Tasks to help with ERTW

Finding a job for an Early-Return-To-Work is usually too difficult. Instead, look for tasks

Tasks to help with ERTW

Things that can also help the business owner answer the eternal question, "Where do I find the time?!? "

[NOTE : check out all these against what the doctor put on the assessment.]

  • Perform office work
  • "Go-fer" - going after supplies, parts, materials
  • Workplace clean up - housekeeping, etc.
  • Training
    • Learn to estimate jobs for bidding on
    • Take courses to improve job skills/provide you with needed expertise
    • Train to operate specialty equipment
  • Logistics
    • Pre-stage materials at places on site
    • Assemble "kits" or "nice to have job aids."
    • Check out some of the latest technology for equipment that could make the job easier/more productive. What's on the web? At the dealers'?
  • Help set up/run your safety program
    • Review and update the APP and other safety plans
    • Review the WISHA standards to ensure the plans cover everything they should
    • Prepare safety meeting topics and materials for the next 3 months
    • Perform and document worksite safety inspections

Keep a running list of tasks that keeps you from doing what otherwise needs to be done. Add it to this list.


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