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Parent / School Authorization for Employment of a Minor and Special Variance

For legal guardians and school officials to approve the hours and work activities for a minor employee to work according to terms listed by the employer. The Special Variance allows additional hours of work for 16- and 17-year-olds and is described on the form. All parties must sign to approve the hours of work for a minor regardless of the number of hours listed. This is NOT a work permit. Employers must obtain a minor work permit endorsement on their Master Business License where they employ workers under 18.

For hiring youth only during non-school weeks, you may use form F700-168-000 Parent Authorization Summer Work  

Variance Application - For exceptions from specific rules governing employment of minors.

Employer uses this application for requesting a variance to employment regulations for minors.

Nonagricultural Employment of Minors Chapter 296-125 WAC

Nonagricultural Employment of Minors Chapter 296-125 WAC

Employer Petition to The Court for Minor Work Permit Under Age 14

Petition to The Court for Minor Work Permit Under Age 14 by Employer.

Court Form Granting Permission for Employment of Minors

Form from Court Granting Permission for Employment of Minors to the employer.

Congratulations! You've been approved to hire minors
Card: Reminds employers of special work rules for employees under age 18. Lists key points and provides a Web address for where to find more detailed information. Sent to all employers who obtain a minor work permit endorsement on the master business license.

Master Business Application

Link is to the Master Business License online form: Required for employers who hire minors and is obtained by completing the Master Business Application. Also available from L&I warehouse.

Declaration of Entitlement for Guardian Benefits under Industrial Insurance
Used by a guardian or other person having custody of the minor or disabled children or dependents of a deceased worker to declare their entitlement to receive the pension benefits for those children/dependents in their care and custody.


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Variance Application - Employment Standards

Employer application request for a variance from employment standards for non minor employees.

Young Workers in Agriculture / Trabajadores jóvenes en la agricultura (English/español)

Pamphlet/booklet: Answers many questions employers and minor workers have about employing minors. Covers agriculture work rules, including the necessary permits, hours and work conditions for workers 12-17 years of age.

Folleto:  Contesta muchas de las preguntas que tienen los empleadores y los trabajadores menores de edad sobre el empleo de menores.  Cubre las leyes de trabajo en la agricultura, incluyendo los permisos necesarios, horas y condiciones de trabajo para los trabajadores de 12-17 años de edad.

Employing Children Under Age 14 in Non-Agricultural Jobs

Fact sheet: Explains when employers can and cannot employ minors under age 14 in non-agricultural jobs. Details the process for obtaining court permission when hiring minors under 14 is allowed.

Your Body, Your Job: Preventing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Other Upper Extremity Musculoskeletal Disorders
Pamphlet/booklet: Reviews the symptoms and risk factors for carpal tunnel syndrome and several other musculoskeletal disorders that affect the shoulder, arm and elbow. Discusses prevention approaches and where to get more information.


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Lumber Handling in Sawmills

Book: Developed by mill workers, mill managers and L&I, this manual describes the risks of musculoskeletal injury in lumber-handling jobs. Identifies controls to reduce hazards,increase efficiency and reduce injuries.

Application for House to House Sales Sales Employer Registration Certificiate

Used by employers to register as employing minors who will be engaged in house-to-house sales, as required by WAC 296-125-024, with Labor and Industries.

Su cuerpo, su empleo: prevención del síndrome del túnel carpiano y otros trastornos músculo esqueléticos de las extremidades superiores

Folleto:  Indica los síntomas y factores de riesgo para el síndrome del túnel carpiano y otros transtornos músculo esqueléticos que afectan el hombro, brazo y codo.  Discute los enfoques de prevención y dónde pueden encontrar más información.  


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Sports Teams and Youth Workers

Fact sheet: Explains the requirements for sports organizations that engage young people as volunteers or employees to referee, assist or work for the organizations. The focus is workers' compensation coverage and minor work rules.

Quick Tips for Lifting/Consejos breves para levantar cargas (English/español)

Fact sheet: Provides 10 tips for safer lifting. Contains illustrations.

Hoja de información:  Proporciona 10 consejos para levantar objetos con seguridad.  Contiene ilustraciones.


Lessons for Lifting & Moving Materials
Book: Identifies work areas, tasks and procedures that place employees at risk of injury. Describes and illustrates methods that help reduce the risk of injury.

Office Ergonomics: Practical solutions for a safer workplace
Book: Provides information and tools to analyze office jobs, find problems and develop ergonomic solutions.

Seasonal Group Variance Application

Used for Exceptions from the Hours of Work for Minors for Seasonal work.  Complete the form, print it, sign it and fax or mail it to the address at the top of the form. Variance Application forms may be faxed to (360) 902-5300. If you would like the approved Variance Certificate faxed back to your business, please state so on your cover sheet.

Pocket Guide to Caution Zone Jobs

Pamphlet/booklet: This advisory pocket guide reviews 14 workplace risk factors that can lead to soft tissue injuries such as back strain, tendinitis and carpal tunnel syndrome. Suggests ways to identify the risk factors. Lists helpful resources from L&I.

Ergonomics Consultation: Free, Confidential, Powerful Impact on Your Bottom Line

Pamphlet: Provides information to employers interested in a free ergonomics consultation for their business. Explains the importance of workplace ergonomics and how L&I can help to assess injury-causing tasks, and help develop an ergonomics program.


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