Guide to Using Verification Services

Protect Yourself Using L&I's Verification Services

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Under Washington State law*, you or your business could be liable for the unpaid workers' compensation (industrial insurance) premiums of any business you hire or contract with. More...
(*RCW 51.12.070)

Verify workers' comp premium status

Use our Verify Workers' Comp Premium Status service to see if the business you've contracted with has an active and paid-to-date workers' compensation (industrial insurance) account covering any employees.

  1. Ask the business you've contracted with for their
    • L&I employer account ID OR
    • their UBI number (business license number) OR
    • you can also search by full or partial business name.
  2. Go to the Verify Workers' Comp Premium Status service and enter that information.
  3. On the Employer Liability Certificate (Certificate of Coverage) for that business, the "Employer Industrial Insurance Status" field will display one of the following:
    • Account is closed.
    • Account is current.
    • Please call for status.
  4. Print the Employer Liability Certificate (Certificate of Coverage) to document the results.
  5. If you are a contractor, you can fill out our online Subcontractor Tracking Request form. If the subcontractor fails to pay workers' comp premiums or renew their contractor registration, or if their electrical contractor license is suspended or revoked within one year of the start date of your tracking request, L&I will send you a notification letter.

Is your subcontractor really an independent contractor?

You might be an employer and not know it. Be sure to verify that an independent contractor or subcontractor you are hiring has an active Department of Revenue tax registration account (

For more information, read A Guide to Hiring Independent Contractors in Washington State (F101‑063‑000) to determine when you are required to pay workers' compensation premiums and unemployment tax for those you hire. Also, if it's your job site, you'll learn about wage, hour and safety requirements.

Look up a contractor

Look up a contractor to make sure they are registered, bonded, and insured as required to do business in Washington. You can use the Contractor Tracking Request form to have L&I mail you a notice if you are working with

  • a contractor and that contractor falls behind in workers' comp premiums or registration, bonding, and insurance, or
  • an electrical contractor and their license is suspended or revoked within 1 year of submitting the tracking request.

Look up violators

See if your contractor or plumber has any violations.

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