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Agriculture Safety and Health Pocket Guide

This durable, compact pocket guide is an easy reference guide to safety and health hazards and accident prevention practices for many aspects of agricultural work. It is intended for use in the field by workers and employers in the state of Washington to help them work safely and be in compliance with state regulations.

This guide does not replace any of the requirements in the actual regulations and should only used as a companion to the actual regulations.

Young Workers in Agriculture / Trabajadores jóvenes en la agricultura (English/español)

Pamphlet/booklet: Answers many questions employers and minor workers have about employing minors. Covers agriculture work rules, including the necessary permits, hours and work conditions for workers 12-17 years of age.

Folleto:  Contesta muchas de las preguntas que tienen los empleadores y los trabajadores menores de edad sobre el empleo de menores.  Cubre las leyes de trabajo en la agricultura, incluyendo los permisos necesarios, horas y condiciones de trabajo para los trabajadores de 12-17 años de edad.

How To Calculate Your Wage in Agriculture

Fact/Information sheet: Shows piece rate workers how to calculate their wages to check if they are being paid minimum wage.


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Q&A: Emergency Washing Requirements for Pesticide Handlers

Fact Sheet: Produced in collaboration with the Washington State Department of Agriculture, this fact sheet answers questions about emergency washing requirements for pesticide handlers. It includes information about when emergency washing is required, how much water is necessary, emergency eyewash, access to water in remote areas and more.


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Teens at Work: Facts for Employers, Parents and Teens

Pamphlet/booklet: Answers questions employers, parents and teens may have about employing teen workers (ages 14-17). Explains non-agriculture work rules, including the necessary permits, hours and work conditions. Provides links to other resources.


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Parent / School Authorization for Employment of a Minor and Special Variance

For legal guardians and school officials to approve the hours and work activities for a minor employee to work according to terms listed by the employer. The Special Variance allows additional hours of work for 16- and 17-year-olds and is described on the form. All parties must sign to approve the hours of work for a minor regardless of the number of hours listed. This is NOT a work permit. Employers must obtain a minor work permit endorsement on their Master Business License where they employ workers under 18.

For hiring youth only during non-school weeks, you may use form F700-168-000 Parent Authorization Summer Work  

Application for Farm Labor Contractor License

Used to apply or renew a license.

Variance Application - For exceptions from specific rules governing employment of minors.

Employer uses this application for requesting a variance to employment regulations for minors.

Farm Labor Contractor Registration

Fact Sheet: Explains how to get a farm labor contractor license in order to operate legally as a farm labor contractor in Washington State.


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Your Daily Record of Hours Worked / Su registro de horas trabajadas (English/español)

Pamphlet/booklet: A pocket-sized bilingual booklet to encourage workers to keep track of their daily work hours and earnings.

Folleto: Un librito bilingüe de tamaño bolsillo para animar a los trabajadores a mantener un registro de sus horas de trabajo diarias y de sus ingresos.

Summary of Agricultural Employment Regulations and Farm Contractor Requirements

This summary is on employment laws relating to the agricultural industry.

Agricultural Employer Worksheet

Used by agricultural employers to assist them in determining if they are following the state Agricultural Employment Standards and the Minimum Wage Act for their employees.

Seasonal Group Variance Application

Used for Exceptions from the Hours of Work for Minors for Seasonal work.  Complete the form, print it, sign it and fax or mail it to the address at the top of the form. Variance Application forms may be faxed to (360) 902-5300. If you would like the approved Variance Certificate faxed back to your business, please state so on your cover sheet.

Estándares de Trabajo Agrícola Capítulo 296-131 del Código Administrativo de Washington (WAC, por su sigla en inglés)

Documento Legal: Estándares de trabajo agrícola - Capítulo 296-131 del Código Administrativo de Washington (WAC, por su sigla en inglés)


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Application for Farm Internship

Application form: Small farm owners wishing to participate in the pilot small farm internship program must complete this form and submit it to the department. The information requested on the form is required to process an application for approval in order to issue a certificate of participation.

Registro para un contratista de trabajadores agrícolas

Hoja de información:  Explica cómo obtener una licencia de contratista agrícola para poder operar legalmente como un contratista agrícola en el estado de Washington.


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Student Learner Variance Application

Employer uses this application form for requesting a variance to employment regulations for minors enrolled in a work-based learning placement. It can be used for individual or multiple minors for the same employer.

Your Daily Record of Hours and Units Worked - For Agricultural Workers / Su registro diario de horas y unidades trabajadas - para trabajadores agrícolas (English/español)

Booklet: A pocket-sized bilingual guide to encourage agricultural workers to keep track of their daily work hours, units and earnings.

Folleto: Una guía de bolsillo bilingüe para animar a los trabajadores agrícolas a mantener un registro de sus horas de trabajo diarias, unidades e ingresos.

Farm Internships: Teach Farming From the Ground Up

Postcard: Provides an overview of the Farm Internship Program (FIP) available to small farms in Washington State. Post card includes information on eligibility, how to apply and where to get more information. Post card also encourages Farms to apply for FIP.


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