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3 Things to Know about L&I's Medical Provider Network  F242-406-999 (Spanish)
A Guide to Workers' Compensation Benefits For Employees of Self-Insured Businesses  F207-085-999 (Spanish)
A Guide to Workplace Safety and Health in Washington State  F416-132-999 (Spanish)
Accountability Agreement  F280-016-999 (Spanish)
Address Change Request for Injured Workers  F242-388-999 (Spanish)
Address Change Request for Pensioners  F242-107-999 (Spanish)
Affidavit for Time Loss Compensation Benefits  F242-395-999 (Spanish)
Agriculture Safety and Health Pocket Guide  F417-255-999 (Spanish)
Alleged Safety Or Health Hazards (DOSH Complaint Form)  F418-052-999 (Spanish)
Alteration Fire Safety Pre-Inspection Checklist  F622-011-999 (Spanish)
Application for Benefits - Injury Claims  F800-042-999 (Spanish)
Application for Loss of Earning Power (LEP) - Compensation Medical  F242-208-909 (English/Spanish)
 F242-208-999 (Spanish)
Application for Loss of Earning Power (LEP) - Vocational  F242-209-909 (English/Spanish)
 F242-209-999 (Spanish)
Application to Reopen Claim Due to Worsening Condition  F242-079-909 (English/Spanish)
 F242-079-999 (Spanish)
Application to Reopen to Crime Victims Claim Due to Worsening of Condition  F800-031-999 (Spanish)
Applying for Your Washington Business License: A Step-by-Step Guide  F101-079-999 (Spanish)
Assessing Your Ability to Work: Your Rights and Responsibilities  F280-017-999 (Spanish)
Authorization to Release Claim Information  F101-010-999 (Spanish)
Avoid Liability for Your Farm Labor Contractor's Unpaid Debts  F700-154-909 (English/Spanish)
Avoid Liability for Your Subcontractor's Unpaid Workers' Comp Premiums  F262-262-999 (Spanish)
Beneficiary Application for Claim Benefits  F242-056-999 (Spanish)
Carrying Out Your Vocational Plan: Your Rights and Responsibilities During Plan Implementation  F280-019-999 (Spanish)
Caution: Hard Hat Area  FSP0-928-999 (Spanish)
Certificate of Coverage - SAMPLE ONLY  F211-141-999 (Spanish)
Chapter 296-131 WAC Agriculture Employment Standard  F700-085-999 (Spanish)
Chapter 51.24 RCW Actions at Law for Injury or Death - Spanish Capítulo 51.24 Acciones Legales por Lesiones o Fallecimiento  F242-138-999 (Spanish)
Chemical Exposure Questionnaire Packet  F242-409-999 (Spanish)
Cholinesterase Blood Testing Choice  F413-064-999 (Spanish)
Cholinesterase Monitoring Health Care Provider Recommendations  F413-070-999 (Spanish)
Claim for Pension By Dependents  F242-062-999 (Spanish)
Claim Suppression Complaint  F262-024-999 (Spanish)
Construction Contractors - Steps for Success  F625-115-999 (Spanish)
Construction Industry Classification Guide  F213-008-999 (Spanish)
Dairy Farm Safety: Key Hazards and Solutions  F417-261-999 (Spanish)
Danger  FSP1-030-999 (Spanish)
Danger, Construction Area Authorized Personnel Only  FSP1-013-999 (Spanish)
Danger, Workers Above  FSP1-012-999 (Spanish)
Department of Labor and Industries Home Modification Acknowledgement of Responsibilities  F247-003-999 ()
Development of the plan: What are my rights and responsibilities? Vocational Rehabilitation Services  F280-018-999 (Spanish)
Disclosure Statement Farm and Labor Contractor  F700-046-999 (Spanish)
Employee Rights to Equal Pay and Opportunities  F700-201-909 (English/Spanish)
Employer's Guide to the Hazard Communication Rule  F413-012-999 (Spanish)
Employer's Return-to-Work Guide  F200-003-999 (Spanish)
Employers' Guide to Workers' Compensation Insurance in Washington State  F101-002-999 (Spanish)
Employment History Form  F242-109-999 (Spanish)
Fall Protection Basics for Construction Activities  F414-154-000 (English)
