim Managers  F245-059-000 (English)
Physical/Occupational/Massage Therapy Provider Hotline Service Authorization Request  F245-417-000 (English)
Plan Approval Request - Conversion Vendor / Medical Units  F622-035-000 (English)
Plan Approval Request - Factory Built Structures and Commercial Coaches  F623-006-000 (English)
Plan Approval Request - Recreational Vehicles and Recreational Park Trailers  F622-006-000 (English)
Plan Development Quality Assurance Review Form  F280-007-000 (English)
Plan Development: What Are My Rights & Responsibilities?  F280-018-000 (English)
Plan for and Pay Your Taxes DVD  F101-091-034 (English)
Plan Room and Board Cost Encumbrance  F245-372-000 (English)
Plumber Continuing Education Course Application  F627-037-000 (English)
Plumber Request for Change of Address  F627-039-000 (English)
Plumber, Medical Gas, or Trainee Renewal  F627-019-000 (English)
Plumbers Examination Dates and Locations  F627-027-000 (English)
Popular websites for employers  F101-177-000 (English)
Poster - An Unprotected Trench is an Early Grave  FSP0-912-000 (English)
Power of Attorney for Electronic Remittance Advice  F248-355-000 (English)
Pre-Inspection Checklist for High Pressure Boilers  F620-053-000 (English)
Pre-Inspection Checklist for Hot Water Heating or Hot Water Supply Boilers  F620-050-000 (English)
Pre-Inspection Checklist for Low Pressure Steam Boilers  F620-052-000 (English)
Pre-Inspection Checklist for Potable Water Heaters - ASME "HLW" Stamped Water Heaters  F620-051-000 (English)
Pre-Job Accommodation Assistance Application  F245-350-000 (English)
Preferred Drug Line Prescription Authorization Request  F245-419-000 (English)
Preferred Worker Continuous Employment Incentive Application for Employers  F280-065-000 (English)
Preferred Worker Expense Reimbursement - Application for Employers (Tools & Clothing)  F280-058-000 (English)
Preferred Worker Wage Reimbursement Application for Employers  F280-059-000 (English)
Preparing for Your Self-Insurance Audit  F207-110-000 (English)
Prevailing Wage Complaint and Instructions  F700-146-000 (English)
 F700-146-214 (Cambodian)
 F700-146-255 (Korean)
 F700-146-294 (Russian)
 F700-146-999 (Spanish)
 F700-146-319 (Vietnamese)
 F700-146-220 (Chinese Simplified)
 F700-146-221 (Chinese Traditional)
 F700-146-303 (Somali)
Preventing Lead Poisoning at Indoor Firing Ranges: An Alert for Workers and Employers  F310-006-000 (English)
Preventing Lead Poisoning in Bridge and Steel Structure Repair Work: An Alert for Workers  F310-007-000 (English)
Preventing Lead Poisoning in Scrap Metal Recycling: An Alert for Workers and Employers  F310-008-000 (English)
Preventing Slips and Falls  FSP0-904-000 (English)
Program Equal Employment Opportunity Activity Documentation  F100-012-000 (English)
Property Owner Electrical Work Permit Application  F500-094-000 (English)
Protect Yourself and Your Family from Lead Poisoning  F417-214-000 (English)
Protected Leave Complaint  F700-144-000 (English)
 F700-144-999 (Spanish)
Protecting Yourself and Your Workers from Poison Oak and Ivy  F413-047-000 (English/Spanish)
Provider Account Application  F248-011-000 (English)
Provider Account Application - Independent Medical Examiner (IME)  F245-046-000 (English)
Provider General Billing Manual  F245-432-000 (English)
Provider's Initial Report (PIR)  F207-028-000 (English)
PT/OT Referral Form  F252-099-000 (English)
Q&A: Emergency Washing Requirements for Pesticide Handlers  F417-257-000 (English)
 F417-257-999 (Spanish)
Q&A: Cranes, Rigging and Personnel Lifting Rule, Chapter 296-155 WAC, Part L  F417-245-000 (English)
Quarterly Report for Self-Insured Business  F207-006-000 (English)
