What's In It For Me to have an Accident Prevention Plan?

The Accident Prevention Plan (APP) is the critical piece in establishing whether safety is something your company does on purpose, or if safety is the by-product of luck.

As one general contractor said, "When people accept the fact that they have to wear hardhats on site, they have acknowledged that safety is not a personal choice. And once that happens, everything else is easy -- using fall protection, safety glasses, hearing protection."

Another WIIFM : Because of financial liability, and the fact that they can be cited by DOSH inspectors for hazards created by subcontractors on their sites, many general contractors will require that a written APP be submitted with any bid for a contract.

See the form, "Safety Information on a Contractor/Subcontractor

And yet another WIIFM : Every year, the one violation most often cited by DOSH inspectors is failure to have a written APP.

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