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Workers from a variety of industries in Washington State are injured daily from hazards such as:

  • Slips, Trips, and Falls
  • Falls from heights (ladders, elevations)
  • Moving parts on machinery
  • Strains and sprains (lifting, moving, reaching)

Serious injuries like broken bones, severe head trauma, internal bleeding, amputations, and even death can occur when workers are exposed to these hazards.

This webpage offers visual resources such as; video shorts which are brief one minute videos for awareness about everyday safety, investigation stories which are quick narrated accounts of real accidents that killed or injured workers, and online videos from various sources (L&I, YouTube, etc.). You can also find other resources like topic pages, posters & publications, hazard alerts, and workshops on L&I's safety web page.

Resources like these are provided to employers and their employees to help with hazard awareness in your workplaces and steps you can take to prevent injuries.

Remember:  Keep your eye on safety and use these resources to identify & eliminate hazards in your workplace!

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