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Fall Protection: Responding to Emergencies
Book: This guide is for employers and for employees who work from exposed, elevated surfaces. It covers the following: what to do to prevent fall-related emergencies and how to respond promptly if a fall-related emergency occurs. Includes illustrations of aided-rescue equipment systems.

Jorge's New Job: Cholinesterase Testing in Washington State / Un Nuevo Trabajo para Jorge(English/Spanish)

Pamphlet/booklet: Uses a story format with dialogue and photographs to explain the hazards of cholinesterase-inhibiting pesticides, the state's monitoring program and the importance of using proper safety equipment when working with pesticides.

Panfleto/folleto:  Utiliza un formato de cuento con diálogo y fotografías para explicar los peligros de la colinesterasa, el programa de monitoreo del estado y la importancia del uso adecuado del equipo de seguridad cuando se trabaja con pesticidas.

Protect Yourself and Your Family from Lead Poisoning
Pamphlet/booklet: Explains the risks of lead exposure for workers who work on outdoor steel structures, and harmful effects on workers and their families. It includes a poster about the importance of safe work practices and procedures.

Eye On Safety Card

Reference card: 8.5 X 5.5 card to promote L&I's EyeOnSafety.info website, where you can find video shorts, training videos, investigation stories and other visual resources.

Ergonomics Consultation: Free, Confidential, Powerful Impact on Your Bottom Line

Pamphlet: Provides information to employers interested in a free ergonomics consultation for their business. Explains the importance of workplace ergonomics and how L&I can help to assess injury-causing tasks, and help develop an ergonomics program.

Q&A: Stay of Abatement Date

Fact sheet: Explains how an employer requests a "stay of abatement date." Effective July 1, 2012, an employer must fix a hazard cited in a workplace inspection during appeal unless he or she has requested and been granted a stay of abatement date.

When a Loved One Dies at Work

Brochure: Provides information to loved ones of workers who died from a job-related injury or illness, including how to apply for survivor benefits. Explains the L&I fatality investigation and how family members can stay informed of the investigation's status.


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Workplace Safety and Health Pocket Guide

Pocket guide: Provides links to online information, including safety and health consultations, how to develop a safety program, reporting hazards and injuries, other safety training, and information for teen workers.

Preguntas y Respuestas:Comunicación sobre los riesgos químicos

Hoja de información: Proporciona información sobre cambios a los reglamentos federales de comunicación de la Administración de Seguridad y Salud Ocupacional (OSHA, por su sigla en inglés), los cuales causan la necesidad para cambios en la norma del estado de Washington.  Se proyecta que los cambios mejoren el entendimiento de la información de peligro que se encuentra en las etiquetas de los productos para prevenir más efectivamente las lesiones, enfermedades y muertes.


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Safety and Health Discrimination in the Workplace

Brochure: Employees have the right to report concerns about safety and health in their workplace. This brochure describes "protected activities" under the Washington Industrial Safety and Health Act (WISHA) and explains what an employee should do if he/she has been punished or fired for exercising these rights.


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Discriminación de seguridad y salud en el lugar de trabajo

Folleto: Los empleados tienen derecho a reportar sus inquietudes sobre seguridad y salud en sus lugares de trabajo.  Este folleto describe las “actividades protegidas": bajo la Ley de Seguridad y Salud Industrial de Washington (WISHA, por su sigla en inglés) y explica lo que debe hacer un empleado si él/ella es castigado o despedido por ejercer estos derechos.


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Risk Management Consultation

Pamphlet/booklet: Describes the benefits of free risk management consultations. L&I’s Risk Managers can provide: data and analysis specific to your business that shows how claims can affect the premiums you pay; show you the cost/benefit of claim management strategies; identify return-to-work options and resources; and review best practices in hiring strategies and procedures.

