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Certificate of Coverage - SAMPLE ONLY

Sample of what the Certificate of Coverage looks like. You must order the form, you cannot download it off the internet.


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Your Workers' Compensation Rate Notice - SAMPLE ONLY

Form used to compute Your Workers' Compensation premiums. Page 2 has rate notice definitions. Sample only.

Sample Self-Employment Agreement

Sample of a letter a return to work person would use to assist L&I in determining whether services or funds should be authorized to assist them in becoming self-employed.

Sample Format for Vocational Testing Report

Used by vocational counselors to test an injuried worker's skills and abilities.

Sample Format for Vocational Evaluation Testing Plan

Used by vocational counselors to evaluate the testing plan of the injuried worker.

Workers' Compensation Employer's Quarterly Report

You must fill out this form quarterly even if you had no workers. These forms are mailed out quarterly to all employers. For instructions on how to complete the Quarterly Report, please refer to F212-239-000 which is available on the internet. This file on the internet is a sample only. Online sample is not available.

Quarterly Reporting for Drywall

Used by drywall employers as a guide to completing quarterly and supplemental reports. This includes filled out samples of F212-050-000 and F212-051-000.


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Instructions for completing the Workers' Compensation Employer's Quarterly Report

Instructions for completing the Workers' Compensation Employer's Quarterly Report. A sample of the form F212-055-000 is also available on the internet.

Medical Examiners' Handbook

Book: A publication for independent medical examiners, attending doctors and consultants, this document contains guidelines, sample reports and billing procedures for preparing and conducting impairment ratings and independent medical exams in Washington's workers' compensation system. Beginning July 1, 2012, free Category I CME credits are available for completing the self-assessment associated with this handbook. Go to www.Imes.Lni.wa.gov and click on Medical Examiners Handbook for information on the exam. L&I and the authors have no financial interest or other relationship with the manufacturer(s) of any commercial product(s) and/or provider of commercial services discussed in this document. Find a medical examiner.

Panel Load Calculations

Listing of Connected Loads and the Demand Loads. Used for all appliances that are fastened in place, permanently connected on specific circuit. Single Phase Panel Schedule and Three Phase Panel Scheule inlcude. Sample diagram included.

Application for Insignia Conversion Vendor/Medical Units

Used to apply for an official insignia for conversion vendor or medical unit factory-assembled structures. See sample form for instructions about how to fill out the form correctly.

Construction Contractors - Steps for Success

Brochure: Provides tips to help construction contractors successfully start and maintain their business, and avoid common problems. Gives general overview of requirements for contractor registration, liability insurance, bonding, advertising, consumer disclosure, workers' compensation insurance, workplace safety, employee wages and hours, contractor training, prevailing wage and related topics. Includes resources for more details. Also includes sample "Model Disclosure Statement - Notice to Customer."


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Plan Approval Request - Conversion Vendor / Medical Units

Used in requesting a plan approval for Conversion Vendor or Medical Unit factory-assembled structures.

Statement of Intent to Pay Prevailing Wages - Public Works Contract

This form is a fillable Word document that is used by a contractor, company or agency upon accepting work on a public works project. The best way to use this use this document is to bookmark this page as a “Favorite” in your web browser. Then each time when you want to use the document, access the online version of the form. This will ensure you are always utilizing the most recently published form. (We recommend you not download the document and save it for future use because we may make changes to the form that your downloaded version will not contain.) You should file this form immediately after the contract is awarded and before you begin work. Form number F700-160-000 is addendum A and F700-163-000 is addendum C.


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