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Master Business Application

Link is to the Master Business License online form: Required for employers who hire minors and is obtained by completing the Master Business Application. Also available from L&I warehouse.

Applying for Your Washington Business License: A Step-by-Step Guide
Pamphlet: Concise, easy-to-read pamphlet that explains the steps to apply for a business license and what to do if you plan to employ workers. Includes how to apply to be a registered construction contractor.


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Doing Business with the State of Washington: A Guide to Washington State Bid Opportunities
Pamphlet/booklet: Provides an overview of bid opportunities and processes for Washington State government with specific contact information for the Department of Labor & Industries.

Small Business Liaison Info Card

Introduces L&I's Small Business Liaison and the services provided, along with information on subscribing to the e-newsletter, L&I News for Small Business.

Getting up-to-speed on regulations for Washington businesses?

Brochure: Outlines L&I regulations that most impact small businesses.  Many of the regulations are commonly overlooked. 

Quarterly Report for Self-Insured Business

Form used to submit Quarterly Report. If you need a copy of this form to complete your quarterly report, please contact Certification Services at 360-902-6867.

A Guide to Workers' Compensation Benefits For Employees of Self-Insured Businesses

Pamphlet/booklet: Explains to employees of self-insured businesses their rights and responsibilities under industrial insurance law. Describes benefits and how to file a claim.


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Help for Injured Workers of Self-Insured Businesses
Information card: Introduces the Office of the Ombudsman for Self-Insured Injured Workers. The ombudsman is appointed by the Governor to serve as an independent advocate for the rights of injured workers of self-insured employers.


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Your Independent Medical Exam: For Employees of Self-Insured Businesses
Pamphlet: Answers the most common questions about when and why an injured worker may be required to attend an independent medical exam. Includes the "IME Travel & Wage Reimbursement Request" form. This publication is for use only by self-insured businesses and their workers.


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Financial Statement Businesses

Requesting Financial Information for Corporations, LLC and Partnerships.

Business and Industry Category Guide

Manual: Provides assistance to retro groups in determining if a prospective employer qualifies for their retrospective rating group program.

Registered Apprenticeship in the Construction Industry

Brochure: Designed for construction business employers who are interested in hiring apprentices. Includes answers to common questions, how to hire apprentices, the benefits of apprenticeship, testimonials, and contact information.

Workplace Posters: Required and Recommended
Fact sheet: Lists posters that Washington State and federal agencies require or recommend employers post in their places of business. The URLs for posters available online and and telephone numbers to request printed posters are also provided. Also includes online resources and contact numbers for state agencies that issue posters.

Plan for and Pay Your Taxes DVD

DVD: Covers state business taxes and workers' compensation premiums and provides information on how to file. This 28-minute DVD can help employers plan ahead and obtain more information.

Application to Establish an Factory Assembled Structure Deposit Account with the Dept. of Labor and Industries

Use to establish a factory assembled structure (FAS) deposit account. FAS deposit accounts are for businesses or other entities that are not currently licensed or registered with L&I as electrical or construction contractors but are legally required to purchase work permits from L&I. (3 pgs)

Self-Insurer Accident Report (SIF-2)

Provided to workers by the self-insured businesses or their third party claims administrators to report an industrial injury or occupational disease. This form is not on the internet. If you are an injured worker, ask your employer for a copy of this form. Self-insured businesses or their third party claims administrators may order copies of this form. Cllick the "order It" button below to order paper copies or request the form in MSWord.

Provider's Initial Report (PIR)

Used by medical providers when reporting initial treatment for an industrial injury or occupational disease for a self-insured claim.

Medical providers treating self-insured workers, self-insured businesses, or their third party claims administrators can access this form one of two ways:

  1. Download the Microsoft (MS) Word form and the PDF file with instructions:

           The first file is the PDF instructions.

           The second file is an Office 2003 MSWord document ending in .doc.

           The third file is an Office 2007/2010 version, ending in .docx.

2.  Order paper copies of this form by clicking the “order it” button.

Notice to Employees -- Self-Insurance / Aviso a los empleados -- Seguro industrial propio (English/español)

Required poster for self-insured businesses: Outlines what a worker employed by a self-insured business should do if a work-related injury or illness occurs. Note: Self-insured employers must display this poster where workers can see it.

Cartel requerido: para los negocios autoasegurados, describe lo que un trabajador empleado por un negocio autoasegurado debe hacer si le ocurre una lesión o enfermedad relacionada con el trabajo. Aviso: Los empleadores autoasegurados deben colocar este cartel donde los empleados puedan verlo.

Application for out of State Supplemental Reporting

The purpose of form 212-234-000 -Out of state applications- is to provide a means for an employer to formally request to receive the out-of-state supplemental report for a specific year and state. The form will also allow the department to convey out-of-state reporting requirements and to obtain information needed by the department to set a business up for supplemental reporting.

The ABCs of Classifications in Washington
Book: Aids in understanding Washington State's workers' compensation classification system and how classifications are applied to different types of businesses.

Standard Exception Classification

Quick reference card: Provides basic information about standard exception classifications, which can be separately rated from the basic business classification for determining industrial insurance (workers' compensation) premiums. This information is part of the publication, Workers’ Compensation Record Keeping and Report Guides.

Keys to Retro Success

Fact sheet: Provides information to employers who are considering joining a Retrospective Rating (Retro) group.Contains questions and suggestions to help determine if Retro is right for a business and information regarding annual participation.