2015 Workplace Safety and Health Calendar: Preventing Sprains and Strains - Washington’s Leading Workplace Injury

Calendar: Features real Washington State businesses and employees in jobs where sprains and strains are most common. The calendar includes suggested weekly safety and health tips for preventing sprains and strains to the neck, shoulders, back, hands/wrists, knees, and elbows.

Fall Hazards: Standing Walls - Highlights of Fall Protection Requirements

Safety Topic fact sheet: Describes the fall hazards workers are exposed to while framing, erecting and raising walls without using fall protection. Includes photos, safety requirements and different methods of fall restraints and fall arrest systems.

Rigging Safety: Construction Rigging Requirements

Safety Topic fact sheet: Provides information on how to correctly and safety rig loads on construction job sites to prevent falling material, property damage and equipment failure or tip over. Includes a summary chart of requirements material handling and cranes and derricks.

Employee Misconduct: Information for Employers

Fact Sheet: This publication is intended to help employers understand how the Department of Labor & Industries (L&I) and Employment Security Department (ESD) take employee misconduct into account when making decisions about workplace safety and health violations or unemployment benefits.

L&I: Terry Walley
360-902-4758, Terry.Walley@Lni.wa.gov
ESD: Unemployment Benefits Employer Hotline

Q&A: Emergency Washing Requirements for Pesticide Handlers

Fact Sheet: Produced in collaboration with the Washington State Department of Agriculture, this fact sheet answers questions about emergency washing requirements for pesticide handlers. It includes information about when emergency washing is required, how much water is necessary, emergency eyewash, access to water in remote areas and more.

Electrical/Telecommunications Contractor's Bond to the State of WA

Used to show proof of a bond in the State of Washington.

Agency Requested Inspection

Used by non-L&I agencies and jurisdictional authorities to request an inspection on an electrical hazard.

Affidavit of Experience

This affidavit is used to record the hours of a trainee's electrical experience with direct supervision under a Washington certified journeyman, master or specialty electrician.

Application to Access L&I's Electrical Permit and Inspection System (EPIS) from SecureAccess Washington and Utilize Contractor Deposit Account via the Internet

To establish a contractor deposit account by an electrical contactor or registered construction contractors who are legally required to purchase electrical work permits from L&I.

Electrical Installation Variance Application

To apply for a variance which is an allowable deviation from specific requirements of a National Electrical Code section, or the WAC 296-46B where the proposed alternate methods will maintain equivalent safety.

Electrical Inspection Witness Statement

Used to gather information from a person who was a witness to electrical work that is being investigated by L&I.

Questions and Answers about Electrical Safety
Fact Sheet: Answers questions about training and certification/licensing requirements for those who perform electrical installations, and electrical work that requires a permit and inspection.

Before Electrical Sign Work Begins: What Electrical Sign Contractors and Electricians Should Know
Fact Sheet: Explains work that is allowed and not allowed under (04) Sign Scope of Work and what electrical sign contractors and electricians should know before doing sign work. Also covers electrical Class B labels and electrical permits, inspections and fees.

Online Electrical Services: Tools for Property Owners, Contractors and Electricians
Fact Sheet: Describes the online services available from L&I's Electrical Program, including URLs for different topics covered on the Web, how to sign up for the Electrical listserv (to receive updates by e-mail), and how to sign up for the monthly e-newsletter, also provided by e-mail.

Electrical Program Contacts

Fact Sheet: Provides information for requesting electrical inspections, including telephone numbers and locations of L&I offices that handle electrical inspections.

Request for Letter of Good Standing

This form is used by electricians to request the agency send a letter of good standing for all electrical hours/experience from Washington State.

Boiler / Pressure Vessel Water Heater Installation or Reinstallation Permit
This form is filled out by the installer, contractor and/or owner who wants to install or reinstall a boiler.

Rental Boiler Operating Permit - Good at this Location Only

To request a permit to use a rental boiler at one location only.

Allow 24 hours for a response. Accuracy and completeness speeds up the processing time.

