Check Them Out Before You Hire Them

You might want to check: Because it tells you: However:

1. Employment References

  • Do they have the experience they claim to have?
  • Do they have the job skills and knowledge?
  • Were they trustworthy?
  • Productive?
  • Dependable?

Former employers are often hesitant to say anything negative -- afraid they'll get sued, or maybe they're glad to get rid of the person. You can get around this somewhat by asking them "would you hire this person again?"

Even if you don't get a direct answer, you can learn something just by how long they pause before answering you.

(Of course, you could tell them about House Bill 1625, which protects them when they are "acting in good faith.)"

2. Credit reports

  • Can they be responsible in handling cash or other valuables?
  • The credit information must be related to some part of the job they're being hired for.
  • The applicant has to agree to your requesting a credit report.

3. Driving record

  • Is everything they told you on the application true?
  • What kind of driver/equipment operator are they?
  • What is their attitude toward safety?
  • Do they have a drug/alcohol problem?
  • You'd have to request the report through some agency
  • If you have the applicants themselves get the record, you might not get a true report.

4. Criminal record

  • Seven year history of felony or misdemeanor convictions, including pending cases.
  • Do they have a history of violence, theft, disruptive behavior?
  • You should be able to prove a valid need based on the job or related to your business.
  • The applicant has to agree to your requesting the report.

5. Drug test

  • Oh, you know.

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