Quarterly Reporting for Drywall  F212-224-000 (English)
 F212-224-999 (Spanish)
Quarterly Statement of Supplemental Benefits Paid for Self-Insured Employers  F207-011-000 (English)
Questions and Answers about Electrical Safety  F500-110-000 (English)
Quick Tips for Lifting  F417-055-909 (English/Spanish)
QuickFile: Workers' Compensation Quarterly Report Filing Made Easy!  F212-244-000 (English)
RCW 43.22.380 Exemptions Fire and Safety Checklist for Vendor/Medical Conversion Units  F622-073-000 (English)
Reassignment of Savings Account or Time Deposit - Electrical Contractor  F500-072-000 (English)
Record Keeping Provisions - Employment Standards  F700-009-000 (English)
Referral for Activity Coaching Program  F245-413-000 (English)
Referral to Labor and Industries /WorkSource Partnership Services  F280-046-000 (English)
Reforestation Contract Supplemental Report - Forest, Range and Timber Industry  F213-013-000 (English)
REFUND NOTIFICATION Refunding Money to L&I to correct your account?  F245-043-000 (English)
Registered Apprenticeship Program Address/Mailing Information Update  F100-512-000 (English)
Related Supplemental Instruction / On-the-Job Training Hours  F100-518-000 (English)
Related Supplemental Instruction Hours  F100-228-000 (English)
Renewal of Contractor Elevator License  F621-082-000 (English)
Renewal of Elevator Mechanic License  F621-080-000 (English)
Rental Boiler Operating Permit - Good at this Location Only  F620-042-000 (English)
Report All Injuries Promptly  FSP1-004-000 (English)
 FSP1-004-999 (Spanish)
Report of a Workplace Hazard  F417-277-000 (English)
Report of Accident (ROA) Workplace Injury, Accident or Occupational Disease  F242-130-000 (English)
Report of an Injury, Illness, or Close Call  F417-278-000 (English)
Request for Approval of Proposed Standards  F100-049-000 (English)
Request for Assistance in Obtaining Certified Payroll Records  F700-141-000 (English)
Request for Cancellation of New Apprenticeship Committee  F100-510-000 (English)
Request for Cancellation of Program  F100-303-000 (English)
Request for Claim Information  F242-430-000 (English)
 F101-010-999 (Spanish)
Request for Confidentiality  F140-098-000 (English)
 F416-016-000 (English)
Request for Duplicate Elevator Certificate  F621-065-000 (English)
Request for Duplicate Elevator Mechanic License  F621-099-000 (English)
Request for Duplicate or Replacement Certificate  F627-014-000 (English)
Request for Duplicate or Replacement License or Certificate  F500-032-000 (English)
Request for Letter of Good Standing  F500-128-000 (English)
Request for Public Records  F101-009-000 (English)
Request for Survivor Counseling Benefits  F800-057-909 (English/Spanish)
Reservation Form Safety and Health Video Library  F417-206-000 (English)
Residential Care Assessment Tool  F245-377-000 (English)
Resource Utilization Group (RUG) Residential Care Services for L&I Injured Workers (In place of MDS 3.0 beginning October 1, 2010.)  F245-392-000 (English)
Restaurant Employee Safety Orientation Checklist  F700-140-000 (English)
Retraining and Job Modification Billing Manual  F245-427-000 (English)
Retrospective Rating Enrollment Decisions  F225-017-000 (English)
Risk Management Consultation  F417-246-000 (English)
Roof Affidavit and Structural Inspection Request  F622-076-000 (English)
Safe Ways - Fork Lift Safety  FSP0-978-000 (English)
Safety and Health Discrimination Complaint  F416-011-000 (English)
 F416-011-999 (Spanish)
Safety and Health Discrimination in the Workplace  F417-244-000 (English)
 F417-188-909 (English/Spanish)
 F417-244-999 (Spanish)
Safety and Health Investment Projects (SHIP) Grant Program  F417-224-000 (English)