Pre-Inspection Checklist for Hot Water Heating or Hot Water Supply Boilers

Checklist which reflects the most common violations encountered by Field Inspectors. This checklist should be gone through prior to requesting inspection of Hot Water Heating or Hot Water Supply Boilers

Pre-Inspection Checklist for Potable Water Heaters - ASME "HLW" Stamped Water Heaters

Checklist which reflects the most common violations found by Field Inspectors. This checklist should be gone through prior to calling for an inspection of Potable Water Heaters-HLW

Pre-Inspection Checklist for Low Pressure Steam Boilers

Checklist which reflects the most common violations found by Field Inspectors. This checklist should be gone through prior to calling for an inspection of Low Pressure Steam Boilers

Pre-Inspection Checklist for High Pressure Boilers

Checklist which reflects the most common violations found by Field Inspectors. This checklist should be gone through prior to calling for an inspection of High Pressure Boilers

Inservice Inspection checklist

Inservice Inspection checklist for power boilers, low pressure boilers, pressure vessels, and hot water boilers.

Construction Elevator Installation Application and Inspection Data Report

Used by companies to apply for an Construction Elevator (Hoist) at a job site. One application per car and companies need to contact the Elevator Section for the appropriate installation and operating fee.

Allow two weeks for a response. Accuracy and completeness speeds up the processing time.

Licensed Elevator Contractor (LC) Operation

Contractors who install, construct, repair, alter or maintain elevators need to be licensed by the Elevator Program through L&I and with L&I's contractor registration program.

License Requirements for Elevator Mechanics and Contractors
Fact sheet: Explains licensing and testing requirements for mechanics who work on elevators and for contractors who install, repair or maintain elevators.



Electric Elevator Layout Requirements

Form identifies machine room, hoistway, pit ladder and general conveyance details that must be included in electric elevator layout requirements.

Hydraulic/ Roped Hydraulic Elevator Layout Requirements

Machine room, hoistway, detail drawings and general conveyance data required for Hydraulic/ Rpoed Hydraulic elevators.

Alteration Fire Safety Pre-Inspection Checklist

Checklist for homeowners on how to upgrade their pre-HUD homes to approach the HUD standards in the area of fire safety.


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Factory Assembled Structures Alteration Application

Used by a homeowner or contactor to request a field inspection for an alteration to a manufactured or mobile home.

Allow 1-2 days for a response to alteration applications for Manufactured/Mobile Homes.

All other alteration applications, allow 2-3 weeks for a response. Accuracy and completeness speeds up the processing time.

Flood Damaged Manufactured Home Checklist

Checklist on how to repair a flood damaged manufactured home. After the contractor has done all that is required by the checklist they call L&I for an inspection.

Is it a Manufactured / Mobile Home?

If your home has any of the items in this document, it is a manufactured / mobile home and requires inspections for all alterations by L&I's Factory Assembled Structures Section.

Your Manufactured/Mobile Home

Pamphlet/booklet: Covers things you should consider when altering your home. Defines what is meant by alteration, repair and replacement and includes tips for hiring a registered contractor. It also includes contact information for L&I Consumer Assistance Program for owners of new manufactured/mobile homes.


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Homeowners Manufactured / Mobile Home Variance Request

This variance request applies only to the installations performed by a previous owner and does not apply to any home during the warranty period.

Decertification of Manufactured and Mobile Homes

This document shows the steps to decertify a manufactured or mobile home.

Roof Affidavit and Structural Inspection Request

The purpose of the manufactured home roof affidavit is to provide timely inspections and communications between the contractor and/or owner and FAS inspectors and field staff.

A structural inspection request questionnaire will not be required when a roof change out occurs if no structural changes are made in the roof sub-surface and roof cavity. Example: Repairing or replacing the roof trusses, rafters, ridge beam and the replacement of not more than (4) 4’x 8’ of roof sheathing.

