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  • May 2017 — Six things to ask the seller for when buying a business; how do you connect to L&I, we'd like to know; understanding employee breaks; new smartphone apps helps reinforce workplace safety, train teen workers; save lives AND money top 10 violations; what is a "Model Disclosure Statement" and do I have to use it; required workplace posters are FREE from L&I — don't fall for the scam; and check out the FREE Employers' Intro to L&I workshop.
  • January 2017 — Minimum wage climbing to $11 in 2017, sick leave starting in 2018; top 5 contractor mistakes that can cost your business; more businesses earn L&I's claim-free discount on workers' compensation rates; coffee stand owner dies when propane leak causes fire; new L&I phone improvements to help employers; check out the FREE ScaleUp program to grow your business; everything you want to know about government contracting; and free biz and labor conference hosted by The Everett Clinic and Group Health Centers for Occupational Health & Education (COHE).
  • October 2016 — L&I proposed rate increase for workers comp premiums in 2017; 2017 minimum wage increases to $9.53 per hour; new federal overtime rules go into effect December 1, 2016; why an operating agreement is vital to your LLC's success; and upcoming L&I workshops for businesses.
  • August 2016 — Save the date! FREE Washington Small Biz Fair, new small business liaison with L&I claims background, new L&I rules about workers' compensation coverage for volunteers, staying updated on L&I rule or requirement changes, check out the FREE Employers' Intro to L&I workshop, calling all employers in Everett and surrounding area, and contractor training days are here.
  • June 2016 — Claims 101: Keep calm and know your rights and the 2016 Business Partnership Forum.
  • March 2016 — My L&I: Employers get an online upgrade on Feb. 11, employees the secret ingredient to success, important changes to "wage and hour" laws for 2016, 3 simple ways to create a culture of safety at your business, Shared Work Program still helping Washington businesses succeed, 5 New Year's resolutions for your business, and L&I calendar of upcoming training and workshops.
  • October 2015 — New liaison from small business and non-profit background, L&I proposes 2 percent average increase in workers' comp rates for 2016, changes in the credit cards industry will affect your small business, no increase to Washington state's minimum wage in 2016, new required Job Safety and Health Poster coming from L&I, 2-Step Verification coming to better secure online information, and L&I calendar of upcoming training and workshops.
  • September 2015 — Special Edition.
  • June 2015 — You may have hazardous chemicals at your workplace and not even know it, three ways you can prevent identity crooks from damaging your business, don't do this at work, how the Employment Security Department can benefit your business, four suggestions for business owners regarding the laws administered by L&I, and L&I calendar of upcoming training and workshops.
  • February 2015 — Why an operating agreement is vital to your LLC's success, check to see if you're still reporting your workers' comp correctly, state program helps business owners hire and pay for trainees, get a grant to create your return-to-work program, don't do this at work, a state requirement a lot of employers don't know about, this business scam could cost you $125, and L&I calendar of upcoming training and workshops.

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