60 Seconds for Safety & Health - Chemical Spray

A True Story

A worker was working from a manlift in a semi-conductor plant, installing piping above tanks containing a highly corrosive and toxic liquid chemical. In the process, he struck a vulnerable part of an existing pipe containing the same chemical and was sprayed in the face and chest. He was able to lower the manlift and make it to an emergency shower, but then collapsed and was taken to the hospital, where he died from his exposure 12 days later.

Take action so this doesn't happen again!

  • Install guarding around vulnerable parts of piping that can be easily ruptured by impact from worker activities.
  • Discuss how you can follow the instructions in WAC 296-800-160 (2.18 MB PDF):
    • Sub-section 16005 "Look for and identify hazards or potential hazards in your workplace and determine if PPE is necessary on the job."
    • Sub-section 16015(1) "Select appropriate PPE for your employees if hazards are present, or likely to be present."
  • Provide the appropriate personal protective equipment that will protect employees from sprays or splashes from corrosive and toxic chemicals.

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