VPP Elements

Management Commitment and Planning

-Clearly establish policies and procedures.
-Goal-oriented objectives and accountability.
-Resources (Safety & health).


-Documented system for holding all line managers and supervisors accountable.

Disciplinary Program

-Written program that is communicated to all employees.
-Covers both supervisors and their employees.

Injury Rates

-Three-year average rate for both total recordable and days away/restricted work activities.

Employee Participation

-Meaningful ways for employees to participate in the safety & health program.


    -Cover entire worksite quarterly.
    -Tracking of hazards to correction.

Employee Hazard Reporting System

-Formal written reporting system.
-Timely and appropriate responses.
-Tracking of hazards to correction.

Accident/Incident Investigation

-Written procedures.
-Written reports of findings.
-Tracking of hazards to correction.

JSA/Process Reviews

-Analysis of hazards associated with individual jobs and processes.
-Safety & health training.
-Tracking of hazards to correction.

Safety & Health Training

-Supervisor training
    -Must understand hazards.
    -Potential effects on their work areas.
    -Ensure employees follow rules.
-Employee training.
    -Aware of hazards.
    -Safety work procedures.
    -Emergency situations.
    -PPE use.

Preventive Maintenance

-Written preventive maintenance program.
-Ongoing monitoring and maintenance of workplace equipment.

Emergency Programs/Drills

-Written emergency program.
-Drills for all employees.

Health Program

-Baseline surveys.
-Sampling, testing, and analysis with written records of results.
-Tracking of hazards to correction.

Personal Protective Equipment

-Appropriate PPE.
-PPE training on care and use.
-Replacement of PPE.

Safety & Health Staff Involved with Changes

-Safety & health staff must be involved with analysis of all new processes, materials, or equipment.
-Safety & health staff must be involved with any changes.

Contractor Safety

-Selection criteria.

Medical Program

-Availability of physician services.
-Personnel trained in first aid/CPR.


-Commitment of adequate safety & health staff.
-Access to safety professionals and industrial hygienists.

Annual Evaluation

-Must be in written narrative form.
-Must have action dates.
-Must cover all of the 19 program elements.
-Must cover the status of the action dates from the prior year annual evaluation.

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