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Join us to learn the latest information that will help you keep safety a priority in construction.

Attendee and Exhibitor Registration now open for Construction Safety Day

Join us for the 7th Annual Construction Safety Day on April 23, 2014 at the WA State Fair Events Center in Puyallup.

Worker Memorial Day - Tuesday, April 29, 2014 at 2 p.m.

Join us in honoring those who have died in the previous year from job-related injuries or illnesses.

GHS: Chemical Hazard Communication Training Kit for Instructors Updated

A training template to use to help comply with the training requirements of the hazard communication rules, including Globally Harmonized System (GHS).

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Other Important News & Updates

Spring Safety

Read about typical spring workplace dangers, including working outdoors, and storms and flooding, in our updated topic page. (April 14, 2014)

Fall Protection Basics for Construction Activities - New brochure

This booklet, also available in Spanish, provides an overview of revised fall protection rules and requirements for construction activities. (April 4, 2014)

Dry Cleaning Safety & Health

New page for keeping workers safe and working in the dry cleaning industry, with a link to the hazard alert about 1-bromopropane (1-BP) (724 KB PDF). (March 24, 2014)

Recordkeeping Requirements Reminder: OSHA 300 Log must be posted from February 1st through April 30th

For more information and resources, see our Recordkeeping and Reporting topic page. (March 10, 2014)

Hazard Alert: 1-Bromopropane (1-BP) in the Dry Cleaning Industry (724 KB PDF)

New hazard alert discussing the vapors released by this chemical and how to keep workers safe around machines that have it. (March 10, 2014)

Special Emphasis Safety & Health Grant Acceptance Period Now Open

A new round of safety and health grants will be offered during a special emphasis period from January 6, 2014 to March 31, 2014. Learn more on our SHIP Grants page. (March 10, 2014)

Fatality/serious injury investigation stories

Watch short, narrated presentations that show real events where the investigating safety and health inspectors describe briefly what happened, how the workers were killed or injured, and how the incidents could have been prevented. (March 10, 2014)

Proposed Amendments to Chapter 296-900 WAC Administrative Rules - Penalty Calculations

Attend an upcoming meeting and learn more about changes to penalty calcualtions in L&I rules. (February 7, 2014)

Two New Hazard Alerts: Hot Oil Burns and Working too Close to Overhead Power Lines

L&I is noticing an increase in severe hot oil burn claims and has produced an alert to help reduce these injuries. In addition, L&I inspectors continue to see construction work being done too close to overhead power lines, putting workers at risk of electrocution. (January 27, 2014)

Electric Power Generation, Transmission, & Distribution Industry Safety & Health

New resource pages for the electric power industry to help keep employees safe and working. (January 6, 2014)

Ladder Safety

Falls from ladders continue to be one of the most common sources of workplace injuries and hospitalizations in Washington. Learn how to improve safety on ladders in our updated topic page. (January 1, 2014)

New Hazard Communication/GHS Rules Update Online Training

Learn about the new Hazard Communication/Globally Harmonized System (GHS) Standard requirements and how to use the new classification system to keep workers safe and working around hazardous chemicals. (January 1, 2014)

New videos in the Safety & Health video library

Find Safety & Health videos to show your employees. Watch videos online or reserve videos up to six months in advance.

New rule activity

Read about updates to Safety & Health rules. Attend a public hearing or share your comments.

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Agriculture Safety Day, February 19, 2014 in Yakima- Registration Now Open

Workshops will be offered on many topics in English and Spanish. (December 31, 2013)

Workplace Safety & Health Complaints and Discrimination Topic Page Updated

Learn more about how to report unsafe work or safety & health discrimination in your workplace. (December 31, 2013)

Required Posters are Free of Charge from L&I

Don't get scammed by companies that threaten you to buy required workplace posters. Required posters from 2012 are current. (December 31, 2013)

New: Top-10 Cited L&I Rule Violations

Find out which WAC Rules L&I inspectors cite most frequently. (December 16, 2013)

2014 Workshops Schedule Now Available

Find a workshop near you. Available workshops include "Employers Introduction to L&I," "Logging Safety Initiative Introduction" and many others. (December 16, 2013)

New topic page: Overhead Power Lines

Find information for keeping workers safe and working near overhad power lines. (December 16, 2013)

Fire fighting safety topic page updated

Find resources to help comply with updated firefighting rules effective January 1, 2014. (December 9, 2013)

Seasonal Safety — Winter Hazards

Read about typical winter workplace dangers. (December 9, 2013)

Holiday Shopping Season Alert (38 KB PDF)

Get updated resources for helping with crowd control and keeping employees safe and working on Black Friday and throughout the holiday season. (November 25, 2013)

2014 Workplace Safety & Health Calendar Now Available

“Top 12 Hazards that Cause Injuries and Deaths" the Department of Labor & Industries' 2014 workplace calendar is now available. This calendar features real Washington businesses and employees, with an emphasis on the top serious hazards that you should look for and minimize in your workplace. (October 1, 2013)

L&I and Oregon OSHA team up to develop a lifting calculator app.