Safety and Health Program Assessment Worksheet  F417-227-000 (English)
Safety and Health Video Library Rack Card  F417-260-000 (English)
Safety Checklist for Dairy Farms  F417-267-000 (English)
Safety for Commercial Dive Teams  F417-226-000 (English)
Safety Standards for Administrative Rules WAC 296-900  F414-136-000 (English)
Safety Standards for Ethylene Oxide WAC 296-855  F414-132-000 (English)
Safety Standards for Forklifts and Other Powered Industrial Trucks WAC 296-863  F414-126-000 (English)
Safety Standards for Laundry Machinery and Operations WAC 296-303  F414-012-000 (English)
Safety Standards for Logging Operations WAC 296-54  F414-016-000 (English)
Safety Standards for Possession, Handling, and Use of Explosives WAC 296-52  F414-038-000 (English)
Safety Standards for Shipbuilding, Ship Repairing and Shipbreaking Chapter 296-304 WAC  F414-025-000 (English)
Safety Standards for WAC 296-32, Telecommunications  F414-017-000 (English)
Safety Standards for WAC 296-45 & Electrical Workers  F414-032-000 (English)
Safety Standards for WAC 296-56 - Longshore, Stevedore and Waterfront Related Operations  F414-034-000 (English)
Safety Standards for WAC 296-59, Ski Area Facilities & Operations  F414-048-000 (English)
Safety Standards for WAC 296-62, General Occup Health  F414-042-000 (English)
Safety Standards for WAC 296-802, Employee Medical and Exposure Record  F414-122-000 (English)
Safety Standards for WAC 296-901 - Global Harmonized System for Hazard Communication  F414-155-000 (English)
Safety Standards Lockout/Tagout WAC 296-803  F414-124-000 (English)
Safety Steps for Supervisors and Employees in Restaurants  F700-139-000 (English)
Sample Format for Vocational Evaluation Testing Plan  F252-052-000 (English)
Sample Format for Vocational Testing Report  F252-051-000 (English)
Sample Self-Employment Agreement  F252-032-000 (English)
Schedule of Future Payments for the Balance of the Permanent Partial Disability Award  F207-162-000 (English)
Self Insurance Continuing Education Report of Course Completion  F207-191-000 (English)
Self Insurance Continuing Education Sponsor/Instructor Application for Course Approval  F207-192-000 (English)
Self-Insurance Certification Questionnaire  F207-176-000 (English)
Self-Insurance Continuing Education Application for Course Approval and Attendance  F207-206-000 (English)
Self-Insurance Electronic Data Reporting System (SIEDRS) Enrollment Form  F207-193-000 (English)
Self-Insurance Electronic Data Reporting System (SIEDRS): Enrollment Package 2.0  F207-194-000 (English)
Self-Insurance Medical Provider Billing Dispute Form  F207-207-000 (English)
Self-Insurance Option 2 Vocational Services Summary Form  F280-064-000 (English)
Self-Insurance Report of Occupational Injury or Disease (SIF-5)  F207-005-000 (English)
Self-Insurance Vocational Reporting Form  F207-190-000 (English)
Self-Insurance Vocational Services Closing Cover Sheet  F207-171-000 (English)
Self-Insured Employer Certificate of Excess Insurance  F207-095-000 (English)
Self-Insured Employers' Medical Only Claim Closure Order and Notice  F207-020-111 (English)
 F207-020-999 (Spanish)
Self-Insured Employers' Permanent Partial Disability Closure Order and Notice - PPD-NTL  F207-165-000 (English)
 F207-164-999 (Spanish)
 F207-165-999 (Spanish)
Self-Insured Employers' Permanent Partial Disability Closure Order and Notice - PPD-TL  F207-164-000 (English)
Self-Insured Employers' Time Loss Claim Closure Order and Notice  F207-070-000 (English)
 F207-070-999 (Spanish)
Self-Insurer Accident Report (SIF-2)  F207-002-000 (English)
Self-Insurer's Bond - Existing Liabilities  F207-068-000 (English)
