L&I must inspect and approve your converted vendor/concession or medical unit

Use this helpful checklist first

Once the work has been completed on your unit, go over this Vendor/Concession/ Medical Conversion Units Pre-Inspection Checklist (124 KB PDF) before requesting an inspection to make sure everything is complete.

Call L&I to schedule an inspection

Then, contact the nearest L&I office to make an inspection appointment with a Construction Compliance Inspector.

There will typically be two inspections:

Be sure to give the inspector a copy of the approved plans/design so they can inspect the structure.

Some of the fees you will be charged:

To help estimate your costs, view the fee schedule. Fees can vary, however, depending on what you are doing. Call your local L&I office to request the fees specific to your job.

Once your unit is approved

Upon completion of the Final Inspection, the inspector will affix the Conversion Vendor/Concession & Medical Unit Insignia to the outside of the unit to show approval by L&I. This insignia must be maintained as a permanent record of L&I's approval.

Conversion Vendor/Concession & Medical Unit Insignia

Vendor Unit Insignia (F622-041-000)

If you should have questions or need additional assistance, you may contact the Plan Review Supervisor at 360-902-5218.