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Casas prefabricadas y móviles: Lo que los dueños de casas y contratistas deben saber al modificar una vivienda

Pamphlet/booklet: Covers things you should consider when altering your home. Defines what is meant by alteration, repair and replacement and includes tips for hiring a registered contractor. It also includes contact information for L&I Consumer Assistance Program for owners of new manufactured/mobile homes.


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Decertification of Manufactured and Mobile Homes

This document shows the steps to decertify a manufactured or mobile home.

Construction Lien Notice

This form is to be used by suppliers to notify homeowners that they have the ability to file a construction lien against their property if payment is not received.

Washington State Deduction Laws

Deductions for current & terminated employees and employer liability for paying less than required.

Your Daily Record of Hours Worked (English/Spanish) / Su Registro de Horas Trabajadas
Pamphlet/booklet: A pocket-sized bilingual booklet to encourage agricultural workers to keep track of their daily work hours and earnings.

Safety Steps for Supervisors and Employees in Restaurants
Fact Sheet: A useful summary of the responsibilities both employers and employees share for a safe workplace. This can be shared with new employees during their initial orientation.

What You Need to Know if You Don't Get Paid: A Worker's Guide to the Washington State Wage Payment Act-English/Spanish (Lo que necesita saber si no recibe su pago: Una guía para el trabajador de la ley del pago de salario del) estado de Washington
Fact sheet: Summarizes workers' rights and responsibilities regarding minimum wage, pay, work hours and overtime and explains how to file a wage complaint. Includes answers to several commonly asked questions.

Avoid Liability for Your Farm Labor Contractor's Unpaid Debits (English/Spanish) / Evite su Obligación por las Deudas no Pagadas de su Contratista de Trabajadores Agrícolas

Fact sheet: Explains how employers could be liable for unpaid workers' compensation premiums, unpaid wages, damages and civil penalties when hiring a farm labor contractor. Outlines ways to protect against potential liability.

Your Daily Record of Hours and Units Worked - For Agricultural Workers / Spanish - Su Registro Diario de Horas y Unidades Trabajadas - Para Trabajadores Agrícolas

Booklet: A pocket-sized bilingual guide to encourage agricultural workers to keep track of their daily work hours, units and earnings.

Crime Victims Statement for Pharmacy Services

Used by Crime Victims Compensation Program providers to bill for pharmacy services. Crime Victims Compensation Program providers are required to bill using this form.

Crime Victims Provider's Request for Adjustment

Used by providers to request an adjustment to their bill if their entire bill was paid in error, or if a portion of the bill was overpaid or underpaid. Attach required reports and/or documentation to support the request.

Crime Victims' Statement for Compound Prescription

Bill form for use by pharmacies and home infusion companies to submit compound drug charges for Crime Victims Compensation. This form is for drug charges only and is filled out by the pharmacist.

Crime Victims Statement for Home Nursing Services

Used by the Crime Victims Compensation Program providers for reimbursement of home nursing services. Crime Victims Compensation Program providers are required to bill using this form.

Know What to Expect: How Recoveries and Settlements May Impact Your Crime Victim Claim

Pamphlet and form: Explains third-party liability, recoveries and settlements. A crime victim or the Crime Victims Compensation Program may pursue monetary restitution from someone who caused or contributed to a crime victim's injury. Explains the purpose of the form and why individuals who file a crime victims claim are required to complete it.

Provider Change Form for Crime Victims Compensation

Providers use to inform L&I that they have changes to their account. Such as changes to their Tax ID address/name, business address, billing address, name, or termination of account. This also includes a W-9 form.

Billing Guidelines for Sexual Assault Examinations: Crime Victims Compensation Program

Provides information health-care providers need to bill the Crime Victims Compensation Program for medical services.

Helping Providers Understand the Crime Victims Compensation Program
Fact sheet: Answers questions doctors and mental health counselors may have about the Crime Victims Compensation Program and billing for services. Also suggests steps these providers can take to speed up reimbursement.

Mental Health Fee Schedule and Billing Guidelines

Manual: This manual is for providers who bill the Crime Victims Compensation Program for mental health services for crime victims.

Crime Victims Direct Entry Billing Manual
Instructions for completing a Direct Entry bill to submit to the Crime Victims Compensation Program. Direct entry allows you to submit or adjust bills using a free online billing form through Provider Express Billing (PEB).

Agreement of Assumption and Guarantee of Workers' Compensation Liabilities - Application of Certification

Used by an employer to apply for self-insurance.

Agreement of Assumption and Guarantee of Workers' Compensation Liabilities (Certified Self-Insurer)

Used by certified self-insured companies when they are acquired by another organization. New parent organization guarantees the self-insured workers' compensation liabilities of its new subsidiary.

Application for Farm Internship

Application form: Small farm owners wishing to participate in the pilot small farm internship program must complete this form and submit it to the department. The information requested on the form is required to process an application for approval in order to issue a certificate of participation.

Assignment of Account Agreement
Used by a self-insured employer as an option to provide collateral for a total permanent disability claim.


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