Manufactured Home Installer Certification Tag Order form

Manufactured Home Installer Certification Tag Order form

Manufactured Home Installer's Monthly Certification Tag Report

Manufactured Home Installer's Monthly Certification Tag Report

Manufactured Home Installer Certification Tag Transfer Request form

Manufactured Home Installer Certification Tag Transfer Request form

Application for Insignia Conversion Vendor/Medical Units

Used to apply for an official insignia for conversion vendor or medical unit factory-assembled structures. See sample form for instructions about how to fill out the form correctly.

Model Disclosure Statement Notice to Customer

This disclosure statement is given to the consumer (customer) from the contractor showing they are registered in the state of Washington. The consumer (customer) signs this form as acknowledgement of receipt.

Contractor Complaint Form

Used by a home owner to file a complaint against a contractor.

Construction Lien Notice

This form is to be used by suppliers to notify homeowners that they have the ability to file a construction lien against their property if payment is not received.

Construction Lien Summary

General requirements that a lien claimant of a private construction project (not a commercial) must meet. This is intended show the general requirements for most lien claimants.

Construction Contractor's Application for Workers' Compensation Account with No Workers or Hours

Used by employers with no employees or worker hours to report but need an open account for contract bidding process.

Lo que Usted Debe Saber para Contratar a un Contratista, Remodelador o Empleado de Mantenimiento (Handyman)  

Hoja de información:  Proporciona una lista de verificación para los consumidores que están considerando contratar un contratista general o con especialidad, revisa el proceso de autorización y sugiere maneras para evitar problemas con gravámenes.  La ley estatal de Washington requiere que los contratistas de construcción se registren con L&I.


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Washington Contractor's License Bond Entity Change Rider

Used by the bond company to show a change in the business structure of a contractor's business.

Protect My Home Hire Smart Worksheet

Checklist: Provides information to help screen potential contractors for home construction or repair/remodel projects. Presented in an organized, step-by-step format.

Stop illegal contracting: See it? Report it.

Brochure: Aimed at construction contractors, this publication tells how to report cases of suspected fraud by construction contractors. Explains how fraud hurts legitimate construction contractors and consumers. Includes description of the online "Verify" tool, which allows people to check whether a contractor is registered and other information about the contractor.


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Hiring a Plumber? Hire Smart!

Worksheet: Provides advice and step-by-step hiring tips for homeowners planning a remodel, repair or addition to their home that involves plumbing. Tells homeowners how to verify that a construction contractor is registered and a plumber is certified with the state.

Parent / School Authorization for Employment of a Minor and Special Variance

For legal guardians and school officials to approve the hours and work activities for a minor employee to work according to terms listed by the employer. The Special Variance allows additional hours of work for 16- and 17-year-olds and is described on the form. All parties must sign to approve the hours of work for a minor regardless of the number of hours listed. This is NOT a work permit. Employers must obtain a minor work permit endorsement on their Master Business License where they employ workers under 18.

For hiring youth only during non-school weeks, you may use form F700-168-000 Parent Authorization Summer Work  

Affidavit of Wages Paid - Public Works Contract and Instructions

This form is a fillable Word document that is used by a contractor, company or agency to show the wages paid to employees on a public works project. The best way to use this document is to bookmark this page as a “Favorite” in your web browser. Then each time when you want to use the document, access the online version of the form. This will ensure you are always utilizing the most recently published form. (We recommend you not download the document and save the form for future use because we may make changes to the form that your downloaded version will not contain.) You must file the Affidavit of Wages Paid form when you have completed your portion of a public works job/project. Addendum A is form number F700-161-000, Addendum C is form number F700-162-000, and the EHB 2805 (RCW 39.04.370) Addendum is form number F700-164-000.

Teens at Work: Facts for Employers, Parents and Teens

Pamphlet/booklet: Answers questions employers, parents and teens may have about employing teen workers (ages 14-17). Explains non-agriculture work rules, including the necessary permits, hours and work conditions. Provides links to other resources.


