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Do you work for a self-insured employer?

If you disagree with how your self-insured employer or their representative is managing your claim, you can report it online.

For confidential help with a workers’ compensation issue, you may contact the Ombuds for Injured Workers of Self-Insured Businesses.


My complaint or problem is about: How to report it:
My claim Contact your claim manager. You can send a secure message to your claim manager or find their telephone number through My L&I
An L&I decision

You may protest or appeal an L&I decision made on a claim within 60 calendar days of the date you received the decision. Exception: For decisions about vocational benefits, you have 15 calendar days.

Online: Protest a claim decision through My L&I

My health care provider Mail: Write a letter and mail it to L&I.
My vocational provider Contact your claim manager through our secure site, My L&I, or by phone. Your claim manager's phone number is included on L&I letters about your claim.
An Independent Medical Exam Mail: Write a letter and mail it to L&I.

Language Access

My complaint or problem is about: How to report it:
Receiving information from L&I in the wrong language Call L&I’s Civil Rights Complaint Hotline: 1-855-682-0778
Observations about Interpretation Services Complete an online form or email us.

Discrimination / Civil Rights

I have been discriminated against. My options are: How to report it:
Department of Labor & Industries Call 1-855-682-0778.
Washington State Office of the Attorney General ( Call 1-800-551-4636.
Washington State Human Rights Commission ( Call 1-800-233-3247.
Department of Labor ( (federal) Call 1-202-693-6500.
Department of Justice ( (federal) Call 1-855-856-1247.
U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Call 1-800-669-4000

U.S. Office of Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Whistleblower



Learn more about fraud prevention and compliance

My complaint or suspicion is about: How to report it:
A person who receives L&I benefits but appears able to work.

Online: Report claim fraud

Phone: 1-888-811-5974 #3

Need help deciding if this is fraud?

A health care or other provider who bills for services that did not occur.
Examples: Fitter Dispenser, Interpreter, Taxi/Cabulance Services, Etc.

Online: Report provider fraud

Phone: 1-888-811-5974 #4

Need help deciding if this is fraud?

An employer who:

  • does not pay their L&I premiums,
  • underreports hours or risk.

Online: Report employer fraud

Phone: 1-888-811-5974 #2

A contractor who:

  • scams people,
  • performs poor quality work,
  • is not registered or does not have a license.

Online: Report contractor fraud

Mail: Contractor Complaint Form: F625-033-000

Phone: 1-888-811-5974 #1

Workplace Rights - Wages, Safety or Health

Learn more about workplace rights (wages, leave, breaks); retaliation for filing a workers’ compensation claim; and reporting hazards, unsafe work or discrimination involving workplace safety and health.

My complaint or suspicion is about: How to report it:

An employer who does not provide:

  • regular or overtime pay,
  • other wages owed to me,
  • rest or meal breaks,
  • uses under-age workers (child labor).

Online: File a Workplace Rights Complaint

Mail: Worker Rights Complaint Form: F700-148-000

An employer who does not allow me to take:

  • family leave,
  • military deployment leave,
  • other types of leave protected under the law.

Mail: Protected Leave Complaint: F700-144-000

An employer who discriminated or retaliated against me for:

  • filing a workers’ compensation claim,
  • saying I planned to file a claim.

Industrial Insurance Discrimination Complaint Form F262-009-000

Industrial Insurance Discrimination Complaint Form F262-009-000

Phone: 1-866-324-3310 or 360-902-9155

An employer who:

  • asks employees to do unsafe work,
  • has an unsafe or hazardous workplace,
  • has workers who are in danger at their job,
  • has done nothing when safety and health concerns are raised.

Ask the employer, a supervisor or manager, safety committee or union representative to fix the problem.

Visit: Your local L&I office and report it.

Phone: 1-800-423-7233

Mail, FAX or hand-deliver: Alleged Safety or Health Hazards (DOSH Complaint Form) F418-052-000

An employer who discriminates or retaliates against an employee for:

  • raises job safety or health concerns,
  • participating in union activities about safety and health,
  • refusing a dangerous task under certain conditions,
  • filing safety and health grievances,
  • participating in safety and health inspections with a L&I Safety & Health Inspector,
  • filing a complaint about a workplace safety or health hazard.
Visit: Your local L&I office and report it.

Phone: 1-800-423-7233 or 360-902-6088

Mail, FAX or hand deliver: Safety and Health Discrimination Complaint form F416-011-000

An employer who prevented or tried to prevent me from filing a workers’ compensation claim for my workplace injury.

Claim Suppression Complaint F262-024-000

Claim Suppression Complaint F262-024-000  

Phone: 1-866-324-3310 or 360-902-9155

For help filing a complaint or reporting fraud, call 1-800-LISTENS (1-800-547-8367), Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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