Want to convert a mobile unit into a food concession?Food Concession Vendor unit

— or modify a medical unit?

Be sure to contact Labor & Industries (L&I) to get approval for your plan before you start converting a mobile unit into a food concession unit or modify a mobile medical unit.

Think of L&I as Washington's "building department" for portable structures

Portable structures are regulated by L&I for such things as electrical wiring, the water supply and waste water systems, and any mechanical systems such as gas piping or heating and cooling equipment.

It is not L&I's jurisdiction to regulate what elements you might need to satisfy health department requirements — the health department can require a hand-washing sink, for example — but it is L&I's responsibility to be sure it is plumbed correctly.

Here's the process for getting your conversion vendor unit or mobile medical unit alteration plan approved and the work inspected and approved by L&I:

Note: Be sure to check with all local building departments where you plan to use your unit. Some building departments may not allow the use of conversion vendor units in their jurisdiction. You may be required to have a commercial coach in that jurisdiction.