About the Electrical Program

The Electrical program's primary mission is to keep Washington's citizens safe, by ensuring that:

  • All electrical professionals who operate in Washington State are adequately trained and licensed to do safe and secure electrical work.
  • All electrical work done in Washington is inspected for quality and safety to keep Washington's citizens safe.

What we do

We keep Washington safe by…

  • Licensing electrical contractors and certifying electricians, trainees, master electricians and electrical administrators to ensure installation competency and professionalism.
  • Reviewing electrical plans for schools, hospitals, nursing homes and prisons to ensure they meet appropriate safety standards.
  • Inspecting all types of electrical installations and maintenance to ensure public safety standards are met.
  • Requiring amusement rides to be inspected and insured for electrical and mechanical safety.

Why we do it

  • Injuries – Coming in contact with electricity can be dangerous, both at work and in our personal lives.
  • Fire hazards – Improperly installed electrical wiring and equipment are a leading cause of fires in the state.
  • Unsafe electrical installations are costly - There are great costs associated with fire damage, personal injuries and potentially death.

How we’re doing

  • Increased public outreach – Newsletters, public forums and the Internet have allowed us to better inform our customers of our services and their responsibilities.
  • Improved technology – Inspectors are equipped with on-site mobile computing devices for faster reporting of inspection results.
  • Streamlined processes – Streamlined plan review processes have eliminated backlogs and enabled projects to move forward in a more timely manner.

Where we’re going

  • Inspection processes – Goals: 94% of inspections performed within 48 hours of request date. Requests for inspections can be requested online, by fax, or phone.
  • Online permitting services improved – Not only can customers purchase permits online and request inspections; they can now pay any outstanding fees using a credit card or contractor accounts on a permit using our online services.
  • Providing more online license capabilites – Provide the ability to pay renewal fee, obtain a replacement/duplicate license, pay reinstatement fee, and/or update address online.
  • Education and outreach emphasized – Homeowners and contractors will be targeted to emphasize the need for safe electrical installations and maintenance.
  • Strategic use of technology – Hand-held computers will help inspectors in the field to immediately identify illegal contractors statewide and improve customer service.
  • Enhanced public/private partnerships – Enhanced stakeholder involvement, including more interaction with the Electrical Board and industry representatives will ensure a collaborative policy-making process.

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