Employer Liability Certificate

What Is an Employer Liability Certificate (Certificate of Coverage)?

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Under Washington State law*, you or your business could be liable for the unpaid workers' compensation (industrial insurance) premiums of any business you hire or contract with. More...
(*RCW 51.12.070)

It's a printable certificate from the Verify Workers' Comp Premium Status service for documenting that an employer's premiums for workers' compensation (industrial insurance) coverage are paid to date.

You'll want to use it if you are one of the following:

  • Hiring (or sub-contracting with) any business.
  • A business for hire (for example, to submit with bids).
  • Hiring periodically throughout a long-term contract.

To confirm the following:

  • The business' workers' compensation premium payments for coverage are paid to date.
  • A business with employees has an L&I workers' compensation insurance account covering its employees:
    • If it has NO account, then it should have NO employees.
    • If it has NO account AND has employees, it's an unregistered employer operating in the illegal underground economy. (Report employer workers' comp fraud.)

If the account is current, there is no liability for premiums due to L&I by either the business or the party hiring the business.

Note: You should also verify that an independent contractor or subcontractor you are hiring has an active Department of Revenue tax registration account (dor.wa.gov). You might be an employer and not know it.

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