3.00 Compliance with Ethics Laws and Rules
3.01 Hiring
3.05 Washington Management Service (WMS)
3.06 Payment of Moving Household Goods for Employees
3.07 Alternate/Flexible Work Schedules and Telework
3.08 Performance Management
3.10 Equal Employment Opportunity Affirmative Action
3.11 Reasonable Accommodations for Persons of Disability
3.13 Sexual Harassment Prevention
3.14 Human Rights Commission, Department Employees
3.16 Volunteers
3.19 Maintenance and Confidentiality of Personnel Records
3.20 Appointing Authority Actions
3.21 Service Separation for Disability Reasons
3.22A Voluntary Employee Beneficiary Associations (VEBA)
Non-represented employees
3.22B Voluntary Employee Beneficiary Associations (VEBA)
Employees covered by a collective bargaining agreement
3.23 Layoff
3.24 Disciplinary Actions
3.25 Probation/Trial Service
3.30 Private Use of State Resources
3.33 Political Activity
3.35 Reporting Improper Governmental Actions
3.36 Abuse of Confidential Information
3.37 Theft of State Resources
3.39 Compliance with Copyright Laws
3.40 Alcohol and Drug-free Workplace
3.41 Conflict of Interest
3.42 Reporting Lobbying Activities
3.43 Responding to Allegations of Scientific Misconduct