Cannabis Industry Safety & Health - Processors (Marijuana)

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Producing marijuana concentrate can involve hazards from compressed gases, flammable solvents, screening and pressing, and dry ice. Employers must identify these hazards and keep workers safe from them.

Processors handle the cured marijuana plant material in several ways:

  • Extracting substances from the plant to create products (e.g. hash and oils) using mechanical or chemical methods.
  • Using the extract to create "edibles" such as candies, cookies and other food preparation in a kitchen setting that can cause:
    • cuts and amputations from knives and slicers;
    • burns and scalds;
    • electrical shock or fires from bad wiring and damaged electrical plugs, cords, or outlets;
    • hazardous contact with cleaning and sanitizing chemicals; and
    • slips, trips and falls from slippery floors and poor housekeeping .
  • Packaging and labeling the product that can cause sprains and strains due to repetitive work, lifting, or awkward postures.

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