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Adolescentes en el trabajo: información para empleadores, padres y adolescentes

Folleto: Responde a preguntas que los empleadores, padres y adolescentes podrían tener cuando contratan trabajadores adolescentes (edades 14-17). Explica las reglas de trabajo no agrícolas, incluyendo los permisos necesarios, horas y condiciones de trabajo. Proporciona enlaces para otros recursos.


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Wage Transcription and Computation Sheet

Employer uses this to show time worked and wages earned for an employee.

Statement of Intent to Pay Prevailing Wages - Public Works Contract

This form is a fillable Word document that is used by a contractor, company or agency upon accepting work on a public works project. The best way to use this use this document is to bookmark this page as a “Favorite” in your web browser. Then each time when you want to use the document, access the online version of the form. This will ensure you are always utilizing the most recently published form. (We recommend you not download the document and save it for future use because we may make changes to the form that your downloaded version will not contain.) You should file this form immediately after the contract is awarded and before you begin work. Form number F700-160-000 is addendum A and F700-163-000 is addendum C.

Employer Rights - Wages Paid

Covers penalties for employer wage violations. Once stock runs out in warehouse, this form will be internet only.

What Are Your Rights When You Work for a Farm Labor Contractor? / ¿Cúales son sus derechos cuando trabaja para un contratista de trabajadores agrícolas? (English/español)

Fact sheet: Explains workers' rights when they are employed by a farm labor contractor. Topics covered include workplace safety, rest and meal breaks, and help if injured on the job.

Hoja de información:  Explica los derechos de los trabajadores cuando están empleados por un contratista agrícola.  Los temas cubiertos incluyen seguridad en el lugar de trabajo, descanso y períodos de comida y ayuda si se lesionan en el trabajo.

Your Rights as a Worker in Washington State/ Sus derechos como trabajador en el estado de Washington (English/español)

Required poster: Reviews workers' rights under Washington's wage-and-hour laws. Topics include minimum wage, overtime, meal and rest breaks, pay periods, deductions, and employment of teens under age 18. Also reviews family leave provisions under federal and state law, and leave for spouses of deploying military personnel and victims of domestic violence. Note: Employers in both agricultural and non-agricultural industries in Washington State must display this poster where workers can see it.

Please order from L&I or print on 11" x 17" paper.

Get poster printing tips.

Cartel requerido: Da un resumen de los derechos de los trabajadores bajo las leyes de salario y horas de Washington.  Los temas incluyen el salario mínimo, horas extras, comida y períodos de descanso, deducciones y empleo de adolescentes menores de 18 años de edad.  También cubre las disposiciones de ausencia familiar bajo la ley federal y estatal y la ausencia para los cónyuges del personal militar y las víctimas de violencia doméstica.  Aviso:  Los empleadores tanto en la industria de la agricultura y otros sectores en el estado de Washington deben colocar este cartel donde los trabajadores puedan verlo.

Por favor solicítelo de L&I o imprímalo en papel de tamaño 11x17 pulgadas.

Obtenga consejos para imprimir carteles. 




Farm Labor Contractor Registration

Fact Sheet: Explains how to get a farm labor contractor license in order to operate legally as a farm labor contractor in Washington State.


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Registro para un contratista de trabajadores agrícolas

Hoja de información:  Explica cómo obtener una licencia de contratista agrícola para poder operar legalmente como un contratista agrícola en el estado de Washington.


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Young Workers in Agriculture / Trabajadores jóvenes en la agricultura (English/español)

Pamphlet/booklet: Answers many questions employers and minor workers have about employing minors. Covers agriculture work rules, including the necessary permits, hours and work conditions for workers 12-17 years of age.

Folleto:  Contesta muchas de las preguntas que tienen los empleadores y los trabajadores menores de edad sobre el empleo de menores.  Cubre las leyes de trabajo en la agricultura, incluyendo los permisos necesarios, horas y condiciones de trabajo para los trabajadores de 12-17 años de edad.

Internal Revenue Service Tax Compliance Certification

Form to gain Internal Revenue Service Tax Compliance Certification for registered Farm Labor Contractors. Now includes IRS form 8821 Tax Information Authorization.

