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Actions at Law for Injury or Death - RCW 51.24

This document is a complete listing of the RCW 51.24 Actions at Law for Injury or Death.

Please note for printing, this document is legal-sized (8.5x14).


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Chapter 19.28 RCW - Electricians and Electrical Installations

Simplified version of the Chapter 19.28 RCW - Electricians and Electrical Installations Rules

RCW 43.22.380 Exemptions Fire and Safety Checklist for Vendor/Medical Conversion Units
Generic Checklist to determine if the particular installation includes all requirements prior to calling for an inspection. Must be able to answer YES to all questions prior to calling.

Payment of Wages - RCW 49.48.010 and 49.52.050

This is a copy of the law that pretains to the payment of wages to an employee when they stop working for an employer. The wages due to the employee for the pay period worked prior to leaving.

Sports Teams Coverage Agreement

Used by a sports team or league covering their Washington players through an out-of-state workers' compensation insurance carrier to confirm compliance with RCW 51.12.120 and WAC 296-17-32503.

Sports Player Coverage Agreement

Used by a sports team or league and professional athlete (player) to declare that the player's work is principally localized in another state in accordance to the provisions of RCW 51.12.120 and WAC 296-17-32503.

Capítulo 51.24 Acciones Legales por Lesiones o Fallecimiento

Actualización de la Publicación de 2001 – Código Revisado de Washington (RCW, por su sigla en inglés) 51.24.060(6)(7). Esta actualización cambia el requisito de entrega por correo registrado o certificado por ‘entrega por un método cuya recepción puede ser confirmada o localizada.'


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Recordkeeping and Reporting - WAC 296-27

These WAC and RCW rules explain the record keepkeeping responsibilities of businesses such as medical providers, employers who handle biohazards, etc.

Application for Specialty Electrician Certificate

Application and instructions for the specialty electrician certificate for 03A, 06B, 07A, 07B, 07C, 07D, 07E and 10. Eligibility granted through modified supervision requirements of RCW 19.28.191(1)(g)(ii)

Continuous Contractor's Surety Bond

This form is used for the surety bond for construction contractors and is required by the Contractor's Registration Act (RCW 18.27). The bond must be produced by a bonding company.

Affidavit of Wages Paid - Public Works Contract and Instructions

This form is a fillable Word document that is used by a contractor, company or agency to show the wages paid to employees on a public works project. The best way to use this document is to bookmark this page as a “Favorite” in your web browser. Then each time when you want to use the document, access the online version of the form. This will ensure you are always utilizing the most recently published form. (We recommend you not download the document and save the form for future use because we may make changes to the form that your downloaded version will not contain.) You must file the Affidavit of Wages Paid form when you have completed your portion of a public works job/project. Addendum A is form number F700-161-000, Addendum C is form number F700-162-000, and the EHB 2805 (RCW 39.04.370) Addendum is form number F700-164-000.

Washington State Prevailing Wage Law

Booklet: Contains the prevailing wage laws (RCWs) and rules (WACs) as well as plain language descriptions and contact information.

Affidavit of Wages Paid EHB 2805 Addendum

F700-164-000 is an addendum to your Affidavit of Wages Paid Form. RCW 39.04.370 requires you to complete form F700-164-000 if the prime contract is at a cost of over one million dollars ($1,000,000). If you fail to properly provide the requested information more than one time between September 1, 2010 and December 31, 2013, pursuant to RCW 39.04.350(1)(f) you will not be considered a responsible bidder qualified to be awarded a public works project. Use as many of these forms as you need in order to provide the requested information for all relevant project items. This is an addendum to form F700-007-000.


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