Provider Payment Account Change Form

Providers use this form to notify L&I of a change of their business address, billing address and account termination. Also has info on how to notify L&I on a tax ID (EIN) number change, tax ID address change and/or name change.

Recordkeeping and Reporting - WAC 296-27

These WAC and RCW rules explain the record keepkeeping responsibilities of businesses such as medical providers, employers who handle biohazards, etc.

A Safe and Healthy Workplace Begins with You
Pamphlet: Provides an overview of employers' responsibilities for workplace safety and health in Washington State. Covers free L&I services, including workplace consultations, online training and prevention resources and required posters. Intended for new businesses or businesses hiring employees for the first time.

START Program (Safety through Achieving Recognition Together)
Fact sheet: Provides an overview of START, a program that recognizes occupational safety and health excellence in small businesses. Includes program requirements and benefits.

Ergonomics Consultation: Free, Confidential, Powerful Impact on Your Bottom Line

Pamphlet: Provides information to employers interested in a free ergonomics consultation for their business. Explains the importance of workplace ergonomics and how L&I can help to assess injury-causing tasks, and help develop an ergonomics program.

Risk Management Consultation

Pamphlet/booklet: Describes the benefits of free risk management consultations. L&I’s Risk Managers can provide: data and analysis specific to your business that shows how claims can affect the premiums you pay; show you the cost/benefit of claim management strategies; identify return-to-work options and resources; and review best practices in hiring strategies and procedures.

2014 Workplace Safety and Health Calendar: Top 12 Hazards that Cause Injuries and Deaths

Calendar: Features real Washington State businesses and employees handling typical workplace hazards and spotlighting the top 12 hazards that cause injuries and deaths. It includes suggested weekly safety and health tips for different hazards, including slips trips and falls, struck by falling objects, burns and more.

2015 Workplace Safety and Health Calendar: Preventing Sprains and Strains - Washington's Leading Workplace Injury

Calendar: Features real Washington State businesses and employees in jobs where sprains and strains are most common. The calendar includes suggested weekly safety and health tips for preventing sprains and strains to the neck, shoulders, back, hands/wrists, knees, and elbows.

Electrical/Telecommunications Contractor Assignment of Savings Account

This is used to assign ownership interest to a savings account that is held by L&I for one year after a contractor's license has expired or after the contractor ceases business in Washington State.

Reassignment of Savings Account or Time Deposit - Electrical Contractor

A reassignment is permitted only when (1) the Electrical Contractor (assignor) changes the name of the business; (2) the Electrical Contractor transfers the funds to a new account; or (3) the financial institution changes the account number.

Elevator Permit Application

Used for installation application for elevators (new, renewals, and alterations).

For New Installations: Allow 30 business days for a response.

For Alterations: Allow 14 business days for a response.

Accuracy and completeness speeds up the processing time.

Residential Incline Chair Lifts: Allow one week for a response.

Application to Utilize Contractor Deposit (CD) Account

The contractor requests to set up an L&I Contractor Deposit Account (CD) which is established for businesses that are licensed by the department as elevator contractors.

Washington Contractor's License Bond Name Change Rider

Used by the bond company to change the name of the contractor's business.

Washington Contractor's License Bond License Number Change Rider

Used by the bond company to change the contractor's business license number.

Washington Contractor's License Bond Entity Change Rider

Used by the bond company to show a change in the business structure of a contractor's business.

Washington Contractor's License Bond Address Change Rider

Used by the bond company to change the address of the contractor's business.

Construction Contractors - Steps for Success

Brochure: Provides tips to help construction contractors successfully start and maintain their business, and avoid common problems. Gives general overview of requirements for contractor registration, liability insurance, bonding, advertising, consumer disclosure, workers' compensation insurance, workplace safety, employee wages and hours, contractor training, prevailing wage and related topics. Includes resources for more details. Also includes sample "Model Disclosure Statement - Notice to Customer."


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Parent / School Authorization for Employment of a Minor and Special Variance

For legal guardians and school officials to approve the hours and work activities for a minor employee to work according to terms listed by the employer. The Special Variance allows additional hours of work for 16- and 17-year-olds and is described on the form. All parties must sign to approve the hours of work for a minor regardless of the number of hours listed. This is NOT a work permit. Employers must obtain a minor work permit endorsement on their Master Business License where they employ workers under 18.

For hiring youth only during non-school weeks, you may use form F700-168-000 Parent Authorization Summer Work  

Seasonal Group Variance Application

Used for Exceptions from the Hours of Work for Minors for Seasonal work.  Complete the form, print it, sign it and fax or mail it to the address at the top of the form. Variance Application forms may be faxed to (360) 902-5300. If you would like the approved Variance Certificate faxed back to your business, please state so on your cover sheet.

Congratulations! You've been approved to hire minors
Card: Reminds employers of special work rules for employees under age 18. Lists key points and provides a Web address for where to find more detailed information. Sent to all employers who obtain a minor work permit endorsement on the master business license.

Parent Authorization Summer Work

This form is for summer employment of minors, only, and is for parents or legal guardians to approve the hours and work activities for a minor employee to work according to terms listed by the employer.  All parties must sign to approve the work schedule and duties for a minor prior to permitting them to work.  This is NOT a work permit.  Employers must obtain a minor work permit endorsement on their Business License where they employ workers under 18.

Provider Change Form for Crime Victims Compensation

Providers use to inform L&I that they have changes to their account. Such as changes to their Tax ID address/name, business address, billing address, name, or termination of account. This also includes a W-9 form.

Financial Statement Sole Proprietors and Individuals

Requesting Financial Information for Sole Proprietors and/or Individuals.


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