Your Daily Record of Hours Worked / Su registro de horas trabajadas (English/español)

Pamphlet/booklet: A pocket-sized bilingual booklet to encourage workers to keep track of their daily work hours and earnings.

Folleto: Un librito bilingüe de tamaño bolsillo para animar a los trabajadores a mantener un registro de sus horas de trabajo diarias y de sus ingresos.

Application for House to House Sales Sales Employer Registration Certificiate

Used by employers to register as employing minors who will be engaged in house-to-house sales, as required by WAC 296-125-024, with Labor and Industries.

Seasonal Group Variance Application

Used for Exceptions from the Hours of Work for Minors for Seasonal work.  Complete the form, print it, sign it and fax or mail it to the address at the top of the form. Variance Application forms may be faxed to (360) 902-5300. If you would like the approved Variance Certificate faxed back to your business, please state so on your cover sheet.

Congratulations! You've been approved to hire minors
Card: Reminds employers of special work rules for employees under age 18. Lists key points and provides a Web address for where to find more detailed information. Sent to all employers who obtain a minor work permit endorsement on the master business license.

Hiring teens? / ¿Piensa contratar adolescentes? (English/español)

Fact sheet: Provides important information about hiring teens, including extra safety precautions, as well as legal requirements regarding minor work endorsement, hours and prohibited duties. Provides telephone, e-mail and Web contacts for more information.

Hoja de información:  Proporciona información importante sobre la contratación de adolescentes, incluyendo precauciones adicionales de seguridad, así como también los requisitos legales referentes al endoso de trabajo para menores, horas y tareas prohibidas.  Proporciona un teléfono, correo electrónico y contactos en la página Web para más información.


Affidavit of Wages Paid Addendum B List of Next Tier Subcontractors - Public Works Contract

Copies of the 05-2008 version will be available in the warehouse later in July.

Farm Labor Contractor Certified Payroll

Form used to document Farm Labor Contractor payroll for piece rate, hourly rate, or both.

Formulario de queja sobre los derechos laborales

Formulario: queja sobre los derechos laborales.  Las versiones de octubre de 2010 y de diciembre 2011 son válidas.


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Resumen de las Leyes de Salario Prevaleciente en lenguaje sencillo - entienda sus responsabilidades y derechos al hacer trabajos públicos

Hoja de información:  Documento con las medidas de 8.5 pulgadas x 11 pulgadas tamaño carta. Proporciona un resumen de las leyes y normas del salario prevaleciente en español.  Esta publicación está solamente disponible en español.  Para información similar en inglés, lea el folleto de la Ley de Salario Prevaleciente del estado de Washington.

What You Need to Know if You Don't Get Paid: A Worker's Guide to the Washington State Wage Payment Act / Lo que necesita saber si no recibe su pago: una guía para el trabajador de la ley del pago de salario del estado de Washington (English/español)

Fact sheet: Summarizes workers' rights and responsibilities regarding minimum wage, pay, work hours and overtime and explains how to file a wage complaint. Includes answers to several commonly asked questions.

Hoja de información:  Hace un resumen de los derechos y responsabilidades de los trabajadores referentes al salario mínimo, pago, horas trabajadas y horas extras y explica cómo presentar una queja de salario, incluye respuestas a varias preguntas frecuentes.

Avoid Liability for Your Farm Labor Contractor's Unpaid Debits / Evite su obligación por las deudas no pagadas de su contratista de trabajadores agrícolas (English/español)

Fact sheet: Explains how employers could be liable for unpaid workers' compensation premiums, unpaid wages, damages and civil penalties when hiring a farm labor contractor. Outlines ways to protect against potential liability.

Hoja de información:  Explica cómo los empleadores pueden ser responsables por las primas de compensación para los trabajadores, salarios no pagados, daños y multas civiles al contratar un contratista agrícola.  Indica maneras para protegerse contra una posible responsabilidad.



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