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Q: How do I search this site for my ideas?


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Q: What if I can’t find an idea under the key word search?


  • Do not use punctuation of any sort
  • Check to see that you spelled the word correctly
  • Try a similar word such as “forklift” for “lift truck”
  • If you still can’t find anything, try a search under your industry or the noise source

Q: Does L&I endorse the ideas I might find on this website?

A: Although L&I staff have reviewed the ideas found on this website to make sure they are consistent with the accepted practice of industrial hygiene, L&I does not endorse any commercial products found on this site.

Q: Will the ideas I find on this website, help me to comply with the noise rule?

A: L & I Industrial Hygienists have reviewed all the ideas in this website for their applicability to the noise rule. However, the presence of an idea on this site does not guarantee that it will eliminate any particular hazardous exposures under the noise rule. Employers and employees must work together to ensure that ideas chosen are effective in eliminating the hazards in a particular workplace.

Q: If I have questions about this website or if I need help with it, who can I contact?

A: If you have a question about the website or the noise rule, or if you there is a specific problem for which you cannot find an idea, you can contact someone from L&I near you.

Q: How do I submit an idea that I know about?

A: To submit an idea, click here:

Q: Where did the ideas in the database come from?

A: L&I industrial hygienists have collected ideas from many sources, including catalogs, Web sites, reports, working groups, individuals, employers, vendors, and consultants. L&I encourages anyone with ideas to submit them for possible addition to the database, using the form found at:

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