 F414-154-999 (Spanish)
Farm Labor Contractor Checklist  F700-112-999 (Spanish)
Farm Labor Contractor Complaint Form  F700-109-999 (Spanish)
Farm Labor Contractor Registration  F700-088-999 (Spanish)
Getting Back to Work: It's Your Job and Your Future  F200-001-999 (Spanish)
Heat-related Illness Education Card  F417-218-909 (English/Spanish)
Help for Crime Victims (large poster)  F800-041-999 (Spanish)
Help for Crime Victims (small poster)  F800-104-999 (Spanish)
Help for Injured Workers of Self-Insured Employers  F207-213-999 (Spanish)
Help for Victims of Crime  F800-006-909 (English/Spanish)
Hiring teens?  F700-142-909 (English/Spanish)
How Social Security Benefits May Reduce Your Workers' Compensation Payments  F242-427-999 (Spanish)
How to Protest a Department of Labor & Industries Decision  F242-363-909 (English/Spanish)
If Family Members Work for You, Know Your Obligations  F101-077-909 (English/Spanish)
Independent Contractor Guide: A Step-by-Step Guide to Hiring Independent Contractors in Washington State  F101-063-999 (Spanish)
Independent Contractor or Covered Worker? - Your rights to workers' compensation, minimum wage and overtime  F212-250-999 (Spanish)
Independent Medical Exam Comments  F245-053-999 (Spanish)
Industrial Insurance Discrimination Complaint Form  F262-009-999 (Spanish)
Injured by a third party?  F249-008-999 (Spanish)
Interpreter Services for Injured Workers and Crime Victims  F245-412-999 (Spanish)
Job Modification Assistance Application  F245-346-999 (Spanish)
Job Safety and Health Law  F416-081-909 (English/Spanish)
Jorge's New Job: Cholinesterase Testing in Washington State  F417-213-909 (English)
L&I Workers' Compensation: We're Here for You  F242-429-999 (Spanish)
Letter of Intent for School Enrollment  F242-382-999 (Spanish)
Notice to Employees - If a Job Injury Occurs  F207-037-909 (English/Spanish)
Notice to Employees -- If a Job Injury Occurs  F242-191-909 (English/Spanish)
Occupational Disease Employment History Hearing Loss  F262-013-999 (Spanish)
Occupational Disease Work History  F242-071-999 (Spanish)
Occupational Hearing Loss Questionnaire  F262-016-999 (Spanish)
Occupational Lead Exposure: An Alert for Workers  F310-003-999 (Spanish)
Opioid Treatment Agreement  F252-095-999 (Spanish)
Option 2: What You Need to Know, Vocational Rehabilitation Services  F280-036-999 (Spanish)
Out of Country Provider Application  F248-361-999 (Spanish)
Paid Sick Leave Law  F700-197-999 (Spanish)
Pension and Survivor Benefits in Washington State's Workers' Compensation Program  F242-352-909 (English/Spanish)
Pension Benefits Questionnaire  F242-393-999 (Spanish)
Poison Oak Poster  F413-045-000 (English/Spanish)
Preferred Worker Program  F280-021-999 (Spanish)
Prevailing Wage Complaint and Instructions  F700-146-999 (Spanish)
Protect My Home Hire Smart Worksheet  F625-111-999 (Spanish)
Protected Leave Complaint  F700-144-999 (Spanish)
Put This Guard Back - 5 1/2 x 2 1/8 inches  FSP0-993-991 (Spanish)
Put This Guard Back - 8 1/2 x 3 1/2 inches  FSP0-993-999 (Spanish)
Q&A: Emergency Washing Requirements for Pesticide Handlers  F417-257-999 (Spanish)
Q&A: Workplace Safety Requirements at Dairy Farms  F417-282-999 (Spanish)
Quick Tips for Lifting  F417-055-909 (English/Spanish)
Report All Injuries Promptly  FSP1-004-999 (Spanish)
Request for Survivor Counseling Benefits  F800-057-909 (English/Spanish)
Robberies and Abusive Customers: Tips for Preventing Injuries  FSP0-919-999 (Spanish)
Safety and Health Discrimination Complaint  F416-011-999 (Spanish)
Safety and Health Discrimination in the Workplace  F417-188-909 (English/Spanish)
 F417-244-999 (Spanish)
