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Safety Standards for WAC 296-67 - Process Safety Management of Highly Hazardous Chemicals

The purpose this of section, Chapter 296-67 WAC, Process safety management of highly hazardous chemicals, contains requirements for preventing or minimizing the consequences of catastrophic releases of toxic, reactive, flammable, or explosive chemicals. These releases may result in toxic, fire, or explosion hazards.

Workers' Compensation Insurance Manual

This manual covers Chapter 296-17 and 296-17A WAC. Topics covered are employer reporting requirements for workers' compensation; employer classification for workers' compensation; and rates and experience rating rules for workers' compensation.

Lessons for Lifting & Moving Materials
Book: Identifies work areas, tasks and procedures that place employees at risk of injury. Describes and illustrates methods that help reduce the risk of injury.

Safety Standards for WAC 296-835, Dip Tanks

The requirements for guarding against the hazards of dip tanks.

Safety Standards for WAC 296-832, Late Night Retail

Crime protection requirements for a retail establishment operating between 11pm and 6am. (Does not include restaurants, hotels, taverns, or any lodging facilities)

Journey Level Wage Rate from which apprentices' wages rates are computed.

Used to submit the Journey-level wage rate from which the apprentices' wage rate is computed. Form must be submitteed at least annually or sooner if the rates change.

Safety Standards for Railroad Clearances and Walkways in Private Rail Yards and Plants WAC 296-860

This chapter applies to all railroad clearances and walkways in rail yards and plants including logging railroad yards such as mill yards, maintenance yards and sorting yards.

To prevent injuries and fatalities to employees by maintaining safe railroad clearances and walkways in your rail yards and plants.

Your Workers' Compensation Rate Notice - SAMPLE ONLY

Form used to compute Your Workers' Compensation premiums. Page 2 has rate notice definitions. Sample only.

Safety Standards for WAC 296-878, Window Cleaning

Safe window cleaning requirements.

Notice to Employees -- If a Job Injury Occurs/Aviso a los empleados--si ocurre una lesión en el trabajo (English/español)

Required poster: Outlines the steps a worker should take if a job-related injury or illness occurs. Also briefly describes the benefits available through Washington's workers' compensation system. Note: 'Employers who receive industrial insurance coverage from L&I must display this poster where workers can see it. English and Spanish online versions will print separately.

Cartel requerido:  Describe los pasos que un trabajador debe tomar si le ocurre una lesión o enfermedad relacionada con el trabajo.  También describe brevemente los beneficios disponibles a través del sistema de compensación para los trabajadores de Washington.  Aviso:  Los empleadores que reciben cobertura de seguro industrial de L&I deben colocar este cartel donde los trabajadores puedan verlo.  Las versiones en línea en ingés y español se imprimirán por separado.

Safety Standards for WAC 296-841, Airborne Contaminants

Applies to any workplace with potential or actual employee exposure to respiratory hazards

The ABCs of Classifications in Washington
Book: Aids in understanding Washington State's workers' compensation classification system and how classifications are applied to different types of businesses.

Safety Standards for WAC 296-842  - Respirators

An apparatus worn over the mouth and nose or the entire face to prevent the inhalation of dust, smoke, or other noxious substances. Respirator is a type of personal protective equipment designed to protect the wearer from airborne contaminants, oxygen deficiency, or both.

Is Retrospective Rating Right for You?
Pamphlet: Provides information about L&I's Retrospective Rating Program. In Retro, employers can earn a partial refund of workers' compensation premiums if they reduce workplace injuries and lower associated claim costs.

Safety Standards for WAC 296-843, Hazardous Waste Operations

Rules for hazardous waste sites and operations.

2008 Annual Report for the Washington State Fund: Washington's State-run Workers' Compensation Program

Book: Introduces Washington State's Workers' Compensation Program, including rate-setting and investment policies, financial statement overview, and services available to help employers control workers' comp costs.

Safety Standards for WAC 296-829, Helicopters Used as Lifting Machines

Chapter 296-829 WAC applies to helicopters when used to carry loads, suspended with a cargo sling, powered hoist, or other attaching methods.


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