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VRC Primary Contact Form

This form is for VRC's to identify the best telephone number for claim managers to reach them. 

Electrical Program Contacts

Fact Sheet: Provides information for requesting electrical inspections, including telephone numbers and locations of L&I offices that handle electrical inspections.

New/Update Elevator Company Primary Point of Contact

Used by the Elevator Section only to Change and/or Update the Primary Point of Contact for Elevator Companies

Change Assignment of Primary Point of Contact

Change Assignment of Primary Point of Contact

On-the-Job Training Agreement Card

This card is used by an OJT Apprenticeship program ONLY. To receive this form, you must contact the Apprenticeship Section.

The Apprenticeship Advantage: Earn While You Learn!
Fact sheet: Introduces apprenticeship to younger people. Explains the benefits of apprenticeship, a program of study where apprentices earn wages while learning a skilled profession. Includes contact information for L&I's apprenticeship coordinators around the state.

Washington State Apprenticeship Programs Catalog

Book: Provides an overview of apprenticeship, explains general requirements, lists the apprenticeship programs in Washington State and, and provides contact information. The version available online may contain more up-to-date information than the March 2015 printed edition.

Apprenticeship Advantage poster
Poster: Introduces apprenticeship, especially for younger people. Promotes the benefits of apprenticeship and includes contact information to learn more.

A Parents' Guide to Apprenticeships
Booklet: Designed specifically for parents, this booklet provides an overview of apprenticeship. Topics include the benefits of apprenticeship, career options, requirements, how to apply and contact information.

Apprenticeships For Tribal Members


Brochure: Designed for tribal members, this brochure provides an overview of apprenticeship. Topics include the benefits of apprenticeship, career options, how to apply and contact information.


Registered Apprenticeship in the Construction Industry

Brochure: Designed for construction business employers who are interested in hiring apprentices. Includes answers to common questions, how to hire apprentices, the benefits of apprenticeship, testimonials, and contact information.

Workplace Posters: Required and Recommended
Fact sheet: Lists posters that Washington State and federal agencies require or recommend employers post in their places of business. The URLs for posters available online and and telephone numbers to request printed posters are also provided. Also includes online resources and contact numbers for state agencies that issue posters.

Doing Business with the State of Washington: A Guide to Washington State Bid Opportunities
Pamphlet/booklet: Provides an overview of bid opportunities and processes for Washington State government with specific contact information for the Department of Labor & Industries.

Need a Doctor?

Information card: Provides contact information for injured workers needing assistance in finding a health-care provider who will treat their occupational injury or disease. This PDF will print out an 8.5" X 11" sheet that has 12 copies of the card. Note: Disclaimer information on Page 2 may not line up accurately in two-sided printing.


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Employer's Return-to-Work Guide

Pamphlet/booklet: Explains the benefits of 'return to work' from the employer's perspective, describes RTW options, and provides resource and contact information.

On-the-Job Training
Postcard: For employers; summarizes the benefits of providing on-the-job training to an injured worker. The other side is for injured workers who want to return to work; explains how on-the-job training can help them. Includes website address and contact information.

Quarterly Report for Self-Insured Business

Form used to submit Quarterly Report. If you need a copy of this form to complete your quarterly report, please contact Certification Services at 360-902-6867.

Group vs. Individual Retrospective Rating Participation
Fact sheet: Provides information to employers interested in the Retrospective Rating Program who want to compare group vs. individual participation. Explains the differences in minimum premium amount, fees, services, refund potential, choice, and risk. Also includes contact information for enrolling.

FileFast postcard handout for workers
Handout (4.25 x 6): Explains to workers why and how to file an accident report online or by phone following an injury; also reminds them to stay in contact with employer and L&I.

FileFast poster for workers
Poster (8.5 x 11): Explains to workers why and how to file an accident report online or by phone following an injury and reminds them to stay in contact with employer and L&I.

3 Things to Know about L&I's Medical Provider Network

Handout: Explains to workers the basic information about L&I’s Medical Provider Network. The handout can be used with workers covered both by L&I and by self-insured employers. Applies to workers in Washington state. Includes website and phone number contact information.


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Approved Independent Medical Examiner (IME) Update

This document is used to update or correct an IME's contact, availability, qualifications and/or exam sites information.

Firm Vocational Provider Account Change

To change a firm's (payee provider's) branch address within the same service location, contact info, tax info, adding or deleting designee for your firm.

Preferred Worker Benefit Frequently Asked Questions

Fact sheet: Includes information regarding the benefits of Preferred Worker certification, answers to questions frequently asked by workers, phone and website contacts.


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Poison Oak Poster / Cartel sobre el zumaque venenoso (English/español)

Full-color photographs of poison oak in different seasons help workers recognize and avoid the plant when working outdoors. Note: Poster will split over two pages if printed on 8.5" X 11" paper. Get poster printing tips.