Use this app to help you calculate the maximum safe lifting weight. This new lifting app can be used online or downloaded to your smartphone. (September 23, 2013)

Application for Copies of Citation and Notice Form Updated

Workers can use this form to apply for copies of citation and notices issued to their employer. (September 9, 2013)

New Fatality Bulletin: Cell tower maintenance worker falls 93 feet to his death. (136 KB PDF)

Learn what caused this death and how important it is to inspect safety devices to ensure they're installed and functioning properly. (August 26, 2013)

Communication Tower Safety - New Topic Page

Find resources and information to keep workers safe and working on radio and cell towers. (August 12, 2013)

Taxi & Limo Services

Learn about safety hazards and find prevention resources for the Taxi & Limo Industry on our new topic page. (July 8, 2013)

New Fall Protection in Construction Workshop

This workshop provides an overview of the updated construction rule requirements. Register online for a workshop near you. (July 8, 2013)

New Resources for Training Cognitive-Impaired Workers

This product was develop with funding from L&I's Safety & Health Investment Project (SHIP) Grant Program.  (July 8, 2013)

Safety and Health Discrimination in the Workplace (English/Spanish) / Discriminación de seguridad y salud en el lugar de trabajo

New optional poster that describes "protected activities" under the Washington Industrial Safety and Health Act (WISHA) and explains what an employee should do if he/she has been punished or fired for exercising these rights. (July 8, 2013)

L&I Safety & Health eRules Project.

Our Safety & Health rules are changing. These changes will make our rules easier to understand, search, and use on all mobile devices. Learn more about this project on our eRules Project page. (July 1, 2013)

Seasonal Safety -- Summer Hazards

Read about typical summer workplace dangers. (June 17, 2013)

Safety and Health Discrimination in the Workplace

A new brochure that describes "protected activities" under the Washington Industrial Safety and Health Act (WISHA) and explains what an employee should do if he/she has been discriminated or retaliated against, or fired for exercising these rights. (June 3, 2013)

Free Workplace Consultation Services

Find information for requesting free safety & health, risk management and ergonomics consultation in our updated brochure. (June 3, 2013)

Outdoor Heat Exposure

The Outdoor Heat Exposure rules are effective May 1 through September 30 every year, when exposures are at or above a specific temperature. Find information and resources for keeping workers safe and working outdoors when the temperature rises on our updated topic page. (May 31, 2013)

New Poster: An Unprotected Trench is an Early Grave

New poster reprinted with permission from OSHA. (May 6, 2013)

New Publication: Nail Gun Safety: A Guide for Construction Contractors

Booklet for construction employers with information to prevent nail gun injuries. (May 6, 2013)

"Emergency Washing: It Only Takes a Moment" video from L&I now available online.

Safety showers and eye wash facilities are important to a safe workplace. Describes the type of workplaces that need to provide eye wash and emergency showers. (April 22, 2013)

Hazardous Drugs Rule Enforcement Delayed

L&I has decided to delay enforcement of the Hazardous Drugs rule (WAC 296-62-500) for an additional year. Find the directive and more information on our updated topic page. (April 22, 2013)

New Hazard Communication Rule Effective April 15, 2013

Learn about the new requirements for Globally Harmonized System (GHS) and when enforcement for these new rules begins. (April 15, 2013)

Seasonal Safety -- Spring Hazards

Read about typical spring workplace dangers. (April 1, 2013)

Split Rim Posters now available

Hard copies of these posters in the required 2 ft by 3 ft format can be ordered from L&I. (April 1, 2013)

Updated Fall Protection in Construction Rules Effective April 1, 2013

Find the revised rule language, updated training materials and other resources on our Fall Protection topic page. (April 1, 2013)

Firefighters Rule Changes Adopted

L&I updated the rule to be at least as effective as OSHA rules, and brought them up-to-date with current consensus standards and practices. The new rules become effective 1/1/2014. (March 5, 2013)

A Guide to Workplace Safety and Health in Washington State Updated

This publication was updated to add information about the Stay of Abatement process and is also available in Spanish. (March 5, 2013)

Hazard Communication and the Globally Harmonized System (GHS) updated topic page.

