Summary of Workplace Fatalities, 2010

This information is provided to help you build hazard awareness and prevent risk for similar occurrences in your workplace. This is not suitable for data or research purposes. Fatalities associated with natural causes or suicides are not listed.

Event Date

Preliminary Description


December 21, 2010

A worker was using a forklift with a boom-type attachment to move an ecology block. The forklift overturned and pinned the worker under the overhead structure of the forklift.

Solid Waste Collection

December 11, 2010

A worker was struck by a vehicle as he crossed the street.

Storage Facilities

November 10, 2010

A worker was crushed when his low-profile tractor rolled over. The worker had been spreading mace poison in a mature orchard.


October 14, 2010

A worker walked in front of a tree that was previously cut up and the tree fell and struck him.


October 11, 2010

A worker cut-up a dead tree (snag) then walked up hill behind it to fall another tree into it. The top of the dead tree broke off, fell backwards, and struck the worker.  


September 24, 2010

A tow truck driver was hooking up a vehicle when a drunk driver swerved across 5 lanes of traffic and struck him. 

Motor Vehicle Towing

September 15, 2010

 A worker was using a tractor to free a forklift stuck in a patch of mud when the tractor flipped backwards and crushed him. 

Public Administration of Conservation Programs

September 1, 2010

 A worker was run over by a shop truck which was being used as a power source to jump start a school bus in the bus parking lot. The gear selector mechanism of the truck was broken, indicating the vehicle was in park, when it actually was in reverse.

School Bus Transportation

August 27, 2010

A worker on the ground was removing limbs and brush from the base of a tree (in the danger zone) when a 6-foot log,  fell and struck him.


August 26, 2010

A worker who had been checking and clearing storm drains (catch basins) on roadways,  entered into a storm drain basin to retrieve dropped keys, got stuck, and drowned in 8 inches of water.

General Government Support

August 24, 2010

A security worker was shot at work. 

Security Services

August 23, 2010

A worker was using a tractor to tow a water tank sprayer along a sloped area (26.7-degree slope) when the tractor rolled over.  


August 14, 2010

A truck driver was killed when he  fell and was run over by the rear wheel of a combine.


August 12, 2010

The chain on a harvester cutting head broke and released a high velocity chain link ("chain shot") that flew towards the operator’s cab, penetrated the ½-inch thick (10 mm) polycarbonate side window of the cab, and struck the operator in the neck.


August 5, 2010

A worker on a residential garbage truck route sustained an elevated core body temperature of 108°F  in the afternoon on a day where ambient temperatures reached 86.1°F .

Residential Garbage collection

August 1, 2010

A worker involved in a diving operation to recover lost fishing weights drowned when his airline became disconnected from the air compressor located on the dock.

Commercial Fishing

July 26, 2010

A worker fell 5 feet  from the turn-table deck of a mobile crane to the concrete sidewalk below. 

Construction-Heavy Equipment Rental and Leasing

July 18, 2010

A worker managing an apartment complex was stabbed while interacting with a tenant. 

Real Estate Lessor-Residential

July 16, 2010

A large tractor tire assembly, weighing over 1800 pounds tipped off the tractor and fell onto a worker.

Wholesale: Machinery and Equipment Merchants

July 8, 2010

A worker was changing brake parts on a semi-truck trailer  when the trailer's axle slipped off the flat surface of the jack and fell onto the worker.

Trucking-General Freight

June 24, 2010

A worker got caught in a pinch point between a crane’s counterweight and a fixed object on a floating derrick.  


June 23, 2010

A worker was operating a converted snow cat on a rocky, 20-degree slope at the scene of a wildland fire when the vehicle rolled over and crushed him. 

Fire Fighting

June 22, 2010

A worker was riding on the outside of a loaded dump truck/trailer when the dump truck, traveling slowly downhill around a tight curve on a logging road, tipped over and crushed him. 

Wholesale Wood Products

June 18, 2010

A worker was crushed when the riding lawn mower he was operating rolled over on a wet hillside.


June 17, 2010

A worker was riding a motorcycle to a jobsite when the motorcycle hit a trailer pulling out from a rest area.


May 27, 2010

A worker driving a low-profile tractor was mowing weeds in a hilly section of an orchard  when his tractor rolled over and crushed him. 


May 26, 2010

Two workers performing annual tank inventory duties in a propane tank storage yard were electrocuted when the crane of their boom truck made contact with a 7200-Volt power line.  

Petroleum Products Wholesale

May 22, 2010

A worker using a bulldozer to level out cedar spalt pile (cedar waste from shake mill) went over an incline and was thrown from the bulldozer and subsequently run over by it.


April 27, 2010

A worker driving a truck on the highway died in a collision with another vehicle. 


April 5, 2010

A worker fell approximately 35 feet out of a tree.


April 2, 2010

 A crew of seven workers at a petroleum refinery were bringing heat exchangers associated with a naptha-hydrotreater unit back into operation when one of the exchangers exploded.

Petroleum Refinery

March 26, 2010

A worker was sitting on the feed end of a chip conveyor, performing welding, when the conveyor system was unexpectedly started up from the other end. The worker was pulled into the unit and pinned underneath the metal framework.


March 23, 2010

A worker was struck in the head by an assailant during a robbery. 

Amusement Arcades

March 23, 2010

A vehicular accident occurred.


March 19, 2010

A front end loader knocked a worker off a ramp into a pit.


March 13, 2010

A worker fell down a flight of stairs. 

Services for Elderly/Disabled

March 9, 2010

A worker died while shoveling debris in the cargo area at a landfill.


March 1, 2010

While loading a Bobcat mini excavator onto trailer, the backhoe attachment swung around, striking and crushing a worker between it and another portion of the Bobcat.

Electrical Contractors

February 26, 2010

A worker was shot and killed at workplace


February 16, 2010

A worker  was bitten by a customer’s dog at the work site and later died from blood poisoning related to the dog bite.

Administrative Management General Management Consulting Services

February 7, 2010

A worker was stabbed at the workplace.

Full Service Restaurants

February 5, 2010

A worker was struck by a falling tree that had been pushed over by the skyline.


February 4, 2010

A worker was run over by a bulldozer after his foot got caught between the tracks and fender of the bulldozer.  

Single Family Construction

January 29, 2010

The unsupported end of a steel shaft protruding from a lathe bent as it spun and struck a worker.

Machine Shop

January 21, 2010

A worker was thrown out of a “Tug” he was driving when it collided with a food service truck on the outer roadway of an airport concourse.


January 18, 2010

A worker was found on the ground at the bottom of a ladder.

Real Estate/brokers

January 15, 2010

A worker was inside a semi trailer attempting to manually restack a 560 pound load in a tight space when the freight he was bracing against slid off the upper rack and crushed him.

Freight Transport

January 6, 2010

A worker was standing under a 340 pound sliding overhead door to a cow barn when the door suddenly fell and struck him.

Fluid Milk Manufacturing

January 3, 2010

 A worker died when his vehicle rolled.

Justice,  Public Order and Safety Activities

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