Self-Insurer's Pension Bond  F207-065-000 (English)
Settling your injured worker's L&I claim: A new option for injured workers 50 and older  F240-004-000 (English)
Settling your L&I claim might be right for you: An option for injured workers 50 or older  F240-003-000 (English)
 F240-003-999 (Spanish)
Shop and Field Inspection Report  F620-027-000 (English)
SIEDRS (Self-Insurance Electronic Data Reporting System) Data Change Request  F207-197-000 (English)
SIF-4 Self Insured Employer's Request for Denial of Claim  F207-163-000 (English)
SIF-5A Cover Sheet: Wage Calculations  F207-156-000 (English)
Small Business Liaison Info Card  F101-088-000 (English)
Special Escrow Account - Amendment Agreement  F207-137-000 (English)
Special Escrow Agreement  F207-039-000 (English)
Sports Player Coverage Agreement  F212-242-000 (English)
Standard Exception Classification  F214-016-000 (English)
Standard Hand Signals for Cranes  FSP0-910-000 (English)
State Fund Option 2 Vocational Services Summary Form  F280-063-000 (English)
Statement for Crime Victim Miscellaneous Services  F800-076-000 (English)
Statement for Crime Victims Mental Health Services  F800-025-000 (English)
Statement for Miscellaneous Services  F245-072-000 (English)
 F245-072-999 (Spanish)
Statement of Intent to Pay Prevailing Wages - Public Works Contract  F700-029-000 (English)
Statement of Intent to Pay Prevailing Wages Addendum A  F700-160-000 (English)
Statement of Intent to Pay Prevailing Wages Addendum C  F700-163-000 (English)
Statewide Payee and W-9 Form for Accounts Payable  F120-115-000 (English)
Stay at Work Expense Reimbursement Application for Employers Tools, Clothing, Training.  F243-003-000 (English)
Stay at Work Wage Reimbursement Application for Employers  F243-001-000 (English)
Stay at Work: A new program to help employers keep injured workers on the job--pays half the wage plus expenses  F243-006-000 (English)
 F243-006-999 (Spanish)
Stay Clear of Suspended Loads  FSP0-908-000 (English)
Steel or Wrought-Iron Gas Line Pre-Inspection Checklist  F622-044-000 (English)
Stop illegal contracting: See it? Report it.  F625-114-000 (English)
 F625-114-999 (Spanish)
Stop Work Payroll Report  F262-043-000 (English)
Stop Workplace Bullying (SHARP)  F310-001-000 (English)
Strategic Plan 2014-2020  F101-171-000 (English)
Structural Inspection Request Questionnaire  F622-075-000 (English)
Structured Settlement Income and Expense Worksheet  F240-007-000 (English)
Student Volunteers and Workers' Compensation Coverage  F213-023-000 (English)
Submission of Provider Credentials for Interpretive Services  F245-055-000 (English)
Subscription Request for Construction Contractor and Electrical Basic - CD  F625-051-000 (English)
Supplemental Agreement Third Party Pharmacy Provider  F249-021-000 (English)
Supplemental Quarterly Report for the Drywall Industry  F212-051-000 (English)
Teens at Work: Facts for Employers, Parents and Teens  F700-022-000 (English)
 F700-022-999 (Spanish)
Temporary Licensed Elevator Mechanic  F621-068-000 (English)
Temporary Limited Category 03 Elevator Mechanic  F621-115-000 (English)
Ten Safe Handling Hints for Knives  FSP0-903-000 (English)
Test of Escalator Safety Devices  F621-055-000 (English)
The ABCs of Classifications in Washington  F213-022-000 (English)
The Apprenticeship Advantage: Earn While You Learn!  F100-022-000 (English)
The Best Accident Insurance - To observe all safety regulations  FSP0-915-000 (English)
The DOSH Consultation Manual  F414-151-000 (English)
Tractor Safety: Rollover Protection and Seatbelts  F417-234-000 (English)
 F417-234-999 (Spanish)
