Continuing Education Requirements for Electricians

Get approved Continuing Education course (CEUs) lists below.

Continuing education requirements for renewal

Electrical Administrators, Master Electricians and Electrician, are required to complete 24 hours of continuing education course work in the three (3) years between certification renewals:

Check your continuing education and certificate status

If you are unsure what continuing education has been reported, or the status of your certificate, check your record in L&I's Look up a Contractor or tradesperson to see what courses have been reported and may be considered for renewal will be listed.

Approved Continuing Education Courses (CEUs)

Courses listed below are for Electrician certification renewal only and cannot be used to qualify for a Trainee certificate renewal. (Find Basic Trainee Classes.)

For course schedules, contact the course sponsor named in the lists below. Courses are good for three years from initial approval. Before selecting a course, verify the course will not expire before you complete it. Available continuing education courses include:

Courses specifically for combination 03 or 03A specialty plumber-electricians in the pumping industry:

(Trainees in the pumping industry must take Basic Trainee Classes to renew their training certificate.)

Washington Administrative Code 296-46B-970 ( rule regarding Electrical Continuing Education.

Information for Electrical Continuing Education/Basic Classroom Course Providers