Learn about the new Globally Harmonized System (GHS) and how it impacts chemical safety at work. (March 5, 2013)

Fall Protection for Construction Rules Updated

L&I merged Parts C-1 and K from Chapter 296-155, WAC, creating one location where fall protection requirements would be located for construction. The changes were adopted 2/4/2013 and will be effective on 4/1/2013. (March 5, 2013)

Apply Now for Safety & Health and Return-to-Work Grants

The Safety & Health grant application cycle deadline has been extended until March 15th, 2013, and Return-to-Work grants are still available. Find application materials and more information on our updated page. (February 4, 2013)

Rigging rules effective 2/1/2013 - Q&A Document updated.

For more information and resources on rigging, see our updated Rigging topic page. (February 1, 2013)

New Serious Injury Investigation Story: Carbon Monoxide Poisoning From Flooring Removal Machine

In this story, learn how six workers were poisoned from a flooring removal machine and how to avoid similar serious illnesses in your workplace. Find other narrated stories in the updated Fatality/Serious Injury Investigation Stories page. (January 28, 2013)

Workplace Safety and Health Pocket Guide

Find quick helpful links to awareness and prevention information on our web site. (January 28, 2013)

Top 25 Hazardous Industries in Washington State

Read this new online publication summarizing occupational injury and illness data for the five-year period from 2006 to 2010. (January 28, 2013)

Learn safety & health lessons from recent workplace fatalities & hospitalizations.

Be aware of hazards and learn from these serious incidents so they don't happen in your workplace. (January 7, 2013)


New DOSH Directive: DD 22.95, Enforcement guidance for the Longshoring Industry (2 MB PDF)

This DOSH Directive establishes enforcement guidance to reduce or eliminate workplace hazards related to the Longshoring Industry.  (February 4, 2013)

Required workplace posters from L&I sent to employers

Employers need to post the new posters dated 12-2012 where employees can read them, and they need to remove the previous editions. Additional free copies can be ordered at www.Posters.Lni.wa.gov. Information about other government posters and answers to questions employers may have about required posters are also provided on this Web page. (January 28, 2013)

Noise and Hearing Protection Topic Page Updated

Find information easier in our new topic page format. (January 28, 2013)

FREE seminar 2/15/13 to help improve your safety & health program in the workplace (192 KB PDF).

Attend this one-day Continuous Improvement Seminar sponsored by L&I's Division of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH) Voluntary Protection Program (VPP).  Learn how managers and employees at VPP sites have used Continuous Improvement Programs to improve safety and health conditions at their worksites.(January 28, 2013)

New DOSH Directive: DD 22.90, Enforcement of Load Limit Signage on Ferry Terminals (353 KB PDF)

This directive establishes inspection policies and procedures related to the enforcement of the requirement for load limit signage on ferry structures that are part of the National Bridge Inventory.  (January 14, 2013)

2013 Workplace Safety and Health Calendar – Keeping Washington Safe and Working through the Years

This historical-themed calendar celebrates 40 years of the Washington Industrial Safety and Health (WISHA) Act and features real Washington businesses and employees handling typical workplace hazards, with an emphasis on safety and health improvements over the past decades. (January 7, 2013)

Updated construction cranes, rigging and personnel lifting rules adopted.

Rule changes were adopted on 12/31/2012 and will be effective on 2/1/2013. Read about what changed on the Rules Under Development page. (January 7, 2013)

Emergency Washing Workshop

This free workshop is designed for employers who have potential employee exposure to corrosives, strong irritants, or toxic chemicals. (January 7, 2013)

Seasonal Safety — Winter Hazards

Read about typical winter workplace dangers. (January 1, 2013)

Independent survey will assess L&I's safety and health inspections.

Employers and workers who recently experienced a workplace inspection by L&I's Division of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH) may get a call asking about their experience. The survey questions are focused on the inspection process and interactions with L&I inspectors and are not about the employer or the business. Survey participants are picked randomly by the research firm. Read more on the link above. (November 19, 2012)

Grain Handling Facilities

Grain handling facilities in rural or industrial settings are high hazard operations where workers can be exposed to serious and even deadly hazards. Find resources to reduce these hazards and keep workers safe on our updated topic page. (November 19, 2012)

Skid Steer Loader Operator Impaled by Rebar New FACE Fatality Narrative (195 KB PDF).

