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Retrospective Rating for Workers' Compensation Insurance

Chapter 296-17B, WAC

All updates for this rule:

Common Ownership Pilot Rulemaking (WAC 296-17B-770 Common Ownership)

Certain rules of the Retrospective Rating program (Retro) require commonly-owned businesses in the same industry category to all be enrolled in Retro if any one account wishes to be enrolled. Through the Retro Advisory Committee, several Retro groups have petitioned the Department to undertake rulemaking to amend this all or nothing rule. The Department accepted the petition and initiated rulemaking (CR 101 filed in November 5, 2013 under WSR 13-22-071). As indicated, the Department discussed possible changes to WAC 296-17B-770 with the petitioners, other Retro participants, the Retro Advisory Committee, and Department staff. To date, there is general agreement on the concept of an exception process and on exception criteria. Based on this input, the Department has decided to undertake pilot rulemaking to gain practical experience administering an exception process, evaluate the exception criteria categories and descriptions, assess the needs of Retro participants, and ensure conformance with the purpose of the authorizing statute.737.


PDF: Preproposal (CR-101)

Retro Rules Update (Chapter 296-17B WAC; Chapter 296-17 WAC)

This rulemaking implements changes to the rules governing the Retrospective Rating Program as a result of updated studies, specifically those regarding hazard groups assignments and Retro plan tables. When changes to the rules governing the Retrospective Rating program were implemented in 2011, the Department committed to repeating the studies that created these rules. Updating the hazard groups and Retro plan tables continues to improve fairness in the distribution of refunds among the participants in the Retro program. These changes will take effect with July 1, 2017 enrollment. The changes were adopted 5/30/2017 and became effective on 6/30/2017.717.


Rule Changes Effective


PDF: Adoption (Rule-Making Order CR-103)

PDF: Adopted Rule Language


Public Hearing


Comments Due


PDF: Proposed Rulemaking (CR 102)

PDF: Proposed Rule Language


PDF: Preproposal (CR-101)

Retrospective Rating for Workers' Compensation (Petitions)

The purposes of this rule proposal are to extend certain requirements currently in the rule for group retro participants to businesses that enroll in individual retro plans. The second addresses retro enrollment requirements for businesses under common majority ownership.691.


PDF: Preproposal (CR-101)

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