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Expand/collapse Will Stay at Work reimbursements increase workers' compensation premiums for employers?

No, this new program is not expected to increase overall premiums.

The Stay at Work premium rate does show in a new, separate column on your Rate Notice.

However, if we have good employer participation, the program is expected to lower time-loss benefit and long-term disability costs. For this reason, the Accident Fund rate is now lower than it would be without Stay at Work reimbursements.

Of course, many other factors will affect individual employer rates and premiums from year to year.

Expand/collapse Are Stay at Work premiums experience rated?

Yes. An employer's experience factor applies to the Stay at Work premiums, in addition to the Accident Fund and Medical Aid Fund premiums. (The experience factor does not apply to the supplemental pension fund rate.)

Stay at Work reimbursements are not included in an employer's claim cost used to calculate their experience rate or factor.

Expand/collapse How does L&I determine the Stay at Work rate?

L&I determines the premiums needed for this program based on a percentage of the expected Accident Fund benefit costs for each risk classification. Most Accident Fund benefit costs are for wage replacement benefits.

Future impacts of the program are expected to most closely correlate with wage replacement costs.

Expand/collapse What if I don't use this program, do I still have to pay for it?

Yes. This is part of the workers' compensation insurance program and all employers insured through L & I must pay the premium whether or not they use the insurance benefits.

Expand/collapse I have questions about payroll taxes as they relate to Stay at Work.

This information may be helpful: According to RCW 51.32.090,"Employers may collect up to one-half the [stay at work] fund assessment from workers."

For additional tax questions, contact your tax advisor.

For additional rate questions, contact your L&I account manager.

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