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Doing Business with the State of Washington: A Guide to Washington State Bid Opportunities
Pamphlet/booklet: Provides an overview of bid opportunities and processes for Washington State government with specific contact information for the Department of Labor & Industries.

Application to Reopen Claim due to Worsening Condition - Spanish Aplicación para Reabrir un Reclamo Debido al Empeoramiento de la Condición 

Spanish version. Used by injured workers and doctors to apply to reopen an industrial injury or occupational disease claim that has been closed for longer than 60 days.


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Application to Reopen Claim - Spanish Aplicación para Reabrir un Reclamo Debido al Empeoramiento de la Condición

Benefits are limited to $50,000 per claim. if your claim has met or exceeded this cap, your reopening application will be denied and we will be unable to pay any further benefits. Used by victims of crime and medical or mental health providers to request a claim be reopened.


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Worker Verification Form - Spanish Formulario de Verificación de Empleo

El trabajador lesionado debe completarlo si no puede trabajar debido a una lesión en el lugar de trabajo Y su empleador no le está pagando su salario completo.  


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Department of Labor and Industries Home Modification Acknowledgement of Responsibilities

Used by both workers and bidding contractors to read, sign and submit to L&I to verify that they have read, understand and accept their respective responsibilities in the home modification process.

Home Modification for Workers with Catastrophic Injuries - Questions and Answers for Contractors

Fact sheet: Answers questions about the home modification benefit in Washington State's workers' compensation program and the bid process for contractors interested in this work.

Construction Contractor's Application for Workers' Compensation Account with No Workers or Hours

Used by employers with no employees or worker hours to report but need an open account for contract bidding process.

Affidavit of Wages Paid EHB 2805 Addendum
F700-164-000 is an addendum to your Affidavit of Wages Paid Form. RCW 39.04.370 requires you to complete form F700-164-000 if the prime contract is at a cost of over one million dollars ($1,000,000). If you fail to properly provide the requested information more than one time between September 1, 2010 and December 31, 2013, pursuant to RCW 39.04.350(1)(f) you will not be considered a responsible bidder qualified to be awarded a public works project. Use as many of these forms as you need in order to provide the requested information for all relevant project items. This is an addendum to form F700-007-000.

Protect My Home Hire Smart Worksheet

Checklist: Provides information to help screen potential contractors for home construction or repair/remodel projects. Presented in an organized, step-by-step format.


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