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By Related Rule (WAC)

WISHA provides rule guidance to staff through two types of policies:

  1. WISHA Interim Operations and Interpretive Memoranda (WIIM)
  2. WISHA Regional Directives (WRD)

The WIIMs and WRDs do not:

  • Substitute for the rule or requirement referenced
  • Create additional obligations for employers

Policies related to Chapter 296-24, WAC.

WISHA policies in effect as of 8/25/2014. View all policies by Related WAC code.

Referenced WAC Policies

(WAC 296-24-21515)

Auditing Accredited Crane Certifiers (WRD 8.80)

Employee emergency plans and fire prevention plans
(WAC 296-24-567)

Emergency Response to Hazardous Substance Releases (WRD 12.75)
Inspection Guidelines for Post-Emergency Oil Spill Response Operations under WAC 296-62-300 (WRD 32.99)

Floor & wall openings & holes, guarding
(WAC 296-24-750)

Fall Protection and Grain Inspectors (WRD 29.59)

General Safety and Health Standards
(Chapter 296-24, WAC)

Enforcement and Consultation Guidance for Combustible Dust Hazards (WRD 12.85)
Law Enforcement (WRD 32.00)
Auditing Accredited Crane Certifiers (WRD 8.80)

General Safety Standards - Purpose and Scope
(WAC 296-24-003 through 012)

Auditing Accredited Crane Certifiers (WRD 8.80)

Spray Finishing
(WAC 296-24-370)

Storing and Handling Flammable and Combustible Liquids and Spray Finishing (WRD 7.30)

Welding, Cutting and Brazing
(WAC 296-24-680 through 722)

Chromium VI (WRD 12.80)


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