Training Agent Agreement and Understanding of Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Requirements of the Apprenticeship Committee - Alternate Selection Process  F100-523-000 (English)
Training Plan Cost Encumbrance  F245-374-000 (English)
Transfer of Attending Provider Form for Self Insured Workers  F207-114-000 (English)
 F207-114-999 (Spanish)
Travel Reimbursement Request  F245-145-000 (English)
 F245-145-999 (Spanish)
Travel Reimbursement Request - Crime Victims  F800-049-000 (English)
Understanding Your Functional Capacity Evaluation  F245-416-000 (English)
 F245-416-999 (Spanish)
Upgrade from Specialty Contractor to General Contractor  F625-113-000 (English)
Using Apprentices on Public Works and Other Projects  F100-529-000 (English)
Variance Application - Employment Standards  F700-089-000 (English)
Variance Application - Industrial Safety and Health  F414-157-000 (English)
Variance Application - Minor Work  F700-076-000 (English)
Variance Application - Seasonal Group Minor Work  F700-135-000 (English)
Variance Application - Theatrical Minor Work  F700-186-000 (English)
Variance Application - Student Learner Exemption Minor Work  F700-166-000 (English)
Vendor / Medical Conversion Units Pre-Inspection Checklist  F622-072-000 (English)
Verification of School Enrollment  F242-055-000 (English)
 F242-055-999 (Spanish)
Vocational Dispute Form  F280-066-000 (English)
 F280-066-999 (Spanish)
Vocational Provider Application  F252-088-000 (English)
Vocational Questionnaire/Work History  F280-038-000 (English)
 F280-038-999 (Spanish)
Vocational Technical Stakeholder Group (VTSG) Application  F280-049-000 (English)
Vocational Training Plan Ownership Agreement for Tools and Equipment  F245-351-000 (English)
 F245-351-999 (Spanish)
Voluntary Protection Program (VPP)  F417-221-000 (English)
Wage-and-Hour Questions Employers Often Ask  F700-150-000 (English)
 F700-150-999 (Spanish)
Waiver of Lien by Contractor, Subcontractor(s) and Supplier  F625-029-000 (English)
Walk, Don't Run  FSP1-051-000 (English)
Washington Contractor's License Bond Address Change Rider  F625-104-000 (English)
Washington Contractor's License Bond Bond Amount Rider  F625-102-000 (English)
Washington Contractor's License Bond Date Change Rider  F625-101-000 (English)
Washington Contractor's License Bond Entity Change Rider  F625-103-000 (English)
Washington Contractor's License Bond License Number Change Rider  F625-100-000 (English)
Washington Contractor's License Bond Name Change Rider  F625-099-000 (English)
Washington Contractor's License Bond Validation Rider  F625-098-000 (English)
Washington Practitioner Application  F245-411-000 (English)
Washington State Apprenticeship Programs Catalog  F100-041-000 (English)
Washington State Deduction Laws  F700-097-000 (English)
Washington State Prevailing Wage Law  F700-032-000 (English)
 F700-032-999 (Spanish)
Washington Workers Insured Out-of-State: Employer's Supplemental Quarterly Report for Workers' Compensation  F212-233-000 (English)
Well...My Daddy Wears 'Em  FSP1-010-000 (English)
What Are Your Rights When You Work for a Farm Labor Contractor?  F700-067-000 (English/Spanish)
 F700-067-909 (English/Spanish)
What to Do if You Want to File Suit Against Your Construction Contractor  F625-088-000 (English)
 F625-088-999 (Spanish)
What you need to know: Changes to your manufactured or mobile home  F622-091-000 (English)
What You Should Know About Hiring a Contractor, Remodeler, or Handyman  F625-084-000 (English)
 F625-084-999 (Spanish)
What You Should Know: Adding an addition, deck, awning, or porch to your manufactured or mobile home  F622-095-000 (English)
What You Should Know: Adding or changing the openings in the exterior or centerline walls of your manufactured or mobile home  F622-096-000 (English)