Read the story about a worker who was impaled by rebar and learn how this incident was preventable. (October 29, 2012)

New and Updated policies available

"Nursing and Residential Care Facilities NEP" (13.40) and "Handling WISHA Complaints by L&I Employees" (1.90) (October 10, 2012)

Explosives Topic Page Updated

Learn about workplace safety & health hazards as well as licensing requirements on our updated topic page. (October 8, 2012)

Special emphasis inspections coming to nursing and residential care facilities.

Find resources and information to make your workplaces safer on our new topic page. (October 8, 2012)

Ergonomics Consultation Brochure

This new pamphlet provides information to employers interested in a free ergonomics consultation for their business. Explains the importance of workplace ergonomics and how L&I can help to assess injury-causing tasks, and help develop an ergonomics program. (October 1, 2012)

Standard Hand Signals for Cranes

This new poster displays proper hand signals for directing crawler, locomotive and truck crane operators. (October 1, 2012)

Tractor Safety in Orchards and Other Agricultural Settings

Learn about hazards with tractors and how to prevent them. (October 1, 2012)

Overview of SHIP Grant Program Workshop for Applicants

This free workshop will provide an overview of the Safety and Health Investment Projects (SHIP) program as well as application and review processes. (October 1, 2012)

Tunneling and Hyperbaric Safety Work Group

L&I will be forming a Tunneling and Hyperbaric Safety Work Group — a forum for labor, business and for L&I to collaboratively work together to update standards for tunneling and hyperbaric work. Learn how to get involved by reading our new topic page. (September 14, 2012)

Five New Fatality Bulletins

Learn about tragic events where workers were killed on the job. Find information and resources on how to prevent similar incidents in your workplace. (September 5, 2012)

New Hazard Alerts from SHARP

The hazard alerts include "Successful bathtub stripping with benzyl alcohol as an alternative to methylene chloride-based paint strippers" and "Hazards to Orchard Tractor and Machinery Operators" (in English and Spanish). (August 27, 2012)

Shipyards Rule Updates effective 8/1/2012.

The rule updated existing requirements to reflect advances in industry practices and technology and provided new protections from hazards that were not previously addressed, including the control of hazardous energy. (July 30, 2012)

Seasonal hazards: Summer safety

Read about typical summer workplace dangers. (July 30, 2011)

Beat the Heat: Stay Safe When Working Outdoors

If you work outdoors take steps to prevent heat-related illness, a condition that can cause serious illness or even death. L&I recommends these 5 tips: Start work well hydrated and drink as much as a cup of water every 15 minutes; Watch co-workers for signs of heat-related illness, such as headaches, dizziness or nausea; Pace your work and take scheduled breaks; Wear lightweight clothing, and remove protective gear when it's safe to do so; Avoid drinking caffeine or eating a heavy meal. Read our Outdoor Heat Exposure topic page for more information. (August 16, 2012)

New DOSH Directive: DD 8.80, Auditing Accredited Crane Certifiers (146 KB PDF)

This Directive establishes auditing procedures and enforcement policies related to auditing of Accredited Crane Certifiers within the state of Washington. (August 15, 2012)

Fatal Collapse of Bulk Materials Storage Wall — New DOSH Hazard eBulletin (278 KB PDF)

A New DOSH Hazard eBulletin warns about collapse of bulk materials storage structures made of interlocking concrete blocks (July 30, 2012)

Tractor Safety: Rollover Protection and Seatbelts

In Washington, tractor rollovers are the leading cause of agriculture-related deaths. This pamphlet summarizes the safety rules for rollover protective structures (ROPS) and seatbelts on tractors and lists exemptions and provides other information about safe operation of tractors. This pamphlet is also available in Spanish. (July 16, 2012)

New SHARP Hazard Alert: Hazards to Orchard Tractor and Machinery Operators (128 KB PDF).

Learn about three recent fatalities involving orchard tractors and find information to prevent them from happening in your workplace. (July 16, 2012)

Prometheus Energy Receives START Award of Excellence for Occupational Safety & Health

Read about Prometheus Energy's commitment to safety & health in the workplace at every level of the company, and learn more about L&I's START Program. (July 23, 2012)

Deadly Power-Line Contact with Cranes — New Hazard Alert (274 KB PDF)

Learn about recent electrocutions caused by contact with power lines and ways to avoid this deadly hazard. (July 20, 2012)

New & updated policies now available

One new policy is now available: DOSH Directive 7.10 - Rigger Testing Documentation. Three policies were revised: DOSH Directive 24.30 - Primary Metals NEP, DOSH Directive 2.68 - Severe Violator Enforcement Program, and DOSH Directive 1.19 - Homeowners as General Contractors. (July 16, 2012)