Safety Committees and Meetings  F417-043-999 (Spanish)
Self-Insured Employers' Medical Only Claim Closure Order and Notice  F207-020-999 (Spanish)
Self-Insured Employers' Permanent Partial Disability Closure Order and Notice - PPD-NTL  F207-164-999 (Spanish)
 F207-165-999 (Spanish)
Self-Insured Employers' Time Loss Claim Closure Order and Notice  F207-070-999 (Spanish)
Settling your L&I claim might be right for you: An option for injured workers 50 or older  F240-003-999 (Spanish)
Sports Teams and Youth Workers  F700-130-909 (English/Spanish)
Statement for Miscellaneous Services  F245-072-999 (Spanish)
Statement for Retraining and Job Modification Services  F245-030-999 (Spanish)
Stay at Work: A new program to help employers keep injured workers on the job--pays half the wage plus expenses  F243-006-999 (Spanish)
Stop illegal contracting: See it? Report it.  F625-114-999 (Spanish)
Teens at Work: Facts for Employers, Parents and Teens  F700-022-999 (Spanish)
Tractor Safety: Rollover Protection and Seatbelts  F417-234-999 (Spanish)
Transfer of Attending Provider Form for Self Insured Workers  F207-114-999 (Spanish)
Transfer of Care  F245-037-999 (Spanish)
Travel Reimbursement Request  F245-145-999 (Spanish)
Understanding Your Functional Capacity Evaluation  F245-416-999 (Spanish)
Verification of School Enrollment  F242-055-999 (Spanish)
Victim Outreach Rack Card  F700-180-909 (English/Spanish)
Victim Verification Form  F800-110-999 (Spanish)
Vocational Questionnaire/Work History  F280-038-999 (Spanish)
Vocational Training Plan Ownership Agreement for Tools and Equipment  F245-351-999 (Spanish)
Washington State Prevailing Wage Law  F700-032-999 (Spanish)
What Are Your Rights as a Worker?  F101-061-909 (English/Spanish)
What Are Your Rights When You Work for a Farm Labor Contractor?  F700-067-909 (English/Spanish)
What to Do if You Want to File Suit Against Your Construction Contractor  F625-088-999 (Spanish)
What You Need to Know if You Don't Get Paid: A Worker's Guide to the Washington State Wage Payment Act  F700-153-909 (English/Spanish)
What You Should Know About Hiring a Contractor, Remodeler, or Handyman  F625-084-999 (Spanish)
When a Loved One Dies at Work  F417-240-999 (Spanish)
WISHA 10 for Agriculture  F416-147-999 (Spanish)
Work Status Form (formerly Worker Verification Form)  F242-052-999 (Spanish)
Worker Request for Union Dispatch Records  F242-410-999 (Spanish)
Worker Rights Complaint Form  F700-148-999 (Spanish)
Workers' Compensation Benefits: A Guide for Injured Workers  F242-104-999 (Spanish)
Workers' Compensation Discrimination  F262-249-909 (English/Spanish)
Workers' Compensation Filing Information  F207-155-999 (Spanish)
Workers' Compensation Record Keeping and Reporting Guides  F212-222-999 (Spanish)
Workers' Guide to Hazardous Chemicals  F413-014-909 (English/Spanish)
Young Workers in Agriculture  F700-096-909 (English/Spanish)
Your Body, Your Job: Preventing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Other Upper Extremity Musculoskeletal Disorders  F413-024-999 (Spanish)
Your Daily Record of Hours Worked  F700-105-909 (English/Spanish)
Your Independent Medical Exam  F245-224-999 (Spanish)
Your Independent Medical Exam: For Employees of Self-Insured Businesses  F207-202-999 (Spanish)
Your Lungs, Your Work, Your Life: What You Should Know about Work-related Asthma  F413-060-999 (Spanish)
Your Manufactured/Mobile Home  F622-049-999 (Spanish)
Your Privacy Is Important to Us  F101-055-909 (English/Spanish)
Your Rights as a Worker  F700-074-909 (English/Spanish)
Youth in Construction  F700-145-909 (English/Spanish)

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