Fotografías del zumaque venenoso a todo color en diferentes estaciones que ayudan a los trabajadores a reconocer y evitar contacto con la planta al trabajar al aire libre.  Aviso:  El cartel se dividirá en dos páginas si se imprime en papel de 8.5 x 11 pulgadas. Obtenga información sobre cómo imprimir carteles.

Safety Standards for Ethylene Oxide WAC 296-855

Ethylene Oxide is a flammable colorless gas that is commonly used to sterilize medical equipment and as a fumigant for certain agricultural products. It is also used as an intermediary in the production of various chemicals such as ethylene glycol, automotive antifreeze, and polyethylene. Exposure is the contact an employee has with ethylene oxide, whether or not protection is provided by respirators or other personal protective equipment (PPE). Exposure can occur through various routes of entry such as inhalation, ingestion, skin contact, or skin absorption.


Safety for Commercial Dive Teams
Fact sheet: Provides an overview of safety for commercial dive teams, summarizes the key requirements of commercial diving regulations (WAC 296-37), and includes contact information.

Employee Misconduct: Information for Employers

Fact Sheet: This publication is intended to help employers understand how the Department of Labor & Industries (L&I) and Employment Security Department (ESD) take employee misconduct into account when making decisions about workplace safety and health violations or unemployment benefits.

L&I: Terry Walley
360-902-4758, Terry.Walley@Lni.wa.gov
ESD: Unemployment Benefits Employer Hotline

Application to Access L&I's Electrical Permit and Inspection System (EPIS) from SecureAccess Washington and Utilize Contractor Deposit Account via the Internet

To establish a contractor deposit account by an electrical contactor or registered construction contractors who are legally required to purchase electrical work permits from L&I.

Construction Elevator Installation Application and Inspection Data Report

Used by companies to apply for an Construction Elevator (Hoist) at a job site. One application per car and companies need to contact the Elevator Section for the appropriate installation and operating fee.

Allow two weeks for a response. Accuracy and completeness speeds up the processing time.

Factory Assembled Structures Alteration Application

Used by a homeowner or contactor to request a field inspection for an alteration to a manufactured or mobile home.

Allow 1-2 days for a response to alteration applications for Manufactured/Mobile Homes.

All other alteration applications, allow 2-3 weeks for a response. Accuracy and completeness speeds up the processing time.

Your Manufactured/Mobile Home

Pamphlet/booklet: Covers things you should consider when altering your home. Defines what is meant by alteration, repair and replacement and includes tips for hiring a registered contractor. It also includes contact information for L&I Consumer Assistance Program for owners of new manufactured/mobile homes.


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Washington State Prevailing Wage Law

Booklet: Contains the prevailing wage laws (RCWs) and rules (WACs) as well as plain language descriptions and contact information.

Hiring teens? / ¿Piensa contratar adolescentes? (English/español)

Fact sheet: Provides important information about hiring teens, including extra safety precautions, as well as legal requirements regarding minor work endorsement, hours and prohibited duties. Provides telephone, e-mail and Web contacts for more information.

Hoja de información:  Proporciona información importante sobre la contratación de adolescentes, incluyendo precauciones adicionales de seguridad, así como también los requisitos legales referentes al endoso de trabajo para menores, horas y tareas prohibidas.  Proporciona un teléfono, correo electrónico y contactos en la página Web para más información.


Wage-and-Hour Questions Employers Often Ask

Fact sheet: Provides answers to questions related to pay requirements, deductions from pay, hiring a teen worker, employee uniforms and access to personnel file. Includes contact information if an employer needs assistance with a specific situation.

Help for Crime Victims (large poster)

Poster (11" X 17"): Highlights the Crime Victims Compensation Program and provides contact information. Intended for display in health-care, criminal-justice and social-service organizations. Can be downloaded and printed, or ordered from L&I. Smaller version is also available (8.5" X 11"). Get 11" X 17" poster printing tips.


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Help for Crime Victims (small poster)

Poster (8.5" X 11"): Highlights the Crime Victims Compensation Program and provides contact information. Intended for display in health-care, criminal-justice, and social-service organizations. Can be downloaded and printed, or ordered from L&I. Larger version is also available (11" X 17").


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Your Independent Medical Exam (IME): Crime Victims Compensation Program
Fact Sheet: Provides answers to commonly asked questions about independent medical exams (IMEs) and contact information. Includes a form for requesting travel-related reimbursement for attending an IME.

Affidavit of Wages Paid Addendum A Additional List of Crafts

Please use this addendum to list additional Crafts/Trades/Occupations when filing an Affidavit of Wages of Paid and you need to list more Crafts/Trades/Occupations than the Affidavit of Wages Paid form can accommodate. This is the addendum A to form F700-007-000.


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