 F622-096-999 (Spanish)
What You Should Know: Installing sheetrock/drywall on the walls or ceiling of your manufactured or mobile home  F622-099-000 (English)
 F622-099-999 (Spanish)
What You Should Know: Installing solar panels on your manufactured or mobile home  F622-098-000 (English)
 F622-098-999 (Spanish)
What You Should Know: Repairing damaged trusses or rafters on your manufactured or mobile home  F622-094-000 (English)
 F622-094-999 (Spanish)
What You Should Know: Repairing the floors in your manufactured or mobile home  F622-100-000 (English)
 F622-100-999 (Spanish)
What You Should Know: Replacing the roof on your manufactured or mobile home  F622-092-000 (English)
 F622-092-999 (Spanish)
What You Should Know: Replacing the siding on your manufactured or mobile home  F622-093-000 (English)
 F622-093-999 (Spanish)
When a Loved One Dies at Work  F417-240-000 (English)
 F417-240-999 (Spanish)
Window Cleaning Service and Recovery Plan  F417-273-000 (English)
WISHA 10 for Agriculture  F416-147-000 (English)
 F416-147-999 (Spanish)
WISHA 10 for Agriculture Training of Trainers (TOT)  F416-148-000 (English)
WISHA 10 for Agriculture Workers - Class Host Application  F417-264-000 (English)
WISHA 10 for Agriculture Workers - Registration Information  F417-263-000 (English)
 F417-263-999 (Spanish)
WISHA 10 for Agriculture Workers - Training for Trainers (TOT)  F417-265-000 (English)
Wood / Pellet Stove / Fireplace Pre-Inspection Checklist  F622-015-000 (English)
Work Status Form (formerly Worker Verification Form)  F242-052-000 (English)
 F242-052-999 (Spanish)
Worker Rights Complaint Form  F700-148-000 (English)
 F700-148-999 (Spanish)
Workers' Compensation Employer's Quarterly Report  F212-055-000 (English)
Workers' Compensation Filing Information  F207-155-000 (English)
 F207-155-999 (Spanish)
Workers' Guide to Hazardous Chemicals  F413-014-909 (English/Spanish)
Workers: Activity coaching can help you get back to doing what you love  F280-061-000 (English)
 F280-061-999 (Spanish)
Working Safely with Asbestos in Brake and Clutch Linings  F413-049-000 (English)
Workplace Hazards & Solutions Worksheet  F417-271-000 (English)
Workplace Posters: Required and Recommended  F101-054-000 (English)
Workplace Safety and Health Pocket Guide  F417-241-000 (English)
Workplace Violence: Awareness and Prevention for Employers and Employees  F417-140-000 (English)
Young Workers in Agriculture  F700-096-909 (English/Spanish)
Your Body, Your Job: Preventing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Other Upper Extremity Musculoskeletal Disorders  F413-024-000 (English)
 F413-024-999 (Spanish)
Your Daily Record of Hours and Units Worked - For Agricultural Workers  F700-169-909 (English/Spanish)
Your Daily Record of Hours Worked  F700-105-909 (English/Spanish)
Your Independent Medical Exam  F245-224-000 (English)
 F245-224-999 (Spanish)
Your Independent Medical Exam (IME): Crime Victims Compensation Program  F800-115-000 (English)
Your Independent Medical Exam: For Employees of Self-Insured Businesses  F207-202-000 (English)
 F207-202-999 (Spanish)
Your Lungs, Your Work, Your Life: What You Should Know about Work-related Asthma  F413-060-000 (English)
 F413-060-444 (Russian)
 F413-060-999 (Spanish)
Your Manufactured/Mobile Home  F622-049-000 (English)
 F622-049-999 (Spanish)
Your Premium Dollars at Work (2014)  F200-023-000 (English)
Your Premium Dollars at Work (2015)  F200-025-000 (English)
Your Premium Dollars at Work (2016)  F200-027-000 (English)
Your Workers' Compensation Rate Notice - SAMPLE ONLY  F225-004-000 (English)

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