Electrical Exam Information

How to schedule an electrical exam

1. Get approval first from L&I to take the exam.

All exam candidates (except for administrators) must receive approval from L&I before scheduling with PSI.

L&I Electrical Exams are administered by
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Contact L&I Electrical Licensing and Certification
Phone: 360-902-5269
Email: electricalprogram@lni.wa.gov

2. Schedule your exam with PSI

See the fee schedule for PSI exams here.

Electrical exams are given by PSI at their testing centers throughout Washington State. You can use their Web site to locate the site nearest you.

Schedule your exam by calling or accessing the PSI website. View the Candidate bulletin of information to get more information about exam fees, time and outlines. This and other useful information can be found in Candidate bulletin located on the PSI website.

Online: PSI at PSIExamsonline

Phone: 1-800-733-9267

Special scheduling hints

Schedule all exam sections for the same exam day.

When scheduling an exam, keep in mind that there are several categories of electrical work (i.e., general, residential, telecommunications). A separate exam is offered for each category. These separate sections need to be scheduled for the same exam day. You will pay a flat rate rather than by the hour. Retesting on failed sections, when done within a year, is charged by the hour.

You have a year to get it right.

You have one year from your first attempt at an exam section to retest until you are successful. After that year is over, if you have not successfully passed that section, you have to re-take the entire exam.

Once you have passed a section of the exam, you cannot retake that section during a retest.

Retesting a section of the exam is allowed only if you failed it or were absent when scheduled.

PSI exam fees

PSI charges per hour for most exams. Exams that are based on a series of separate sections, however, such as the Master Electrician exam, will be billed at a flat rate. This is regardless of how many sections you take, complete, or how long you spend on the exam. But if you retest on this exam within a year, you will be billed per hour on the retest sections. Contact PSI to get the non-hourly exam rates.

Special accommodations for disabilities

Go to our special accommodations for people with disabilities page for more information.

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