"Workplace Violence: Awareness and Prevention for Employers and Employees" revised publication now available

Learn about four types of workplace violence, steps to minimize and prevent violent acts, and potential risk factors and prevention techniques. (July 16, 2012)

Revised Veterinary Hazards topic page offers more health and safety resources

A variety of free training materials, videos, and other helpful resources have been added to L&I's Veterinary Hazards page. The resources on this webpage can boost your efforts to prevent or reduce workplace hazards and injuries. (June 21, 2012)

Abrasive Blasting and Bloodborne Pathogens (BBP) — Updated topic pages

Several additional resources were added to our Abrasive Blasting and Bloodborne Pathogens topic pages. (June 21, 2012)

New hazard ebulletin: Carbon Monoxide Poisonings at Indoor Work Places (92 KB PDF)

L&I is seeing an increase in Carbon Monoxide poisoning and has issued a new Hazard eBulletin. Find the eBulletin and read about these poisonings, how to prevent them, and other resources in our updated topic page. (June 18, 2012)

New videos available to borrow

Videos include Understanding and Preventing Heat-Related Illnesses, Knock it off!, Electrical Safety in the Workplace and several more. (June 18, 2012)

Social media: the TIRES experience

L&I's Safety & Heath Assessment & Research for Prevention (SHARP) program has researched benefits and drawbacks to using social media for workplace safety & Health communications. Find out what they discovered by reading this report. (June 11, 2012)

Chemical Facility Process Safety Management Enforcement & outreach emphasis underway

OSHA’s National Emphasis Program (NEP) for Chemical Facility Process Safety Management in the State of Washington aims to reduce or eliminate workplace hazards associated with the catastrophic release of highly hazardous chemicals. L&I has written a new policy to support this NEP. Find the new policy and helpful resources on our updated topic page. (June 4, 2012)

New hazard alert: Deadly sawmill dust explosions (382 KB PDF)

Learn about combustible dust hazards and how to prevent them in our new Hazard Alert (May 14, 2012)

Hazardous Drugs (WAC 296-62-500) rule topic page

Learn about the landmark regulations for protecting health care workers while working with hazardous drugs. Sign up for the Hazardous Drugs Rule email ListServ to get more updates. (May 21, 2012)

New Report from SHARP: Washington has 51 workplace deaths in 2011 a historic low (777 KB PDF / 2 min)

After years of steady decline, deaths in Washington State due to fatal workplace injuries fell to 51 in 2011, the lowest number of work-related deaths in the state's history. The Washington FACE 2011 Work-Related Fatalities Report is based on preliminary data and includes only deaths from acute traumatic injuries. (March 14, 2012)

New and updated free safety posters now available to download and print

L&I has updated and added three posters: "High Noise Area, Wear Hearing Protection (FSP1-065-000)," "Know Your Lockout Tagout Safety Procedures (FSP1-063-000)," and "Job Site Safety: Wear Your Hard Hat (FSP0-907-000)." Please be sure to recycle any older versions you have on hand and feel free to share these links. (March 12, 2012)

New research study from SHARP about Work Related Musculoskeletal Disorders (WMSDs)

The report discusses research into the causes of WMSDs and possible solutions for prevention. (March 12, 2012)

Using a ladder to clean up after winter storms? Be safe and avoid injuries

Over the last three months, L&I has seen an increase in hospitalizations and fatalities related to falls from ladders. Keep safe and working and learn more about ladder safety on our topic page. (March 1, 2012)

Construction cranes rule adopted

Learn about changes to rigging requirements in the Construction Cranes rule adopted February 1, 2012 and find answers to questions on the updated topic page. (February 1, 2012)

Save time & travel: Attend 8 L&I workshops in 2 days!

Learn how to make your workplace safer and how to manage your claims by attending multiple workshops back-to-back on February 14 – 15, 2012. No-charge workshops are offered at the Tukwila L&I office and plenty of free parking is available! (February 1, 2012)

Fatality/serious injury investigation stories

These short, narrated presentations depict real events where the investigating safety and health inspectors describe briefly what happened, how the workers were killed or injured, and how the incidents could have been prevented. (January 1, 2012)

Seasonal safety: Winter hazards

Learn more about typical winter hazards including working outdoors, storms and flooding, carbon monoxide, and driving and pedestrian safety. (January 1, 2012)

Primary metals industry resources now available

Foundries, Steel Mills and others in the Primary Metals industry can find training, videos & other health & safety materials on our new web page. L&I prepared these materials to respond to OSHA's National Emphasis Program (NEP) relating to Primary Metals. (January 1, 2012)


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