Ask The Right Questions

Kinds of questions to ask What it can tell you

1. "What does this mean?"

  • Can they demonstrate a knowledge of the most basic terms, ideas and tools?

2. "What happens when….?"

  • Do they know how things operate?
  • Do they know what happens in different situations?

3. "What would you do if….?"

  • What is their judgment like?
  • Is this the person you want operating your equipment or vehicles? …representing your company to the public?

4. "Show me how you would…..?"

  • Can they demonstrate how to do a task?
  • Do they have the physical abilities to do the specific tasks that the job requires?

5. "What are some of the safety hazards (health hazards) that occur in this job?"

  • Have they received appropriate safety training before? And if so, did it sink in?
  • Are they aware of what can go wrong? Can they spot hazards -- and avoid them?

6. "Describe any workplace accidents in which you were involved."

  • Are they honest about their safety record?
  • If they were involved in any accidents, did they learn from them?

7. "If I were to contact your former employer(s), how would they describe your job performance?"

  • Do they act at all worried about what the former employer might tell you?

8. "Have you ever been convicted of a felony?"

Would they pose a risk of violence or theft in your workplace?

Also: ensure you know what questions to NOT ask.

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