Short summaries of statistical data compiled by SHARP staff.


76-09-2017 Work-Related Deaths – Washington State Work-Related Fatalities: January-June, 2017 (214 KB PDF)

76-08-2017 Injury Rates Among Janitors – Differences in Work-Related Injuries Among Janitors, by Gender (106 KB PDF)

76-07-2017 Temporary Worker Injury Claims – Workers' Compensation Claim Rate: Temporary vs. Permanent Workers (106 KB PDF)

76-06-2017 WMSD Claims and Costs – Declines in Work-Related Musculoskeletal Disorders (WMSDs) (106 KB PDF)

76-05-2017 Suicide by Occupation – Occupations with Highest Mortality Ratio from Suicide (114 KB PDF)

76-04-2017 Construction Falls Claims and Costs - Percent of Claims and Costs for Fall from Elevation claims by Construction Activity (448 KB PDF)



76-03-2016 Mental Distress by Occupation - Percent of workers reporting frequent mental distress by occupation group (165 KB PDF)

73-02-2016 Work-Related Deaths - Washington State Work-Related Fatalities: January - June, 2016.

76-01-2016 Work-Related Chainsaw Injuries - Body part most frequently injured and average claim cost.


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